Monday, October 24, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Alien's Battle Plan

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”
William Tell* #quote

You'd ever think the Big Bad Wolf ever though of going through the windows? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Alien's Battle Plan

            Many science fiction works have portrayed aliens as being vastly powerful and scary. Human imagination comes up with some terrifying tales. But in truth the most frightening and over the top of the works are not even from human minds.
            Aliens have been funding and creating propaganda to make works of fiction that make aliens look powerful for a very long time. They are constantly working to get an image into the human cultural knowledge as it develops for their eventual arrival.

           The reason they would create such an image? In truth they are really wimpy people and just want to look scary and intimidating for when they make first contact so we don't beat them up.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Spy Bomb Diffusing Class

 “Clothes make the man.”
Spongebob Squarepants* #quote

Science says that everything doesn't revolve around the Earth. Humanity's attitude sometimes says something quite different. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Spy Bomb Diffusing Class

          Now listen up spies, people say it's always the red wire that you cut on a bomb to stop it. If spies followed this advice many of them would be dead. It's not always the red wire. Sometimes it's the blue wire. Sometimes there aren't any wires. So spies let's take a short bomb diffusing lesson from a sample scenario.
          So let's say you're hanging over a pit of robot sharks in acid. A standard trap in many a supervillain lair and something you will probably run into in your spy career. You're being lowered into the deathtrap slowly by rope while the villain taunts you. Meanwhile the villain has set off nuclear bomb to go critical after your death. He plans to escape after seeing your demise to the deathtrap personally. He is in front of the nuclear bomb which is a massive ball with all its wiring exposed for the convenience of this lesson. What do you do?
          The first part of the answer is to escape the death trap by dramatically swinging with the rope so that you're outside the tank as the traps lowers so that only the rope will lower into the acid burning and therefore releasing you.
          However if you thought that the second part of the answer was to go after the exposed wiring you're wrong. You should actually go after the supervillain and beat up him up until he tells you how to turn it off, or otherwise just unplug it or something. Just turning it off is better than causing a meltdown by pulling out its wiring.

          So that's your first bomb lesson future spies. Remember it's not always the red wire! Except when it is.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Ant's Aunt

 “Too much sugar is bad for you.”
Willy Wonka* #quote

It's seems that Jessica will be coming over today as well so that'll be a funorama with CJ involved as well. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ant's Aunt

         Family relations are quite the terrible thing to some insects. One little ant named Sally(Her true name a bunch of ant pheromones, but we'll translate it as that) learned that one day when she saw the feud begin between her mother and her aunt. Though the mother and aunt never met and merely laid eggs. Two rival queens each born at a colony far away now made theirs close to each other.
         Sally saw the two colonies fight over food. Her sisters would kill her cousins. So much death, but that is the way of ants and the survival of the fittest. The fighting saw an end though when a strange natural disaster came in. Sally didn't know what a bulldozer was but a human home replaced the other colony and now created a new source of food as well. Later they would deal with poisons and traps, but the immediate threat of the ant's aunt to ant was gone.

         As generations went on, humans or no humans in the area, ants would spread. Queens would make their colonies and little ants like Sally would continue to have to deal with their aunts and cousins for the scraps of food the world would offer them.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Software Pirate

“My eyes are up here.”
Medusa* #quote

CJ's going to be coming over this week so that'll be nice. Hopefully I won't have too many seizures. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Software Pirate

