Friday, February 28, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #EnsuringHisFamilysLegacy

“Help! I think I'm stuck!”
Harry Houdini* #quote

       Tomorrow my brother plans on taking me to see the Lego Movie. If the commercials are any indication, much hilarity will ensue. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ensuring His Family's Legacy

       Farmer Warlen lived in a magical land. But he didn't come from a magic bloodline, the kind of bloodline that would make him more likely to get wealth. Nor did he come from a merchant or upper-class society. He was lowest tier of farmer, his greatest wealth being that he owned his land but otherwise it seemed that's all he would acquire. And this land came to him passed down through generations upon generations.
       But he dreamed that he could somehow make a grand family. Like royalty. He did have some self-education given to him by his father and trips to the libraries. He knew that some families had so much influence from history books he read and newspapers that some names just inspired awe. He felt like to honor his parents and to support his children he would make his family one of those families.
       His lineage didn't have magic flowing in their veins or any sort of royal right so he needed to hatch a plan. Warlen wanted also to have something the wizards didn't, something royalty didn't, because those famous families also looked down on him.
       So he hatched a scheme. All inspired by when he looked at an expensive gold piece of jewelry in a shop. Gold and jems hold their value to wizards because of rarity. All he needed to do was make something rare they wanted.
       A flower grew on his land called the Crying Blossom. It got its name because its blue petals tended to sag. It grew around his mountainous region that he called home, on his land and a few other farmers. It was an obscure flower, but common enough that nobody cared much for it either.
        Warlen put his plan into motion. He still farmed his normal potato crop, but he planned the flower to be his true cash crop at the end of it all. He slowly worked at salting the soil on the other farmers land where the flowers grew. Methodically he made them vanish, leaving them only in a few choice places. Sure a few other farmers may have them as well to divert suspicion from him, but now the flowers were extremely rare.
        By the time he finished he aged to be a fine old man. But he had plenty of years left to reveal the plan to the rest of his family. And soon the extremely rare flower became a status symbol for the rich as they forked out massive amounts of money to Warlen and the few farmers who had the flower since only so many grew per year. A royal would pay a pound of gold for a bouquet of them to give to on date.
        So Warlen ensured his family name became more famous than many of the most powerful wizards or royals out there. Who was Merlin again?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheViolinistOnTheHill

“Slow and steady wins the race!”
Charles Darwin* #quote

Today I opened up a treasure chest. I found a gift card. And sorry if a blank post went out earlier, it was an update misclick. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Violinist On The Hill

        Everyday the violinist Edwin would play for his love on a hill while the Sun set. That's when he played his best and worked his hardest to make the most wonderful sounds whirl around in the air above the hill for her. Edwin felt happiest at this time. And they kept meeting at this hill, talking hours away as he spun melodies, even until the time they were married and afterward. They lived near the hill so it was easy to go there when the children settled down, and even easier when the children grew up and moved out.
       Edwin never stopped going there and playing for his wife, even after she died, both of them agreed to be buried on their hill together. And every sunset until he died himself he would sit in front of his wife's tombstone and play for her, hoping his music was beautiful enough that the sounds could reach Heaven. He still felt his happiest when he played for her.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #RuinedInfamy

“Do you know the Muffin Man?”
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares* #quote

Today I met my doom. His name was Tom. He had several other doom friends, two of which were named Abigail and Finch. Abigail is your doom and Finch is their doom. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ruined Infamy

       The super villain readied his weather control device. Soon the name Doctor Weatherize would be known the world over as something to be feared. He would make a hurricane for each continent, and each would move from the bottom of the continent to the top. Several nations of his choosing would be devastated in the most prime locations.
       He would become the most infamous villain of them all. His dreams made him ready for this.
       However he did forget to unzip one of the .destruction files he put in the program. So instead he created a very pleasant change in weather. Rain where there were droughts. Sun where an unusually harsh winter hit. Things became all around better. People loved it and scientists and the military traced it all to him.
      He was forced to become a hero...fame was a second best option for him, but he was fine with it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #RevengeOfADragon

“Clap your hands if you believe!”
Friedrich Nietzsche* #quote

Tomorrow I'm going to be picking up a game that my friend CJ preordered for me for my birthday. Seizures were down compared to before so my mood's up. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Revenge Of A Dragon

