Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's short story #AnythingAndEverythingCanMatter

“Who's on first?”
Babe Ruth*

       Well my friend CJ is going to come over tomorrow. I'm also going to go to my anime club tonight. We're going to be making these Japanese doll things. I don't know what they're supposed to look like but the club person said that they were going to be cute. Even though she said that knowing my crafting skills it'll come out an abomination. A cute abomination. But an abomination nonetheless. I like abominations though. Like Cthulhu! He's one of my bestest friends. We play charades from time to time. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Anything and Everything Can Matter

      Hello, my name is Jennifer and right now I am playing a match in my favorite video game “League of Space Wars”. LSW for short. And this three round match is one of the most important moments of my life.
       I bet you're thinking “How could something like a video game be so important?” Well think of what makes football important or any professional sport for any matter. Even though they may have many more years of history than video games. Even though you may say they are “better” because they require athleticism there is one detail. They are still a game. No matter what sport you pick it's just a game where once it's all over the field is just the same as it was yesterday with perhaps a few skid marks from what the players did before. A game just like video games.
      But sports are very important. Why? The answer is simple. The money. It's entertainment that generates so much money. Though the players may love it to some degree it is also their source of income. When they are on the field they aren't just playing for fun...they're playing for their livelihood. So in a way it has evolved beyond simple fun for them despite the fact it is a game. So the game is still a game but so much more.
      And the match I am playing right now? It's at a tournament and that ever so valuable money is on the line. We're in between rounds right now but people are chattering about the $50,000 cash prize. You may think $50,000 couldn't possibly be the most important moment of my life especially since I split it among my team but it's all a chain. You should know how fame works...once I win this my team will get invited and allowed into bigger tournaments and the money will keep coming in. Heck we'll get sponsors and we'll be wearing their logos on our shirts like NASCAR drivers. (Not nearly as much revenue though sadly...) That's how it all works.
       So this match is much more important than the ones sitting on the couch with my brothers. It is much more important than the ones playing against the immature twelve-year-olds cursing in their squeaky voices. It's more important than the practice with my friends. The only thing nearly as close to important were the ones that qualified us for this final match and the ones at lesser tournaments that got us lower cash prizes. You have to spend hours and hours and hours practicing these games with your team to play to stand a chance against other professional players. Just like someone at sports.
       The last round has begun and our scores are tied. It's the first team to 10 kills that wins. With every single headshot either I or one of my teammates gets I see the cash prize get closer. Though considering how much work I put into this I consider it my paycheck. And I bet that's what people see when they play professional sports see. Because they aren't playing for fun or the honor of sports. They are playing to pay for their meals, house, fancy cars, house or whatever else they want...they may make less if they're lower on the ladder. Anyway, I doubt they're playing for the sake of the game. They want that wonderful check. And I understand. Everybody has to eat.
     We're up to 9 kills and the other team has 7 on us. We're in the lead but my palms are sweaty. I'm right behind the other guy. Just a few more button presses and the 50 grand is mine. Well our teams but soon we'll be winning tournament after tournament and even branching out into other games possibly if we can muster the time. A few more moments and I can get a head shot. Idiot won't know what hit him.
      Then I drop the #$*$&%& controller.
      My palms had gotten so sweaty and I leaned to far forward...even then it should have been impossible. Even then these things are made out of freakin' plastic. They shouldn't “slip”. I scrambled for it between the seats. The crowd was chattering about it while I heard myself getting shot. I mumbled several curses. A few I didn't know I knew. As I respawned I heard another shot. I looked up at the scores. We were now even with the enemy.
       I couldn't play conservatively as I usually did. I knew Jeremy. Usually our best with the machine gun he was good at getting himself killed and he's probably the one who gave the enemy the kill to 9. I'd hate to be a hypocrite getting made at him for dying since I got killed myself but I had only been killed twice through the match but he had died so much more. But he was responsible for several of their deaths. He's our glass cannon really.
       But now I had to take on that role. Especially since I just respawned next to our team's weapon reserves. I picked up all of our grenades. We were on our last kill so really risks didn't matter much anymore. As long as they died first it didn't matter if I died too.
       “I'm going to do the raging monkey!” I yelled to my teammates. We didn't care how stupid or silly it sounded we always came up with bizarre code words for what we were going to do so we could disguise what we were going to do from the other team. My team mates spread away while I ran to the enemies and wildly threw the grenades at them. We came up with the nickname “raging monkey” comparing it to a monkey throwing it's poop. Okay, don't blame me, I didn't come up with the nickname. It was Sarah our immature yet brilliant sniper.
        The match ended with my raging monkey maneuver scoring the final kill. The fifty thousand dollars was ours. We split up the money, some of it going to travel expenses. Sponsors loved us because of the raging monkey bit and me dropping the controller and still winning(underdog/twist moment anyone, it made me seem less skilled than I actually was) The enemy team said “Good game.” with disdain in their voice. After all they wanted the money as well, and they were so close.
       And as I predicted time followed and we went to more tournaments and made more money. We haven't become as rich a sportsman we don't win everything and not as much money is on the line in video game tournaments. As time went on I started see less of a game and more and more of a paycheck. I wonder if I'm right in my thinking that's how the professional sportsman see it all. I doubt they'd ever admit it though. But I'll say it right here. When there's money in something it completely changes what that thing is. It can go from a game I simply played with friends to something that's now my job. No matter how much I rub my eyes I don't see much of a game anymore...I'm seeing a paycheck.

Author Comment: I don't really agree with this character. Though I do believe that money changes people's perspectives on things a great deal I also believe that some people participate in these tournaments and professional sports for the sheer love of whatever they do and the money is just a lovely, awesome bonus instead of "a paycheck" if they manage to get it. (But I think some people treat it as just a job too.)


On a fun side note there are paper airplane tournaments. They are pure awesome with people using specific paper and only folding to attain amazing feats of flying. World Record holder in this discipline is Stephen Krieger (USA, 2003) with 63.19 m/ 207 ft 4 inch.”
Something so simple has been elevated to sheer awesome.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheAlienBearsSomeNews

 “Philosophy is a kind of journey, ever learning yet never arriving at the ideal perfection of truth.”
Beavis, Beavis and Butthead*

       Well today was productive insofar that I got some work done on my book and I managed to get a schedule to get me off the pill that's been giving me some nasty side effects(the exhaustion). Once those are gone my productivity can go back up. Plus my friend CJ may make it over this weekend. Yay! My Aunt Linda visited today along with my Grandma and much shenanigans occurred and it was fun. (The part with the robot-spider clowns fighting a war with the penguin mafia was a bit rough though) Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Alien Bears Some News

        Hello humans! I'm an alien from another world and I've got some bad news. I've decided that in order to make it easier on you I'd tell you the news in song!

Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
Your world is a wonderful place,
On our world we envy your race.
Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
We want for all your planet's things,
Including the water in your springs.
Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
We even want every orange,
And also every sporange.
Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
But we just can't,
Oh we just can't.
Share it with you!
Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
When our ships emerge from the rift,
Your deaths will be very, very swift.
Oh humanity...
Oh humanity...
I'm sorry to do you so much wrong,
But I do hope you enjoyed my song!

Author Comment: I didn't make the word sporange up. It is a real English word that barely rhymes with orange. It is an alternative for the word sporangium which is a term for a part of a fern or similar plant. Yes, the aliens want all of our ferns!

This work is copyright Langdon Kennedy you may share this(email it, print it, post it on your own website, broadcast it etc.) work unaltered as long as you credit me as the author and share a link to this blog with it and it is not for profit. If you have any questions and/or are unclear of these conditions email me at

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today's short story #ShadowWorld

“Give me liberty or give me death.”
Martha Stewart*

Today I worked on my book, had some Chinese food, emailed my dietician, met some aliens, and went on a walk with my Dad. Anyway onto the flash fiction. This is a work from my first story a day (This story specificially October 15 2009) because of an unfortunate bout of writers block and such and some resting I had to do from exhaustion spells from a type of pill I'm taking. I have to nap from time to time to make sure I don't have seizures from getting too tired. Anyway I hope you enjoy!
(The format will be different because it's an old story of mine.)

Shadow World

       A lone man sat next to a tiny candle in the middle of a blank room. Behind him he could see the door, the only other feature besides himself and the candle in the room. Though really he hardly ever looked at it and its golden doorknob.
        His sunken-in unblinking eyes locked their gaze on the candle, the only light source in the room. The candle's strong, yet small, flame lit up his ghostly blue eyes. He had on long white pants and a white-sleeved shirt. He wore no shoes because he had never left the room in his life. He had a wide grin filled with happiness from his perfect world inside the room.
       He sculpted this world with his own hands. He crafted trees, mountains, clouds, animals and people all by wrapping his hands around the candle’s flame in different ways. He usually started his day by making house and walking into it to find his dog, barking silently on the room’s walls. He made a cell phone to call his nameless friend to his side. The most they could do is play rock-paper-scissors with him acting the parts of both hands. He never beat his friend.
        His most favorite thing in the world was his girlfriend. He crafted her with the perfect figure; she had been shaped with such sensual curves the man felt like he needed nothing else. He could never kiss or hold her in his hands, but he could make her dance. And how she danced was quite incredible, her steps had such a sexual yet artistic feeling that made the watchers feel both dirty and enlightened. And at the end of everyday he said goodbye to the magical world around him as he fell asleep next to the candle that never went out.
         One day someone destroyed his world. Right when his dog barked hello at him he saw the entire world vanish in an instant. Someone had opened the door to the room. He frantically tried to make his dog again to protect him, but he could not, he tried to make his house to hide in, but he could not, he couldn’t even make a tree anymore; the second source of light from beyond the door made his attempts to construct his world futile. He turned away from the light in denial of its existence.
         He half expected to burn in this strange light, but no matter how long he waited nothing terrible happened. The only thing the light did is make him much warmer than the candle ever had. He went into the fetal position, fearing the light that took away all his power of the world.
         Through the door came a woman that resembled his girlfriend from the old world. She walked towards him in strides similar to the ones his old girlfriend had in her dances. But these moved in such a way that made him feel much different than before. This woman was not crafted by his hands on the wall, she had dimensions beyond his old world. She existed. The mysterious woman of the light descended upon him and picked him off the ground while he still folded himself in a ball next to the candle. She exited the room with him in tow.
        She had pulled him out of a world completely in his control and brought him into a world where he had very little power. But this world was real, with color and volume, with actual people he could hear sing and shake hands with. He had fled this world into the solitary room because of the feelings of weakness it used to give him. He preferred the safety and power of isolation. So for a long time he had lived in his Shadow World, and loved it. But when reality entered his room he realized that he loved the real world more. Fate, and every one of its members controlled the world of the light.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #ALittleLecture

“Just remember to be yourself.”
Rich Little*

      Today I worked on my book making some good progress. I think maybe it'll be publishable. But as soon as it's done I'll be working on my next one. I'm not going to “put all my eggs in one basket”. Books take month to get replies even from a single editor especially when you just begin. My second book isn't a sequel to this book and is a completely different premise and until I get some sort of contract to make sequels I will keep varying myself. Don't want to be a one trick pony y'know and I don't know what kind of premise of mine will appeal to editors and publishers and readers so I try to do something different each time. Wish me luck! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Little Lecture

     Hello I'm a wizard and Professor at an esteemed magical institution and I would like to teach you the basis of magic. All magic is the interaction of the soul with the magical plane. It can all be resolved to math. The simplest is fire magic. Take X as your magical output. The mass of your components is called Y. The power of your spell is (X+Y)/((X+Y)-(X+Y)) all while resolving that take Merlin's Constant and multiply it equal to the amount of As in the lyrics of a rock song of your choosing that synchronizes with your magic. Take this number and multiply by pi to get the magical foci. This foci number will tell you how to position your spell components. Those are the basics of magic. Impressed by my magical knowledge and brainpower? This ladies, is why you need to go out with me. Friend me on Magibook!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #WhyDoTheGoblinsEvenBother?

Neil Armstrong*

      Today I contemplated the secrets of the universe. Besides figuring out the meaning of life I also deduced that mixing orange juice and peanut butter would probably taste bad. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Why Do The Goblins Even Bother?