        “Arrr,” said the black-bearded software pirate in anger as he held morning coffee in tired disdain of the morning. His right hand firmly hooked around his mouse while he clasped his mouse. He lazily pegged one of his legs on his desk. He wore a black baseball cap with a skull on it along with a black t-shirt with the same skull.
        “Stupid computer, squawk, stupid computer!” The software pirate's pet parrot mimicked him from the previous day. The parrot then imitated the answering machine. “Davey the boss wants the software. Get the software!”
        “You just got to remind me huh little buddy,” Davey replied. He put down his coffee and pulled out a cracker from his desk drawer and threw it between the cage bars to the parrot. It took owning the parrot for awhile to learn how to do that, and baseball with his Dad when he was young, to learn how to throw. “Don't worry Jolly, my little feathered friend, we'll get the software the boss wants and get all the money we need for all the crackers you want.”
       Davey laughed to himself. He knew that only talked to his pet parrot most of the time. He probably needed more friends. Or even better a girlfriend. Well, once the boss paid him the three million he won't have any problem getting either. Invest and he'll be a rich man for quite some time.
The operation was risky, and difficult. He pirated and stole music and games for most of his life. Cracking the security of game companies. Not exactly Fort Knox. But recently he decided to pirate software inside a Fort Knox. Military software. He didn't feel afraid though. On the screen it all looked the same. It's not like he saw men with guns. Just firewalls and whatever else. As harmless as any other company. Right?
        A few hours of work later and he plundered the program from the military server and onto his computer. When it finished downloading he smiled and thought of all the fancy cars he would have. With the three million the boss would be paying him and a bit of hacking of the stock exchange he knew he could be one of the richest men alive. Davey didn't put much thought into what the boss would be doing with the military program.
       The door to his apartment was then kicked down. He heard the crash several rooms over. He heard many footsteps with a proclamation of his full name, the phrase “we have a warrant” and his furniture being overturned.
       He quickly pushed a few keys on his keyboard. An ultimate backup plan. It dumped the files on his computer into a hidden remote area of the Internet and began to wipe his computer clean. That was a great deal of data, as his computer was more like twenty computers combined into one to make a homemade supercomputer. He had to steal most of the parts from the computer company he worked for in his day job as they were out of what he could possibly afford.
      The footsteps belonged to what looked like a combination of S.W.A.T. and Marines. Had they caught him poking around the military servers beforehand? Was he in that much trouble? Was him actually pulling the data the thing they needed to arrest him? These questions ran through his head. Stealing the data finally became scary where instead of just working on his computer and dealing with websites and hacking he was staring down real people with real weapons who considered him a real threat. With the guns they must have thought he might have been a bigger operation. Though considering how much he was going to paid for it, maybe he was part of something he couldn't even fathom.

      It didn't matter how big he was as an operation though. They arrested him. The computer managed to be wiped in time that they couldn't find evidence of him having the stolen data, but they did have enough evidence of him accessing the servers and several other crimes. A trial later put the notorious pirate away for several years. But he never revealed the location of where he buried his hidden data on the Internet. Perhaps some hacker will find his treasure someday.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Different Kinds Of Collectibles

 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”
Wile E. Coyote*

People keep asking if someone knows the muffin man. The muffin man must be some sort of celebrity that you've got to have connections to meet. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Different Kinds Of Collectibles

Some people collect toys. They can be cool and cute and neat in many ways.
There are so many kinds.
Some people collect antiques. They have such a history, and can be so interesting.
There are so many kinds.
Some people collect cars. They're impressive, can be fancy, humble and so much more.
There are so many kinds.
Some people collect cards. Some for baseball, some you can play games. Either way just fun!
There are so many kinds.
People collect so many things. So many, many kinds of things. Maybe too many to list.
What do aliens collect? People. They're fun to abduct, and are incredible, complex and intricate.

There are so many kinds.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Zombie's Trodding

“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”
The Fast And The Furious* #quote

Today I had junk food. You'd think we'd all stop eating it after we started calling it “junk” food. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Zombie's Trodding

           I trod. I trod. I trod. I'm not mindless. There's some thought left in this body. Though the desire to eat brains probably comes from the desire for more thoughts. When I eat brains I get the thoughts. I become human again. I get the memories and minds of those victims in me for even a few fleeting moments. But soon my body finishes consuming the brain and my consciousness becomes more basic. Back to being not mindless, but only have enough thoughts to desire more, and desiring the humanity I had when alive. Though all I can do is imitate it by consuming others. I wish I could know if I had a family. Or what my job was like. Or my hobbies. My only option is to eat every kind of brain there is and experience every life so could know all the kinds of things I could have what experienced during my living life.
          But will my undead body last that long? As I walk with the other undead I see living people with guns loading their weapons. And then they take aim. And then they fire.

           My rotting limbs fall to the ground and my head rolls off my torso and into a hole. I wish I could remember my life from before so it could flash before my eyes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Five Clues!?

 “Stop pushing my buttons.”
Super Mario* #quote

Seizures were down today so that was good. Hopefully they'll stay down through the whole week. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Five Clues!?

          Barry rolled the dice and moved his game piece across the spaces. He picked up the card from the stack that matched the color of the space and by giving five single-word clues tried to get his team to guess what was written on the card. He tended to always give the best clues and get the most points. He'd seen every single card a thousand times over, and they had to make new cards sometimes since they'd play the game so much. Him so much more. The game, “Five Clues!?”, had tattered edges on its cardboard and the box, despite the care given to it, got some heavy bangs over the years. Barry remembered the times he played it in his youth, long before white hairs covered his head. And he wondered why, after so many years, he still played this dumb, old game with his family.

         He looked around and saw all the smiles when his team scored a point, and the rest of the family eager for their turn, and he remembered why. Did his grandfather play the game with him for all the smiles? And how many generations of the family would play for all the smiles, no matter how repetitive the game got?