      An old knight and adventurer sat in his lavish home while a large black dragon looked at him with a furious glare. The knight didn't wear his armor, mostly wrinkles and a large white beard. His bald head shined more than his blade and his brown eyes had as much rust as his old adventuring armor. His mansion was paid for by the many treasures he gathered raiding the lands of monsters and taking the treasures there along with selling the skins of monsters and various parts. The feathers of a griffon and the scales of a dragon fetched a great deal of money to the right buyers. Especially on the harder to kill monsters.
      The dragon roared. “I've already killed the others.” The knight had already parted ways with the others.  Did the dragon really kill the great witch Galli and all his other fellow adventurers? So, himself, Sir Wings, was the only one left. “Just accept your punishment.”
      “My punishment?” The knight asked.
       The large dragon stretched his dark, coal-colored scales while his neck brought his head eye to eye with the man. “Remember the summer of fifty years ago?”
       “Not particularly. I'm quite old.” Sir Wings didn't feel any fear when faced with a dragon. He spent too many years around large beasts. Fearful instincts were torn from his body from all his adventures.
The dragon held one of his claws up to the knights throat. “You killed my entire family! Then my neighbors and their families too. Almost everyone I knew died at the hands of you and the people you traveled with.  Then you ransacked everything you deemed valuable. Including our corpses. I remember you skinning my father as I hid from you.”
        The knight laughed. Sir Wings laughed hard. “I know your going to kill me anyway so I may as well tell you the truth. You're not special. Your pain isn't special. I've done that at least thousands of times. Honestly I wonder if I didn't monsters to raid if I would have done it to humans. Make the weak into a demon then take all you can from them. It's how its been through all of history. I guess I'm the weak now in my old age. Feel free to take back all the wealth after you kill me. This old man has had his fun.”
     The dragon killed the old man in a rage. Whether or not the knight's words led him to do it he decided he couldn't stop at those that hurt him. He decided to keep attacking all those like the knight. All who think like him. And for justice perhaps he would take what is theirs and give it back to the dragons and bring more of them to his cause.
      Depending on how his soul decides to guide him the dragon may very well become like the knight.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TwoWaysToGoAboutIt

“Don't be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution.”
Archimedes* #quote

       Today I had fun playing video games and and reading stuff on the Internet and stuff, but unfortunately seizures were up. Probably because I did so much stuff over the weekend. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Two Ways To Go About It

        One human and one alien were talking to each other. Awhile back the species met and language exchange happened, but still everyone was getting used to each other.
These two talked about the most crowing achievement for the start of their species, reaching the Moon. (Or rather a moon, as the alien planet had two). The human shared his version while the two hung out in the lunch room. The alien shared his.
        “We built a stairway you see,” The alien explained.
         “A stairway!? To your moon? That's crazy!” The human replied.
         “I know, but the entire world worked together to build it. The stairway never reached our lowest moon though so we built a cannon on top and shot someone to the moon.”
        “How'd they get back?”
         “They didn't. This was a conversation about our stories of when our species got someone to the moon first. Not necessarily alive. We had myths there would be people up there to help him. We eventually got it right though.”
        The human and alien continued to talk. The interaction was much more peaceful than most people think meetings between to vastly different species would be. Mostly because each species profited from coexisting on a large scale so not a single war or major political scuffle broke out. The businesses wouldn't have it. Hopefully peace stays profitable though.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #CursedThroughFiction

“Seek and ye shall find.”
Waldo* #quote

Today CJ was still over and we went to a card game tournament. It went on late so I didn't have time to write a new story for y'all. But I did dive into the archives and edit an old one and changed the title to make it more catchy! I hope you still enjoy this rerun and don't remember so its like reading something anew. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Cursed Through Fiction

        There are more curses in the world than someone could possibly count. More ways a wizard or witch could make someone suffer for the pleasure or revenge. They can turn someone into a toad or petrify them so they can sit as a statue in a garden. I was cursed by an incredibly powerful wizard, with an incredibly powerful curse. It's been so long I don't even remember what I did to him, I just remember it was something insignificant. The curse was not.
         The curse gave me immortality. But not immortality in the real world. It gave me immortality by making me reincarnate through the lives of heroes in fictional stories. If that sounds appealing to you, if you think “But being the hero of a story would be incredible!” then you don't remember what defines a story: conflict. Heroes fight villains and survive disasters. Heroes suffer while fighting and surviving. And many heroes are defined by their individual tragedies.
         I've experienced all the different kinds of pains the heroes have. And I'm aware of all the past lives and I follow the script of the story as a compulsion even if I know the ending. When I was living through Hamlet I knew the ending. I also feel the feelings of the hero no matter how hard I try so even though I knew the ending and could brace myself, I still felt the suffering and shocks of Hamlet at all the twists and turns just the same.
        If you're thinking that it might be worth it for the happy endings it's not. In how many stories does the happy ending come from the hero killing an evil villain? The evil villain that killed his parents? Do you know how many parents I've lost to give me a reason to go after that “happy ending”? Ones I loved just as much you love your own? Now think back, there are also stories in which the happy ending comes from people sacrificing themselves to help me. “Go on without me!” it goes. I've gotten that phrase said to me over and over to me in so many forms. And I have to go because that's what the story demands. And I feel like I'm making the decision because I'm the hero, even though I am actually not because of the curse, but I feel the guilt all the same. All for a “happy ending” that at least pleases the audience. How many people must I, the hero, kill before I reach the ending of the story? It's not entertainment or adventure to me.
       The wizard gave me an option when he cursed me. He told me I could be either the hero or the villain.   Maybe I should have chose being the villain. Maybe thinking as and living as the villains would make me suffer less.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheThreeWiseGuysAndThreeWiseMen