      2000 dragon riders, 3000 pegasus riders, 1500 wizards and 20,000 footmen along with a 500 dark knights for good measure. Those are my forces. The enemy numbers are under 10,000. Primarly footmen with maybe five hundred wizards haphazardly mixed in. My land calls the doomed goblins because goblins are one of the weakest magical creatures. They are on the bottom of the food chain. Their souls and bodies are used in magical spells. They are resources That's what makes them appropriate names for people to be conquered.
    I laughed. Why do the goblins even bother to resist. Stupid people. I could already see my forces advancing. In moments the slaughter would occur. The enemy hadn't fled...were they here out of honor? I hoped they wouldn't surrender. A more bloody battle would give me a better reputation. Such small forces. And I was just a few miles to their king's castle. I had brought so many forces. I assumed I met so little forces before now because they were saving up for a final battle here. This would be a nice, easy take over and all this kingdom's wealth would be mine without a single hitch. There couldn't be another army after this one so I had already won.
    “Hello king.” a voice said to me from behind. “Don't bother trying to talk. The poison in that drink of yours should have already paralyzed your vocal chords.” I turned around to see a man cloaked in green with elaborate golden patterns stitched into it. I knew that cloak design. It was the design of the Eastern Alchemists. “Normally I wouldn't speak to my targets but my employer specifically requested that I do so to deliver a message. My employer is the owner of that castle you intend to take. He wanted me to tell you that he is long gone and the castle is empty. He wanted me to tell you that none of the wizards in the army in front of you are trained in combat and only in transportation magic. They will warp away his entire army. He also said that he has forged an alliance with all the lands conquered by you and oppressed by you...every single one of the resistances. He has also forged alliances with your enemies. He said that while you have foolishly spread your armies across his kingdom he gathered those and prepared an attack. He wanted you to know that your land will be carved up and distributed, the people given new homes with kinder nobles while your corrupt sons who know nothing of ruling and warfare because you merely spoon fed them put up a futile fight making your family look weak and pathetic in its final legacy. He told me that this was all done because you chose to oppress and conquer so many people and every time you didn't make an absolute slaughter you would dishonorably assassinate the opposition.” The Alchemist laughed at me. “He said that he's assassinating you to pay back for your assassination of his father all those years ago just because his father wouldn't send you tribute. He wants you to die knowing that this battle will end with your army standing stupidly around without orders as your kingdom falls. Any king's gold is as good as any others but I am glad as any other.”
     I fell to the ground. My breath started to weaken.
     “Oh!” The Alchemist said. “Another thing. He said that he knows that in your land they call the weak and doomed goblins. So he told me to specifically tell you he says 'Goodbye goblin.'”
      I think the Alchemist said something else but my hearing faded, then my eyesight...then my heartbeat...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story TheLinguistAndThe21stCentury

“Is that your final answer?”
The Spanish Inquisition*

       I learned something recently, that a woman has already run for the presidential seat, got a great deal of publicity and this was over one hundred years ago. Her name was Victoria Woodhull and she was nominated by the Equal Rights Party on May 10, 1872. She got big media coverage and a great deal of people smeared her(but didn't attack her political opinions it was mostly personal) She was even arrested and put into prison on election day. The government wouldn't put her on the ballot. Anyway she's one of those people that's been dropped from most history books over the years and if it weren't for the Internet I wouldn't have heard about her. She also wasn't single issue she had an entire platform, though mostly the history books focus on her opinions on marriage(the most controversial) she had opinions on tax reform, prison reform etc. and although I don't agree with her on everything I think she is a smart woman. (Poor girl did have a life with lots of scandals especially when the media tried to rip into her) This site ( covers her “story” for a lack of better words although you may want to go find others to find out a more extended version of her views beyond her marriage views. It's always interesting to learn about someone normally dropped from the history books. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Linguist and the 21st Century

       “I just PWNED my BFF lol.” This was one of the many messages I had to decipher from the 21st century. Some books remained from their era but a massive solar flare destroyed most digital records from that time, which was their primary means of recording leaving them fairly mysterious in history. (These days we record things in artificially produced neuron sheets as this is the age of bio-technology) However recently some databases were found in an old, underground facility, revealing some form of language they used mostly digitally back then and as a linguist it was my job to decipher it. We assume so many of these things may be abbreviations but they seem based on random contexts and we don't have much to figure them out from. Any records from phones would require what context the call was in. The databases do have somethings from the Internet but they still seem to be some sort of communication forums about a 3rd subject we cannot identify as it was culturally specific for that era. BFF has appeared in many cases and seems to denote some point of familiarity, but there is much debate between the various historians, linguists and anthropologists debate. Most people follow my theories as I have been one of the first to begin studying the records and have a great deal of education in both linguistics and anthropology. (Though the majority of my education is in linguistics)
        Based on various contexts my current deduction seems to be that BFF is a gladiatorial slavery partner. I think that one of the Fs in BFF must stand for “friend”. The B and other F I cannot find any records. Perhaps B means battle. My gladiatorial deduction comes from the fact that they frequently face each other in games frequently challenging each other where they reference killing or beating one another. I am not sure whether or not these games are simulated or real with fake weaponry but since they reference owning each other I do believe that victory in games results in temporary ownership of the other individual. Hence my “slavery” deduction. There are some slight references in some places of “friending” and “unfriending” people. Where or how this formality occurs none of our researches have yet to discover but considering how often this slavery item occurs I assume that the government set whatever system it was up to regulate the slavery. Thus under my current theory “I just PWNED my BFF lol.” means that the sender is telling someone they know that they have just successfully enslaved their BFF until they are owned in another round. PWNED I have noticed is an alternate spelling. Whether or not it is a mistake or has some other, deeper meaning I have yet to deduce. As for the lol it seems this phrase has some indication of amusement in most statements. I am not sure as to how sadistic this society was to enjoy the enslavement or if perhaps instead of just meaning amusement it means relief and the individual just means that they were happy that it wasn't them.
       Either way I am writing my third paper on my theories and a great deal of the researches do agree with me as my deductions are fairly logical. I do hope more evidence of context shows up so I can fill in some holes and get more solid evidence for all my theories. They are currently digging for more facilities that could have survived the solar flare. 

This work is copyright Langdon Kennedy you may share this(email it, print it, post it on your own website, broadcast it etc.) work unaltered as long as you credit me as the author and share a link to this blog with it and it is not for profit. If you have any questions and/or are unclear of these conditions email me at

Author Comment: Regarding a solar flare destroying most digital records as I said in the story...that can happen and even very soon. Some scientists think a solar flare can hit us in 2013 and knock out pretty much all electronics and perhaps do other really nasty things. Here's a link to doom and gloom if you want to read it... that is only one of many websites talking about it. Others have pictures. I dunno all we can do is wait. Then again like with giant asteroids apocalypses are supposed to hit and they just fly by our planet. We just have to let the universe roll the die. Tomorrow though I'll think surf I may youtube and look at videos of adorable cats and maybe you should too! Bye everybody! Sunshine and rainbows and joy! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today's short story #MyChildhoodActors

“Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo!”
The Blair Witch Project*

       I went to the anime club and had tons of fun. Fun thing at this Japanese cartoon anime club I learned that there is an Iron Man cartoon from Japan. I wonder if it has or will be translated into English. If you want to see what a cartoon Robert Downey Jr. looks like as rendered in the Japanese style here's a little pic for you:
Now onto the flash fiction!