“Slow and steady wins the race.”
Speedy Gonzales* #quote

      Today CJ should be coming over today so much fun will be had as per the quota of circumstance when he and I are in the same location. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Three Wise Guys And Three Wise Men

       Three wise guys and three wise men met at a crossroads many, many years ago. Both kinds of people enjoyed talking with others and telling others what they know that the others don't. So the exchange began.
        The wise men told tales of their travels, the sciences, and the workings of faith and hope they learned over the years they had learned over the trials they lived.
       The wise guys told sarcastic remarks along with obnoxious, tasteless humor. They made out of date celebrity references and jokes and corrected the wise men when the wise men when they were both wrong and right.
        In the end neither learned from the other. The wise men did not listen to the wise guys corrections. Even when the wise guys were correct they dismissed them all together because of the way the wise guys behaved. The wise guys dismissed the wise men because they did not react kindly to their humor, and they seemed to know more than them.
       So at the crossroads where the wise men met the wise guys both listened but neither cared despite two types of wisdom were being shared. The wise gals and the wise women who met at the crossroads later didn't have much luck either.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheTwoBrothersAndTheirTeleporters

“Do you pick door number one, door number two, or door number three?”
Saint Peter* #quote

         Tomorrow CJ is coming over. Also today I went to my Japanese cartoon club thingie. Today we watched a medical drama where a patient a doctor saved turned into a serial killer(the reason it was a moral dilemma for the doctor is that he chose to save the patient over another one). Cartoons over there fit many more genres and scopes than over here where its just things like superheroes, the Simpsons and a few other things. That's why other cultures media is so much fun, you find the darndest things. (Like the Japanese cartoons with the giant robots!)
         Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Two Brothers And Their Teleporters

      Competitive brothers Bob and Rob worked in a family business of operating teleporter booths. Normally their father told them where to set up their booths but one day their father said to them:
      “You two will inherit the family business someday. So I will have competition for one month where you will set up your own booths in one location. Whoever makes the most money will have the right to be first when listed on all documents. This will determine if its Rob and Bob or Bob and Rob. The contest will be held in Las Vegas.”
       So the two selected their locations.
       Rob set up his location in Las Vegas at a major point where tourists would want him to teleport them to their desired hotels or other locations.
       Bob set up his location in a dark alleyway in Vegas.
At the end of the contest Rob and Bob counted the profits as it was registered in the machine. Neither brother tampered with the machine or put in their own money. It was too secure for that. The father designed the machine well.
       Bob won with his machine parked in the dark alleyway.
       Rob said to Bob baffled, “How did you possibly get enough customers in your location?”
       Bob smiled and replied, “I got less customers but I increased my rates through the roof. People came to me so they could teleport away without being seen. They needed to make sure what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #HowToElectLeaders

“Let's split up gang!”
Captain Miller, Saving Private Ryan* #quote

Today I went to my writer's meeting much fun was had. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

How To Elect Leaders

        The country of Diceland had a long standing belief in its culture that certain, important decisions should be left to the roll of a die. Specially made glass dice clearer than the purest of water to show that no weights interfered with its roll. Entire ceremonies revolved around certain die rolls. And sometimes someone's prison sentence was determined by the dice. A vandal could watch as three six-sided dice roll. The added sum would be the number months in prison he would serve.
         Dice did not write the laws. Numbers couldn't make regulations on imports and exports of sugar could it? But the dice did determine the lawmakers. People would be assigned numbers and like a lottery they would be rolled for. A twenty sided die would be rolled again and again until a full number was made a person identified. A random janitor could be a head Judge.
        Yet despite the randomness of those selections the country felt success. How? Well, it had some economic resources like any successful country would, but its leaders did have a special quality about them. The people had an obligation to lead because of their culture. They would spend every waking hour trying their best to be whatever they were elected to be. Sometimes they would fail. Badly. But compared to politicians who may have no qualifications to lead and no desire to serve the nation they were better. And fortunately the die were no Church. No organization. Just an obligation. And that is what the leaders needed.
       Eventually Diceland did fall, as the dice didn't always pick enough people statically competent enough for the job. Eventually the odds failed and the rolling selected too many wrong people and the country fell despite the power of the people's obligation to their position.
       Maybe there will be a nation where the leaders will fall under both qualification and obligation.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today's #flashfictions #TheMostVileOfPlans