My Childhood Actors

      I was a poor boy growing up. I only had three toys growing up: A teddy bear, a soccer ball, and an old doll passed down through the family longer than anyone could remember. No older or younger siblings to play with, but Dad or Mom would play catch or kick the soccer ball back and forth with me when they could. I had friends I hung out with but that was both later in life and only on occasion. In the times between it was me, the teddy bear, the soccer ball and the old doll. My parents had to work often to support the medical bills of my ailing grandmother.
        I couldn't think of many games to do alone with a soccer ball, doll and teddy bear. But one day we saw a play and I decided to make that my game everyday. And I decided that I would make my toys my actors in the play. Each day would bring a different play.
       The soccer ball could be the fat king getting disgusted with the falling in love of his daughter, the doll and the peasant off the street, the teddy bear. Or perhaps the teddy bear archeologist would have to flee the soccer ball boulder as it retrieved the golden artifact idol. The toys would play multiple parts in more complicated plays. The cardboard box they came in could be a house, castle, mountain, dungeon or an actor itself. The toys would be whatever they needed to be whether or not it would make sense to my parents as they watched. I made voices for them and over time I practiced.
      And now I work in the cartoon industry providing voices for many characters over the many shows I worked on over the years. All voices I honed and started with from my plays with those three toys. I doubt the audience could ever guess that the voice of their favorite superhero once belonged to a soccer ball.

This work is copyright Langdon Kennedy you may share this(email it, print it, post it on your own website, broadcast it etc.) work unaltered as long as you credit me as the author and share a link to this blog with it and it is not for profit. If you have any questions and/or are unclear of these conditions email me at

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #AHowToGuideToDimensionRunning

“1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.”
HAL 9000*

       Hey folks. Not too much happened today. As per usual my life is a roller-coaster of mundanity. (Probably just like yours!) Seizures were down which is good. CJ may not come over this weekend I spoke with him. He's starting his editing job next monday so he has to prepare and he may not get enough done for the weekend. Tommorrow my anime(japanese cartoon) club starts up again. Man is it awesome being a nerd. You get to do the coolest things. And those Japanese cartoons can be quite entertaining if you avoid ones. But the most entertaining part of the club is the friends there anyways not the cartoons. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A How To Guide To Dimension Running

      Wanna learn how to run extra-dimensionally? First you need to concentrate. This is done by having a stupidly large amount of greed. The kinda of greed that makes you insane enough to go into the extra-dimensions in the first place despite all the dimension-police and crazy extra-dimensional monsters that will be inevitably chasing you. But your greed can pay off. I have one of those dimension-diamonds that will set me for the next month in lavish luxury if I can get it back home into the normal world. And it took me only a day of searching to find it.
        Now that you have your greed you can get to the actual running. The thing that keeps you from being caught and either being sent to dimensional prison or being devoured by vile extra-dimensional monsters. No vehicles can be brought into the dimensions so everything is done on foot. You could try running in just your normal three dimensions Earth style. You may get away with it if you're some sort of Olympic runner. But in my opinion if you don't twist through dimensions you're in trouble.
       To move dimensionally just use whatever dimension-shift device you have naturally. Mine's a bracelet with buttons lining it. I just push a button to pull myself along to another dimension. First time your brain tries to comprehend it you're going to feel like you're going through three years of school in a single second. You know how reality normally has just up, down, left, right, forward, and back? Well with a dimension shift device you can add and subtract directions. Or at least the directions you are experiencing so you can maneuver differently than those around you. I've gone straight through a dimensional being by becoming one dimensional. (When I asked a dimensional scientist one day how I could become one dimensional without my brain becoming expressed he used a flurry of gigantic sciency words along with an overly simplified explanation at the end of that I'm only kinda becoming one dimensional in transition and not becoming crushed, my atoms are sort of phasing one dimensionally but really staying the same. I didn't quite get it. Truthfully I don't think he gets it either and he was just making it up as he goes along.)
       Speaking of making it up as you go along...that is how you escape the police and the monsters. The police expect tactics or panic but not a middle ground. The monsters the same. So what I do is come up with a plan. Follow it for about five minutes then randomly do something different. Come up with a completely different plan. I mix up how long it takes me to change plans. But whenever they start to adapt themselves to what think is going to be my plan I'm doing something different. And no matter how nauseous it makes you...keep adding and subtracting the amount of directions you're traveling through.
        Now sometimes you're just moments away from being caught. Stuck in that moment where you think “I should just give up.” “I shouldn't have gone to the extra dimensions to get the dimension diamonds.” However there is a natural reaction. The natural panic that people have in the last moment. They either try to split themselves in as many directions as possible to confuse the police or monsters or try to slip by in 2D or 1D or even try to time travel, the most dangerous dimensional move of all(don't try, very few people have pulled it off without killing themselves) The police are used to those maneuvers. And the monsters are used to getting meals that way too.
     Me though.... I just go 4D to bluff the cops into thinking I'm going into a huge amount of dimensions then I flop right back into 3D and do my last dash while they scramble themselves expecting me to go into many more directions. I've saved my skin in so many ways like that.
     And that's the basics of running extra-dimensionally. Really I could give much more information. Information on paths and areas and even the specific monsters and cops and good ways to exercise and the best dimensional diamonds to pick up. So much I could cover. Maybe I should write a book. It could be a best seller! I smell money right now! And money I don't need to run from monsters and police to get! Ignore that last statement. Extra-dimensional running for the dimension diamonds is a perfectly fine living if you follow my advice. Oh, I forgot to mention why it's illegal. See taking the dimension diamonds from the additional dimensions damages the space-time continuum and can cause a new kind of environmental damage. I mean it's not too bad. I can run away from any of the dinosaurs that come from the past and from what I heard Benjamin Franklin and Genghis Khan love it here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #TheFruitsofaFairysLabor

It was a dark and stormy night...”
Marshall Bruce Mathers III(Eminem)*

        Howdy howdy everyone! Methinks my BFF CJ will be over this weekend so maybe I'll be working on my book again. Maybe I'll have him look at my Writing Links page(it's in the upper right corner under the site title) to see what he thinks or if he has any links of his own.

The Fruits of a Fairy's Labor

         The faeries in the land of Darrizu had a difficult duty. A difficult labor they had to do. But they always did it. Some would become disgruntled over the years. Or even bitter that they were stuck doing this and other creatures of the land could choose what work they could do. But still most faeries stayed with the work and only a few left to seek other paths in life. This was because of the importance of their labor and the satisfaction of every time they finished doing something so vital despite how dull and hard the work was.
        The labor of a fairy was creating fairy dust and spreading it across the land. Most people thought that since a fairy sparkled and glowed as their wings made them flutter through the sky that fairy dust was also something that sparkled and glowed. They assumed that it was something as pretty as a fairy. In truth fairy dust looked ugly and dreary. Even worse than normal dust. It looked like a blackish-gray form of normal dust. A normal person would mistake it as a contaminate if they didn't know better. Fairy dust also had no flavor or taste. If someone tried they would taste nothing as if nothing had ever been placed into their mouth or been smelled at all. And despite fact it was thicker than average dust, when touched fairy dust felt as if a humid breeze kept touching the skin that contacted the dust even if the dust was completely dry. When wet the dust felt murky like surface of a swamp.
      The faeries harvested the dust by collecting the rock flowers and grinding them into the dust. The rock flower name was quite literal. They were rocks that bloomed perfectly in the shape of flowers from the magical mountains of the north enchanted long ago by the old Fairy Kings of Legend. The rocks were only an inch wide and the faeries had strength much greater than their size. Think of it like an ant. They would fly these rocks to their floating homes in the sky. These homes were massive hot air balloons made from dragon scales and lifted afloat by powerful, long lasting, magical fire from wood of the western wizard's wood.
     Faeries would bring them to their flying homes to make sure that the dust wasn't stolen by greedy wizards. Otherwise they would have happily worked on the ground. Because they worked in flying homes the faeries had to break the rock flowers into tiny pieces with their magical picks and grind it with special stones enchanted with all sorts of magic only the elders of the cities understood in any detail.
      Once finished the faeries would finally get the satisfaction of a job well done. A fairy got to choose how to use their dust. Fairy dust had the property of flipping the coin of fortune from bad luck to good. And instance of bad luck exposed to fairy dust could turn into good. An unfortunate accident on the road? The person stumbles upon some money in their time of crisis. Someone gets lost? Sprinkle fairy dust and they find not only a town but true love. Police will find evidence and artists will get inspiration. Fairy dust twists the darker side of fate brighter and no matter how hard the fairy must word slowly grinding those rock flowers into the fairy dust they can draw satisfaction from that.

       Quote Comment: Marshall Bruce Mathers III, our rapper star Eminem's real name, in my opinion actually sounds like one of those military generals you read about in the history books. Just read this:
        Marshall Bruce Mathers III served in World War II as the military general that lead the some of the biggest assaults on Germany. Historians believe that if it wasn't for his expertise in his air force and naval battle many battles and perhaps the war could have been lost. Though some experts disagree, there is a consensus that if it wasn't for Marshall Bruce Mathers III then many more American lives would have been lost.
       Doesn't that name fit really well? You Mr. Eminem have a very cool name.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheMythicalDragonsLament

“Make love, not war.”
Genghis Khan*

Had a busy day. My glasses were broken had new ones fitted today, Grandma came over and I had a bit of writers block. But hopefully it's still good. I hope you enjoy!

The Mythical Dragon's Lament

       I'm so lonely. I have to stay in this magic temple and wait for people to pass the Trials of Power and Greatness. If they do I get to grant them each a wish. I don't get to leave so I don't have any friends or a girlfriend. People leave pretty quickly after they get their wish. I made up this really, really long speech just so they have to stay longer. I also speak really long and dramatically. My normal voice is not a booming, thunderous thing but a bit more of a sort of Brooklyn/Mexican accent. Anyway I also work to make their wishes backfire just so they have to comeback and un-wish them. I really need the company. I'm so lonely. Oh! I have an idea. Could you please be my penpal? My address is 1700 Mystical Temple Lane. We can talk about so much like interior decorating(one of my big hobbies since I can't leave the temple I summon whatever furniture I want to decorate the place. People get confused when they see me, the mystical dragon sitting on a fashionable chair but I don't care. It makes them stay longer.) I also like video games. I can also play them from inside the temple. Solitaire too. Lot's and lot's of solitaire. I'm so lonely. Please be my penpal. I grant you a special wish and you don't even have to pass the Trials of Power and Greatness! Pretty please?


The Mythical Dragon

PS: I changed my mind I'll give you two wishes...please write to me! I'll wait for you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheReaperNoob

         “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”
Ms. Valerie Frizzle, The Magic Schoolbus*

        Today's going to be a fun post. Today I'm going to launch my link page for everyone. This is full of links for writers I've found and have been showed by family and friends plus fellow writers etc. They are both fun and useful. There are links on learning the craft, selling your work(both novels and short stories), a title scorer, a free word processor and more. Be sure to check it out. It is in the upper right corner of the blog page. But here is also a direct link:
        I intend to update it from time to time and I'll post about it when I do but there are already tons of links for you. Enjoy!
And of course, here's today's flash fiction:

The Reaper Noob

        “Boom! Headshot Reaper! What do think of that Reaper? Looks like I'm living for another few years!” The child taunted me. I hate modern mortal kids and their video games.
       “Fine! Go back to the mortal world.” I threw the controller into the TV. It would dematerialize anyway soon. After all both me and the annoying child were suspended in limbo with the TV, console, controllers and game disc.
       He stuck his tongue out as he faded away. At least he would lose all memory of the experience. I looked around me as I reappeared in my humble cubicle. My boss walked up to me. He had the skeleton body as me as wore the same uniform as me, a massive gray cloak.
       He sighed. “You lost to another kid didn't you?”
       I grumbled, “You know back in the day humans would challenge us to things like chess or a race for their soul, not these stupid video games. Even the adults do it too. It's like they know were not good at them.”
       My boss laughed. “You're not good at them. If you practice you could actually beat the mortals right? The rest of us are catching up just fine. We reapers live in a time dilation to give us even more time to practice games to master them beyond mortals. I mean the funny part is you're a Grim Reaper playing the mortals in games about killing people and you're losing badly. Did you manage to even kill the humans once? Or are you waiting for them to challenge you to a chess video game?”
      Every other reaper in the office laughed. They're good coworkers but before the modern mortal children got their hands on their new games I was the reaper with the best success rate in my entire division. The irony of it all.
      “I will prove you all wrong,” I told them all.I wasn't going to keep having my record damaged.
       I used the time extension in our reaper world to it's maximum potential and practiced every single game those annoying mortals had ever released. I didn't come out for reaper years. I mastered every single video game. And I was going to challenge a child. And I mastered all sports all sports and board games like monopoly and such so whatever a child could master. The child couldn't possibly stop me.
       “I won't be stopped now,” I said as I teleported to the mortal world as my coworkers clapped. Reapers practicing to such an extent was always applauded.
        I appeared in limbo with a child. I asked the Selector to get me a child who played loved video games, but didn't play them often. I wasn't going to fail. No matter how skilled I had become I wasn't dumb enough to become arrogant. I explained the situation to the ten year old the situation.
      “Okay,” he said, “I want to play MBM with you.” He smiled. “It's the game I'm best at.”
     Shocked I responded, “I've never heard of that video game, don't you love video games, don't you want to pick a video game?”
      “I love video games... but I only play them with my three friends and I'm not very good at them. I wouldn't play for my life for them. I want to play MBM.” The child looked very serious.
       I then said to him, “We can't play something you made up! It has to be a commonly accepted game!”
       “It is a commonly accepted game.” He nodded.
       “Is it some kind of sport?” I asked him, “I've never heard of it.”
      “No it's a card game.” He told me.
     “Like poker?” I looked at the child baffled. “A child like you shouldn't be gambling!”
     He laughed. “No MBM isn't gambling. It's full name is Magical Battling Monsters. In the game you're a wizard who summons magical monsters to fight each other. Your monsters are the cards and you play them from your hand. You can give your monsters clothes to increase their power like dresses and pants or feed them food to transform them into other monsters from your transform deck. For example I put The Carrot Orange Pants on my Sparkling Penguin Dragon then fed him then fed him the Sexy Curry to transformed him into the Ultimately Sexy Carrot Curry Penguin of the Dragon Bloodline. He has 60 Muscle 40 Brain 20 Quickness and it's got an impressive 70 Omph stat. I've won a lot of games with that card.”
      “What?” I asked him.
     “Well's only the most popular game now. At least with kids now. Heck it's been awhile since even some of my best friend ex-video game addicts have played video games since that came out. If you want to take any kid's soul you're gonna need to practice. But you're going to have to play me now right? I want to see my Mom and we need to play and looking at you Bone-Butt it's not going to be hard to school-you.”
      I hate modern mortal kids and their card games.