“Everything doesn't revolve around you.”
Galileo* #quote

        Today I turned the other cheek round like a record baby, round, round, round..
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Most Vile Of Plans

       The mighty superhero Mighty Gauntlet flew over in the city in his mighty jet using his mighty vision to find crime to fight mightly. He was then altered by his mighty radio(that had mighty reception) that a supervillain was taking action in the city. He sprung into action with mighty speed and found the supervillain mighty quick.
Would the supervillain be intimidated by the Mighty Gauntlet's mighty muscular body? Or his mighty fashionable red and blue superhero costume? Or his mighty glare and mighty black eyebrows? It seems this villain did not cave to the mightiness as he still stood in the middle of the road in his supervillain outfit.
       The villain's outfit was green, yellow and red, in the order and fashion of a stoplight. He wore a large black jetpack on his back, ready for use. He filled the road with traffic cones, blocking everything in the intersection.
        “I am Doctor Traffic!” He let out an evil laugh. “And my evil plan is near completion.”
        The Mighty Gauntlet was not mightily impressed. “Stopping traffic?”
        A person in a car yelled, “He's been there for over and hour minutes!”
        “This isn't worth my time,” Even though the Mighty Gauntlet was already there and could have stopped the villain he went to his mighty jet and did a mighty shrug saying, “This is beneath me.”
Later ten people died in a bank robbery shooting because police couldn't respond in time because of massive traffic buildup spreading out from that intersection. And Doctor Traffic got away with all the money his subordinates took in the robbery.
        The Mighty Gauntlet no longer felt very mighty.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #ThePawnAndHisKings

“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”
The Fast And The Furious* #quote

Called CJ last night. Looks like he may be coming over this weekend. Also the Moon isn't made of cheese. A quick taste test told me that. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Pawn And His Kings

         “The war is lost. Look at the castle burning in the horizon Sir. I'm glad to have worked for you to the end. I wish you'd been the one in charge. As you always said that king was an idiot.” My servant and good friend told me. Paid servant, I didn't do slaves, breeding hate in subordinates is exactly how you created people like me. Derrik, my servant, was paid well, advised me, and was a close friend. And I advised the king. The soon to be dead king. “I hope this isn't the end for us.”
        “Oh, Derrik, this is far from the end. Though you'll have to start calling me Mr. Days instead of Mr. Hinder. I'm changing identities. Along with you.”
Derrik looked at me puzzled. “What are you talking about?”
        “The reason the castle is burning today is me.”
         My friend looked at me in horror. “Did you betray the king?”
         I smiled. “Is a man as corrupt and evil as him worth any oath? This wouldn't be my first time. Before King Walden, in that burning castle, I served another king as advisor. When he drove his country into the ground and was losing it to war, despite me giving him advice to get out of all of it I betrayed my first king, change identities and became advisor of King Walden. And now I back stabbed Walden. I have no problem with saying it. Eventually that castle would have fallen anyway. I sped up the war by giving secrets to the king conquering us and secured my position as advisor. With a new identity.”
Derrik responded, “I've never heard such a diabolical scheme.”
       I shrugged. “My dear friend, you don't know what kind of people these are. I shortened every one of these wars and by advising these kings I can at least reduce the damage they do in their politics. I intend to go from king to king till the day I die. I trust you enough to take that journey with me.”
       “Till the day you die, and your only fifty and your going to be serving your third king...”
        I then told him the end of my plan. “Oh, but you are only twenty my dear servant, and I think you would make a wonderful inheritor to my plan of puppetry. When I'm forced to walk with a cane and my hair is gray you'll be promoted to an advisor somehow you'll see. Better work on your ambition.”

Monday, February 17, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #MatchingMinds

“I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...”
Lord of the Flies* #quote

       Today I met a sparkling vampire. I told him those disco pants were out of style. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Matching Minds

       I sat in a dress, trying to look my best as I looked at my date across the table. Even though he wasn't extraordinarily handsome I hoped I would at least have a chance with him. Or would I just yell “Shut up!” like I would the rest of my dates. Agh, Jennifer, isn't it hopeless? The meds don't stop the voices and you still respond to them. And they get worse when you're around people.
       “I won't let you get a man. Ever. It would get in the way of our friendship.” The other voices in my head were murmurs, like static. But Dalia, as she called herself, was loud, annoying and I could hear her loud and clear. “Besides he probably doesn't even like redheads!”
        My date smiled and ran his hand through black hair. “Actually I like redheads.”
I looked at him shocked. “James, you're a psychic?” I couldn't believe my date was one of the new rare breed of people. And the reason why nothing was password protected anymore. Now everything required your fingerprint.
       “Well, that's your sister hooked me up with you.”
        I responded quickly, not sure how angry or confused I should be, “Are you trying to 'help me with my problem' or something?”
        Dalia spoke to him, “If you can hear me psychic freak then hear this. Back off, she's mine. If the medication couldn't take my friend away from me then neither will you.” The murmuring voices got louder and louder.
       James told me with a face full of relief. “No, you're going to solve my problem. Because of our ability to read minds psychics are faced with distrust and loneliness. Psychics can never get close to anyone besides other psychics. People don't want their head ripped open. But you, that which plagues you gets in the way of me knowing what's in your true mind, even accidentally.”
      “You can't read my mind?” I asked him.
       He nodded. “Not your true mind. I only hear the voices of the murmurs and that other voice. So we can endure that together.” He paused for a second. “Now please tell me something about yourself.” He laughed. “I always wanted to say that.”