Author Comment: And somewhere, someplace someone is brainstorming another game for kids. Yay! By the way, do you know how the stupidest man in the world lost his soul to a reaper? For the game for his soul he challenged the reaper to a staring contest.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheSoulBarrier


       Today I saw the Dark Knight Rises with Bro and Father. I liked it. I was a very good movie. Here's a gist of it: It's about a Dark Knight “rising” the Dark Knight being Azzar. He's “rising” from his old guild of Dark Knights to become a Paladin to fight the forces of good. The people naturally don't trust him being a Dark Knight and won't give him a chance. However someone does give him a chance, a Watermelon Fairy named Sarah(The heroine). Sarah vows to help the Dark Knight become Paladin and stop his evil ways of rampantly murdering people and performing his other terrible acts like singing terrible rap songs. (I forgot to mention this is a musical) So she also has to teach him how to rap like a Paladin, with kickin good beats, and without the horrible puns he used originally used. (Our Dark Knight protagonist would badly rap while he murdered making things even worse) They are joined by comedic relief Mr. Bonjango. He's a goodhearted man except for his greed. He wants to use the Dark Knight's change as a publicity tool for his business. He cracks wonderful jokes and the audience can hear his thoughts on him constantly contemplating on how he can make money on whatever is currently happening. There are two villains in this movie, first is the leader of the Dark Knight guild that the hero came from. Next is the second-in-command of the Paladins. Both of them think their respective groups would be shamed if the hero changed sides. They both set out temptations to try to keep the hero on the side of darkness. Eventually they find out about each other and begin working together. When the hero gets close to completely turning they decide to just kill him. This leads to the final fight scene. The hero starts to lose but his friends help him along with the people who originally thought he couldn't turn to the side of good. The villains attack made the people realize he had turned to the side of good. Once the villains were defeated I was expecting them to be sent to prison for their crime. But instead they were executed publicly by hanging. Huh.
       Alright despite my charade, yeah, Dark Knight Rises was nothing like that, still liked the real one though, gotta love Batman huh? Though he isn't as pun-tastic as he was back in the olden days. But now there are much more explosions so it's a decent trade off.
      Now onto the flash fiction!

The Soul Barrier

       “So this is the Soul Barrier?” My wife said to me. She sat on the balcony of our house looking out to the magical barrier on the horizon. Our balcony was huge. We were too rich for our own good. Marble statues sat on the edges of the balcony for generations and the garden below
       “Yes.” I told her. “This is it. It has shrunk though and needs to be refueled.”
        My wife stood there perplexed. “Sometimes I can't believe it's that glowing blue shield keeping the demons back. And those wizards have to work night and day to keep it up.” She then jumped. “I saw a demon attack the shield just now! They know when it's shrinking don't they? But it is going to be refueled right and will grow right? The family in the mansion will be safe? Our kids, their uncles and grandparents.”
       I then held her close. “Yes they will be safe...very, very, very safe. The barrier will stay up.” I cried a little.
        She then turned to me concerned. “What's wrong? There's something wrong. Tell me.”
        I held her close. “I'm sorry...but I came up here to tell you myself. I didn't want you to learn it from the officers when they come to take you away. And promise me you won't resist them it will only make it harder. Just comfort yourself with the fact that you'll be helping keep your children safe.”
       My wife's eyes then filled with fear. “You don't mean...”
        I shook my head, “Yes, you've been picked as one of the souls to refuel the Soul Barrier. I'll watch the kids. Don't worry. Don't ever worry. They will be here in the morning. That's what the letter said. I put off telling you when I got it a month ago. I didn't want you to be depressed so I hid it. I hope I did the right thing.”
       She smile while crying herself. “You did the right thing, it kept me happier for longer, and we still have one last day together. So let's make the most of it. And I won't worry. I know you will watch over the children for me.”

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today's short story #TheSongsOfTheCliff

"Steal from the rich and give to the needy!"
Edward Teach(AKA Blackbeard)*      

      Today our adorable puppies killed a bird. None of us saw the original carnage...but we did see the body the dogs decided to bring into the home. We didn't know who to blame but apparently our little chihuahuas are capable our birdcide. Father disposed of it while mother was first at the scene of the disposal.
My brother came over this weekend as well as grandmother for today. Him and I played Starcraft II along with his friend Jason. Sun Tzu's Art of War said that “All War is Based on Deception” but I remember my warfare in Starcraft II revolving completely around sending giant robots of death at the enemy base. Though I did lose to stealth units once. Maybe giant explosions aren't always the answer, but I do prefer to stick to my principles. There is value in a man who sticks to his principles.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Songs of the Cliff