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheManWhoErasedHimselfAndHisSins

“Failure is not an option!”
Schoolhouse Rock* #quote

        Today my Bro visited and I also went to my card game thing, my friend Jessica was there and much fun was had. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Man Who Erased Himself And His Sins

          My I sat naked in an empty warehouse. I held the corpse of the man in my arms. I cried. It had already been a few days after I killed him and the body had begun to stunk. But here we would be erased. This building was forgotten. A property set to be demolished but missed on the government schedule. I already laced the entire building with oils and other forms of fire accelerate. I covered myself and the body with various flammable substances.
         I pulled out a lighter. Before I brought myself and the man I killed to the warehouse I already burned our fingertips to mutilate our fingerprints. So when I touched the lighter no print would remain the police could identify. And when I brought the flame out of the lighter the entire building would come ablaze. Myself and the man I stabbed to death would be burned to non-existence. Maybe they would try to use our mangled bones to identify us. I hope the warehouse crushes every part of me as it collapses. I need to be erased. Me and my sins.
        I flick the lighter, bring out a spark, and myself along with my victim and the whole warehouse turn to flame.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheCulinaryArtsHaveGoneToFar

“She put the lime in the coconut...”
Gilligan* #quote

       Today I went to the card game thing. I managed to make my deck with the silly pokemon. It won and it was hilarious. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Culinary Arts Have Gone To Far

        The military restrained the chef and his customers. They burned down his entire restaurant and every single record of his existence and creations. They didn't want his food to get out to the public.
        “How dare you destroy his creations!” One of the chef's assistants said.
        “What have we done?” One of the customers said.
         A colonel leading the squad apprehending them appeared, though a general watched over the whole operation. “I'm sorry you know too much. I can see it in your eyes. You already want more. You want to eat at the restaurant again. If you can't eat here again you will attempt to make it yourself tirelessly.
        The chef himself remained silent.
        The colonel looked at the chef. “You took food too far. You took the culinary arts too far. To create a menu that could addict anyone worse than any drug with normal would be impossible regulate. The obesity problem we have now would be laughable if your recipes became know to the mass populace. Even your healthier meals would cause the populace to become like sloths because of the sheer quantity they would eat. The General told me I had to tell you why we're taking you in. But I think you already knew that didn't you?”
        The chef nodded as solider pulled him.
         The colonel looked at him. “Why would you create such dangerously delicious food? So much that we have to apprehend everyone even remotely aware of it?”
        The chef smiled. The soldiers were taking him away in the middle of the workday so he still wore his chef uniform. “Why do scientists want to discover? Why do artists want to create? Think of my cooking as my art I had to discover the perfection of. I had to show people to make sure I was correct.”
        The colonel heard this statement. He would never tell a soul lest he be locked away too, but he secretly ate some of the restaurant leftovers from the kitchen before they burnt it all down. He desired more and wanted to create it himself.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheUniqueWord

“Right over left, left over right makes a knot both tidy and tight.”
Alexander the Great* #quote

        Today I went to my fun anime club. Tomorrow my fun Pokemon card thingie. Hopefully I can get the cards I need to make the deck idea I have with the adorable Pokemon so I can defeat the big, cooler ones hilariously. I also wonder how many kids will have expensive decks built for them by their older siblings or parents. Just like soapbox derbys or the like.

The Unique Word

       A group of linguists hung out in a club. To study language and discover more about the world was how they spent time together. And together they made a fictional language. Grammar, words, whatever they could.
        But as the group discussed their language day after day in the kitchen of whoever hosted the club that week they never felt truly satisfied. The linguists knew the extent of language. They invented words but they could only invent new names for egg or whatever or different words versions of specificity. Like a single word for an egg not eaten by bird because it is rotten. Their grammar and writing couldn't be truly unique. The linguists did have fun, but they couldn't feel satisfied with their constructed language, but it never felt truly original. They knew so many languages they knew they couldn't make anything unique. They even wondered if they could make a word with no definition...but they knew languages had words that meant nothing.
       Together the linguists of all ages and experiences thought to try to make a word but they couldn't come up a word that didn't already that led them to the conclusion that resolved their issue.
        Their language was the first that had a rule that a word existed in every sentence that had no true name, definition, or written form or pronunciation. Some words may be defined as meaning nothing or gibberish in a language, but this wasn't even defined as meaning nothing. It was less than that. It was known merely as “the word”. It was to be known that it existed in the language but was impossible to write down because it had no letters or sounds. It only existed in that it was said to exist for the sake of existing. Like a ghost of language, and a desire of the linguists to invent for the sake of inventing. Truly a desire belonging to any creative mind.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #DealingWithACustomer

“You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.”
Edward Scissorhands*

Today I looked at a cloud, it was shaped like a shape. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Dealing With A Customer

       “I was here first, all of these dolls should be mine!” The man in the lab coat and deep-green goggles said. His skin color resembled rust and behind him sat a robot with ten mechanical arms, each with a shopping bag in hand.
     A herd of angry parents faced him. One mother said, “That's a load of baloney! We were all here at the same time! We should all get one!”
     “Simpletons!” The man replied with a growl. “I am Doctor Infini-Minds! For my plan to work in budget I need all the sales bargains to myself and my plans are more important the trifles of you lesser folk.”
Veteran employee Mark walked over to the Doctor. Working at the shop for five years while working at college he has dealt with all kinds of problematic people. “Doctor, Sir, at this store we value our customers, you will get only one toy while all the other customers will. It's only fair.” His boss taught him the value of making sure customers keep coming back.
     “You foolish, low-class worker!” The man said. “I need all the dolls for my evil plan! And I'm going to have them!”
      Mark resisted rolling his eyes. “I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store Sir. Your bothering the other customers.”
       Doctor Infini-Mind refused the employee's request with a command. “You'll be the one removed! Go my robot, take care of him!” The many armed machine dropped its shopping bags and went after the employee. The Doctor felt confident but the robot was wrestled, pinned and its armed snapped at its sensitive joints quickly enough.
        Mark looked at the Doctor after piling up the robots parts in one of the shopping bags. “Sir, I've served Black Friday shifts and 'guided' the mobs through the malls. I have no difficulty defending myself against customers. Now, leave the store.”
       Defeated the Doctor left the store.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #DundunDunnnn

“The King lives!”
Dr. Frankenstien* #quote

Today I learned the true meaning of friendship:

friendship(noun) : the state of being friends : the relationship between friends
taken from
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Dun, dun, dunnnn!

          The thief took off his mask, revealing himself to be Mr. Winkleton
          “No, you can't be the Dark Thief of Destruction!” said the princess.
          The royal accountant and wizard added with a glare in his eye, “You cunning monster. You've tricked us from the start.” The rest of the heroes, robot panda sidekick included, were left speechless with this betrayal.
        “And how gullible you all were!” Winkleton laughed in his black suit and tie while waving the famous green and black mask of the Dark Thief of Destruction. “This time I've stolen nuclear missle plans!”
         The girl genius among the heroes, a mere 16 years of age, deduced the man's plans. “And you're going to give them to...the League of Vengeance?” The other heroes gasped at the twist. “Those must have been your contacts to pull off the heist.”
         Winkleton smiled. “Yes, of course my little lady. Because as the Dark Thief of Destruction all I care for is the art of theft, deception and destruction! To take and then to watch the world burn! And you blind fools helped me with all of it, believing me to be one of the simple little sidekicks in your adventures. Ha! Yet all along your interpreter was me!”
         Then the normally quiet driver of their group spoke up, “Mr. Winkleton there is someone greater at deception than you. You may have thought of me as a simple racer perfect for being the driver for any crazed chases you heroes may have, but in fact I am someone else!”
The driver burst into flame and became a muscular superhero in red. “I am the mighty superhero Flaming Fire!”
         At the point the dramatic music spiked, Steven, the one watching the show on TV flipped the channel. What's the use of watching a show when you're at the ending? You don't get anything about what's going on.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #AWizardAndHerPranks

“Hygiene is two thirds of health.”
Psycho* #quote

       HOCUS PINKUS! That is an actual attack name on a Pokemon card and I'm making a deck with the Pokemon with that attack in it. It is a joy when you're playing a game and you get to say something as silly as “I attack with hocus pinkus!” and it is an actual threat to their dragon monsters. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Wizard And Her Pranks