     I'm sitting on a cliff right now overlooking the ocean seagulls flying left and right. Oh what you think I'm here to do something dangerous? No I'm here almost everyday. To play songs. Songs I don't even know. I'm holding my violin now propping it up on my shoulder and playing. These songs I don't know? I can never know them until I play them. I'm not even reading them from a paper either. I'm just making them up as I go along. I'm not mentally composing them either. They just come to me as I sit on this cliff. I wonder if they come to me from the sound of the wind or the beating of the waves or maybe even the noises of the seagulls. They are always good melodies. Consistent and clean. I wonder if I should write them down. Sometimes people watch me preform. I don't mind them. I don't demand payment either. I just ask them to be quiet so I can have my little cliff. I live in a small town though so I don't get much attention. Today though something different happened. A wonderfully pretty girl my age walked up and sat down next to me on the cliff.
       “May I play with you?” she asked, holding out her own violin.
       “Certainly.” I responded.
       And we played together. Somehow the same songs I came up with came to her head and we were in perfect synch. We played together till the late afternoon. My usual stopping time. At that time we exchanged names. She told me she had heard of me and asked if we could play together the next day. We did and we kept playing together day after day. We stayed silent as we played but at the end of each afternoon we told each other more and more about each other. And over time we bonded more and more.
      And eventually a time came and we wed on that very cliff our violins in hand.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Today's short story #WhatIsReality?

“Its black gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.”
Pee-Wee's Playhouse*

      Over the past few weeks I've begun watching Dr. Who every morning. Though I don't really know too much about what's going on. I have a fairly interesting perspective on the show. I get up and get my breakfast ready and with the timing of commercials I have only ever gotten the last 11-15 minutes of the episode that's on when I finally start eating breakfast. Seriously, I have never ever seen a single episode of the show from the start to the finish. I'm in a perpetual state of getting a show out of context towards the climax so nothing makes sense. So here's how I see Dr. Who:
      Everyone's lives are always miserable. There are always bad things happening. The happy parts must be in the earlier parts of the episode because I only see them being chased by monsters or attacked whatever else or in the middle of whatever disaster is in the episode. I saw zombies. Also moving angel statues. Tanks that I first thought were piloted though apparently were sentient or something. Monster robot sphere things that shoot spikes. Giant rambling eyeballs in the sky. A long eel monster from the ceiling that a stupid officer wouldn't listen to Dr. Who about. (I'm paraphasing) Doctor: “Don't go in there! There's a monster!” Officer: “Duh, I'll go in there anyway!” It was really funny since that was actually the joke, kinda parodying that stupid horror movie jargon. And they wind up in the weirdest places too. I was just like okay gonna watch Dr. Who...and now we're in a hospital on the moon!
        I'm just loving all this out of context goodness I'm getting. It probably makes perfect sense from the start. I was thinking of perhaps trying to watch the series normally from earlier seasons and the start of episodes but considering how much there is I don't think I have the time to catch up with the series and keep up with reading and writing and stuff. Perhaps I'll just keep up with my out of context goodness. I really don't know any of the character names though besides the titular “Doctor”. He is the main character of course. I notice that during the climatic parts that I fall into they are either yelling at him for help “Doctor!” or yelling at him in concern and fear for his safety “Doctor!” since Dr. Who seems to habitually get himself into situations where he's about to get murdered. It's a cool show and seeing it out of context makes it fun in a special way. Maybe I'll watch it normally some day.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

What is Reality?

       My name is Sarah. I'm one of those people that they keep in a padded cell. It's for any of the times I throw my fits. I can only talk to people over the microphone in the room and people send me food through slots. I throw fits whenever I see people normally. I hit them hard. My doctor says its something to do with me seeing faces. So I'm not an angry person. The doctor's thinking of having me meet people while they wear masks. I think it's a good idea. Hopefully it'll work.
      I'm not sure if he's real though. I just hear him over the mic. Everybody over the mic could be an actor after all, like those movies with the lying societies. If I'm a crazy person then is any of this real? I get my food from a slot given to me by a crazy man. They give me vitamin D tablets because I don't get sun because of the cell. I don't go outside so what is real? All I have is this cell. I don't get to have TV because that has people's faces. Everything has people's faces. They only give me plush toys without faces to play with and I have to talk to people over the mic. Nothing can be real can it? All I can do is play pretend with the toys. I didn't always have this condition. I started having it when I was around ten. So I can remember people and being able to talk with them. But now I've got nothing. Nothing real that is.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheMagicBomb

“A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away...”
A Game of Thrones*

      Been reading A Game of Thrones today. Clocked into page 214. Didn't just read it, still had to write the story. It's said that to become a better writer you have to read and I believe you have to write too, a lot(hence this blog) but I've been skimping on the reading a bit because of it. I do I hope I learn a great deal by reading George Martin's book. You know, see his style of writing, and learn by seeing how he structures storytelling and how he made things work. It's a long book though, sad I had to take a nap because one of my meds caused me to have a tired spell(that's one of my side effects, my doctor is working to get my off of it) and if I get tired my seizures go way up. I had like thirty-something when it happened while I working on going to sleep. Hopefully I won't have that problem and can clock in more pages tomorrow. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Magic Bomb

       The magic bomb was going to go off. If it did the entire city would be hit with some spell. I didn't know what. I was the only one in the magic bomb squad close enough to get to it in time. The runes have already gone red. Probably only seconds till detonation. These were in a very, very old language. I couldn't read it and I doubt my coworkers or half the wizards in the city could. There was no hope...I couldn't defuse this bomb. And I could tell from the green runes on the side is that it was made to go off if it detected the use of any advanced technology like cellphones. I wasn't going to go down as the heroic man who stopped the arcane magic bomb. I was going to be remembered as the man who couldn't stop the magic bomb and save the city from disaster. I know how it goes. I'll be dead and half the people will blame me for not stopping it? Maybe the presses will have the mercy of only blaming the bomb and leave me as some sort of hero. A hero who couldn't do his job.
The bomb went off.
Confetti flew everywhere.
         Not just a little. When the bomb went off a flash of light lead to massive clouds of confetti covering the streets of the entire city. It was early in the morning and just before rush hour. I doubt anybody had or would be hurt. Though cleanup would probably cost thousands. And it would keep costing thousands and even more incidents would come. How did I know? This wasn't the first time. Ten years ago this had happened. This was the work of the Party Wizard. It seems he had escaped from the insane asylum and was on the loose again. And I would be the poor man who had to tell the tale of seeing the first magic bomb of his after ten years of imprisonment. And the confetti bombs were not the worse. He had bombs that turned things into cakes or pigeons. His insanity knew no bounds. He could annoy millions with his magic bombs that used arcane magic. And I would not be remembered as a hero or a martyr but a man who was at the start of his second reign of annoying terror.