     Sally confronted Ginger in the hallway of the Wizard School dorms. “What is wrong with you? This prank has gone too far! My room smells like rotten eggs...and all the teachers have been trying to get the curse off it for hours!”
       “Aw, you mad smarty pants?” Ginger took her anger out on other students with magic pranks. And her anger was mostly jealously. Though her teachers couldn't find evidence for 99% of the pranks the 1% still provided enough punishment to label her a delinquent. “You can't catch me for this one. This is the best from my grandpa. Unstoppable.” Her grandfather, who believed everything she said, was a powerful wizard who taught her the magic for her pranks. If only it would have gone towards schoolwork. But Ginger is not a good girl like Sally. Ginger's like a gremlin while Sally's like a fairy.
But the fairy had a plan.
      “Well, if it's unstoppable, you'd better stop it. The teachers thought it might be good if we switched rooms for us to be closer to our classes or something. Guess you'll have the rotten room if you can't fix it.”
Ginger's face hung low. “But only Grandpa or a super wizard like him can stop it!”
       “Well, I guess you'll have to get you're grandpa out here. Oh, yeah he's never talked to the teachers before has he? Only heard your side of the story. Why I bet you never told him you got in trouble and goofed up one of his pranks or that you've been labeled as bad. Otherwise he'd have stop letting you do them right?” Now the girl with the kindness of a fairy grinned like a sinister goblin.
        Ginger left to cast a communication spell to her grandpa, ready to cry real tears, instead of the fake ones she would shed for him to give her curses.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheDogWithTheAmbitionOfACat

     “Pretty fishy what happened to me on that ladder. You mean, where there's a fish, there could be a Penguin. But wait! It happened at sea! See? "C" for Catwoman! Yet — that exploding shark was pulling my leg! The Joker! It all adds up to a sinister riddle... Riddle-er. Riddler?”
Sherlock Holmes and Watson speaking, A Study in Scarlet*

Today's flash fiction is based off of our own little puppy Champagne. (We got her after Pikachu.) I hope you enjoy!

The Dog With The Ambition Of A Cat

      The little dog Champagne trotted through the house with curious eyes everyday. Being a small breed of dog she could weave through nooks and crannies in the home, especially since she was a puppy. Her fur came out from her body like an old man's comb over in all directions. A dust-ball of black and whites. Her little eyes, nose and mouth peered out of the poof of hair on her head. Her pure, night-black tail poked out her back maybe half an inch and was blunt and round as a pencil eraser. It wagged like finger.
      Champagne didn't stay on the floor. Not a surprise, many animals want to jump on the couch or whatever. And being a puppy, and a lapdog breed she was allowed on the bed. Though dogs like her are supposed to be content with the comfy spots. But Champagne held the ambition of a cat. She would climb everywhere. A normal dog may just sit on the seat of a chair. If her little puppy body could fit on it and she could climb to it she would stand on the arms and the back.
     Her owners would work to cut away paths for her. But the adeptness and sheer jumping power of a puppy of all things surprised them. And they had other small dogs. Surely they didn't accidentally buy a cat. They couldn't leave the trays they ate dinner on near the chairs unattended lest the dog leap onto them.  Not next to, near.
     And when the dog trotted along through the house, with the ambition of a cat it saw the dinner trays against the wall, with no footing to climb atop them. They were unguarded so if the dog had footing it could jump on them like it wanted. But there were only straight walls to climb.
     It was then that the dog wished it was part spider instead of part cat.

Author Comment: I wonder how many of you have pets that you feel like another animal?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheWizardsChampion

“Eat right and exercise.”
The Cookie Monster* #quote

Today CJ was over. I finished this one before he woke up and after he left so that's how I managed to get it a little long despite the fact he was over. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Champion