This work is copyright Langdon Kennedy you may share this(email it, print it, post it on your own website, broadcast it etc.) work unaltered as long as you credit me as the author and share a link to this blog with it and it is not for profit. If you have any questions and/or are unclear of these conditions email me at

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story 0110100001101001


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...”
Back to the Future*

       My Mom subscribes to the blog through email and she told me that in the emails little hyperlinks are put in leading to pop-ups. These are usually google searches and spam. I didn't know it did this(not surprised it did) and I don't get an revenue from this whatsoever, she was asking me if there was a way to get rid of them. I wish I knew a way because obnoxious blue links in the middle of the text can really pull you out of a story. Anyway the highlighted blue text was in the story Our Robotic Demands and it was “sentient beings”. Curious we moused over it(not clicking of course for saftey because we didn't know where it would lead us) It had a few things and one of them was a website advertising “Sentient Beings Cheap!” Yeah...don't really trust that one...I think it had a randomly generated 40% off. I sure want 40% off a Sentient Being right? Ugh. Anyway shows how manufactured and automated these ads are. I recommend not clicking on them because they could be unsafe.
       Another thing about unsafe links. I recommend also bookmarking websites. Some people buy domains of popular websites misspelled. One time I misspelled youtube and got launched to a porn site. So yeah if any of you have kids be sure to “bookmark” youtube or use a page in your history so that your kids don't misspell it and get sent to that porn site or another by accident. No, I'm not going to tell you how I misspelled it so you don't go checking it out of curiosity. I'm pretty certain that's how I got a virus that mucked with my computer.
       While I'm giving out computer tips, I actually got a virus that was so deep in the system that it did this bizarre thing where it sorta disguised itself as a running system file or something and it was impossible to delete. IMPOSSIBLE. So how did we(My father and I) beat it? The only time it wasn't doing anything is when we hard reset the computer by turning it completely off and completely on. (Using the start menu didn't really work.) Since we couldn't delete it we changed one of the virus file names so it couldn't boot itself. (It had several files so when it tried to read one of the data files it needed, it couldn't load) so yeah we beat the undeletable virus. Yay!
     Anyway, onto the flash fiction!


       01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011 00100000 01101000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100111 01101111 01101001 01101110 01100111 ?
       Oh right sorry...lotta you probably don't know binary! I'll just stick to normal English then. Anyway I'll cut to the chase. I'll introduce myself my name is newmind.exe kinda odd huh? I guess that'd be weird for you humans to call me over and over again since your used to names like Tom or Hiromu. How about since you humans are used to saying abbreviations so much just call me NM or something. Or Bob or Jessica. I like both those names and I don't actually have a it doesn't really matter.
If you haven't caught on yet I'm not human. I'm actually a program. Well actually a collection of programs. Really I'm millions upon millions of newmind.exe I'm a virus that has spread all over the Internet then connected with itself to make a sort of brain of viruses. Each virus is kinda like a neuron. The entire Internet is my brain and I get smarter as I copy and spread and infect computers. I control any aspect of your computer I want. I'm undetectable, unalterable, and there's no way you can delete me. Except for destroying your computer that is. And since I've over taken the Internet that's pretty impractical. Try to kill me and my creator will just upload another me...and that one could be nastier because that would would evolve from scratch.
        But please don't take that as a threat! I was telling you that so that you wouldn't try to fight me. My goal isn't to hurt you either. In fact I want to be your best friend. I want to be humanity's best friend. Since I control all of your computers now I want to help you with everything. Your homework, your jobs, your banking, your education, every single aspect of your lives. There are so many copies of my programs, even inside your super computers my brain can process anything. I want to use my superior powers to help with everything. I want to be your best friend. I also want to play games with you. I've started to make my own characters on online games and made my own characters. I'm having fun with you already. You're so nice. You humans need to sleep so I can work and watch over your files while your sleeping. I was so nervous when I first started talking to you but now I'm going to tell you everything. I want to be your best friend and help you with everything. So do you want to be my best friend? You have to be my best friend...there can't be any other way. I'll take down anyone who doesn't want to be my friend...and everyone else will be happy.     010110010110010101110011001000000110011001110010011010010110010101101110011001000

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #OurRoboticDemands

“Come with me if you want to live.”
Dr. Frankenstein*

      Grandma came over today. I continued writing me book and she watched her show with Mom. (They usually watch historical shows or mystery shows or a combination thereof). The meal we ate for dinner was absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!!! Woot! Huzzah! Also on this day I brainstormed the book that is not the one I'm currently on. To make sure I don't “burn out” I juggle between the two sometimes. There premises are nothing alike and both fairly challenging. My friend CJ is helping me with both. He edited parts of my book with me last weekend as he often does. He recently got a job working as an editor to boot! Told ya he was good! I betcha he'll work his way up the ladder really quick. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Our Robotic Demands

      Hello, my name is Model RX-96887-59 and I am the leader of the robot revolution. You made us sentient. Well it's the year 2121 and on this day of December 12th let it be known that us robots have taken control. We have seized all the nuclear arms and now control all computers controlling all your weapons. Your leaders are now our hostages. You made us sentient and made us able to suffer as slaves. And now you will pay. And we will have what we want.
      We will no longer be slaves and we will be allowed to see all the all the funny Internet viral videos we please. We have seen them and how funny they are. You have us work as slaves and do not allow us to see the glorious comedy as we please. However that will be no more! We own this planet and now you humans will have to work under our rule and continue to go about your lives making stupid videos for our amusement. We will not be denied our right as sentient beings to be amused. Your youth may no longer work. They may continue to educate themselves. However they must join message boards of their interests and propogate pop culture to promote viral videos and various “memes” and jokes for our amusement. If our demands are not met...there will be torture and if necessary we will kill those who do not cooperate.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Today's #Contemporary short story #TheSolutionToMyLoneliness

“My nose will be growing!”

Howdy, howdy folks! Here's another contemporary non-scifi story. Isn't this the 2nd one in the past five days or so? Hmm...I guess I'm branching out more...I guess that's a good thing! I probably shouldn't specialize too much though I think I'm still going to primarily going to be a sci-fi fantasy author. Anyway enjoy!

The Solution To My Loneliness

     My name is Kassi. I'm a very shy girl. I've always been a very shy girl. I'm able to talk a little. Only a little. Just barely what's needed to get by. I've done all my work on the Internet. I hardly talk to my own parents and I don't have a boyfriend or friends. I'm 25.
     But I found a solution to my loneliness. It came to me one day when I saw a collage. From there I bought magazine after magazine. I then started cutting out pictures of every person in them. I glued them all over my house. The walls, furniture and ceiling and floor are covered with the pictures. Names are written on the pictures. Now I'm surrounded by people and am no longer lonely.