         Gladiatorial battles were common entertainment in Rezt, the massively populated world of the most powerful wizards. They came there from many worlds and after being filtered by customs for magical potential in their lineage were allowed to join their magical society. The gladiatorial battles didn't involve all those wizards. They involved the champions selected by the wizards. The massively populated world(though magic helps with housing and food), did serve to fill up the coliseums with roaring voices.
         Two wizards would face off today...though it would be their champions doing the battling. Each wizard wore a color to match the champion they had. The old wizard Delator wore blue which matched the paint on his knight's armor. Though the wizards couldn't do anything during the battle, the knight's armor held enchantments and spells so powerful no foe ever broke it. Delator remained undefeated, and even though people may think it would be boring for people to watch such a powerful champion wrecking foes, every time he would face more and more powerful opponents in amazing struggles for his challengers. If you wanted to see power you saw a show with Delator's champion.
       The opposing, younger wizard didn't take a traditional wizard's name. Taylor would do. He wore gray to match his champion. The gray confused Delator though. Even though the two stood at opposite ends of the coliseum microphones(not everything in their society ran off magic) let them talk to each other and the crowd for the show. The champions had yet to step out into the field of battle and so Delator asked through the microphone which went to the loudspeakers all over the coliseum:
         “I thought you would be wearing green to match that dragon champion you used to defeat all the other people waiting in line to challenge me. And now you're wearing gray? Did you put the beast in armor? It won't help.”
         Taylor replied, “Oh, I changed champions to face you. The dragon was never meant to fight you.”
“What?” The old wizard said while stroking his old fashioned wizardly beard that flowed down from his stoney-white skin. “But you're just some new kid! How could you even have two champions?”
Taylor just sat at his seat silent. He wished he could have gotten a nicer gray cloak, this one itched and he hoped his nice, bark colored skin wouldn't turn red with a rash.
         Even across the massive stadium the wizard's two pairs of black eyes could meet as their champions emerged.
         Delator's knight emerged. He kept the knight nameless on purpose for intimidation, and as a publicity. It  made him mysterious to the crowd. More of a shown. Sold more merchandise too. At most the figurines were sold as “Delator's Champion” and the media had a billion nicknames for it.
A human sized house cat came walking out of the other gate.
         The parts of the crowd that weren't silent murmured. The announcers commented on the oddity.
Delator just laughed. “You think a simple beast-man transformed house cat would surprise me? My champion, kill the shape shifter before it turns into something more dangerous.”
The knight ran at the cat, faster than any knight should in armor, and raised its sword. It sliced through the middle of the cat. The Delator felt bored. The match already over? He wished he fought the dragon instead.
         “...but not a single drop of blood in sight! Or any organs!” The commentators said. They were finishing their commentary on the knight's attack.
          Delator looked through a crystal ball he had next to him just like his competition. He zoomed in on the cat and saw that the sword just cut cleanly through. Nothing fell out of the cat. No blood or guts. And the cat still moved find from both ends a little. It then grabbed the bottom half and reattached it.
          “How, wha? What is that thing? Some sort of zombie?” Delator grew angry. “I know what works against zombies. Burn it my champion!”
         Taylor was about to give a command for a counter attack before Delator told the champion to burn the cat. Taylor didn't even know it could do such a thing. But the champion did and out of its gauntlet came fire that scorched the cats entire body.
        “Yeeeaaaaaooowwwww!!!!!” yelled the cat. It's whole body became covered in fire but then it stop, dropped, then rolled. All the gray fur it had before on it fell off and after it shook off more ash its true gray fur revealed itself. The cat was a living cartoon. “Guess the cat's out of the bag!” He smiled. “Sorry Boss, thought I'd at least be able to whack him before they figured out anything.”
        Delator yelled into his microphone, “This is preposterous! You mean to tell me my knight has been fighting a cartoon covered in fake cat fur?”
        Taylor replied, “There's no rule against it. We can get our champions from any world, and put them in anything. You get your armor, I got my cat-suit. I never said he wasn't a cartoon to the people who asked me what my champion was.”
        The cat started hitting the knight with cartoon baseball bats it was pulling from seemingly nowhere. Each bat broke so he had to pull out a new one. The only ones faded away.
        “Hey Boss! This guy just won't budge that's totally unfair!” He yelled. Magic in the coliseum made it so that the combatants could hear the contestants fight or speak, for better or for worse. Usually it was meant for screams of agony.
         Delator then addressed the cat with a roar. “Unfair? He chopped you in half and it did nothing! Maybe it'll work if he chops you into one hundred pieces!”
         The knight then chopped the cat apart. Not a single drop of blood or organs. The cat fell apart like a cartoon would, in acceptable G-rated chunks. Only his head remained whole.
         “Pull yourself together Sat-Cat!” Taylor yelled.
         “Sat-Cat?” Delator asked.
          Sat-Cat then explained. “I aired on Saturday Mornings! Catchy huh?” He then looked up with a horrified expression. “Oh for all that is good, holy, magical, and delicious, there are giant dragons descending upon the stadium! Look out!” Everyone looked up, including the wizard and the knight.
          But there was nothing there and when they looked back down the cat was whole.
          Delator said, “How did you do that?”
          The cat shrugged. “I dunno, I was off-screen so I got better.”
          Delator grew more furious and ordered his knight to attack the cartoon cat again and again. The cat would respond with whatever cartoon attacks it could muster. Sat-Cat even dropped a giant anvil on the knight. Once. Eventually the cat couldn't hope to manage an offense, but he could recover from an attack Delator's champion hit him with. No amount of violence could kill the cat.
         Hours passed and the audience was treated to a show. But it wouldn't stop. No ending. Every show should have an ending. The king ordered that time be called an the demons be summoned to accelerate the show. “Accelerate” meant the demons would come and try to kill both champions and whoever lived the longest would win. They did it when neither champion could defeat the other. The demons came and attacked. The demons could not kill the cat and were killed by Delator's knight. Eventually the king running the show declared it the first tie in coliseum history.
         Delator confronted Taylor after the show. “Why did you waste everyone's time?”
         Taylor smiled. “Oh, I didn't waste my or Sat-Cat's time. I made sure my coliseum battle contract read that I would be paid if I 'didn't lose'. I bet yours said you'd be paid if you won. A tie or a win makes me just as much money. And just as agreed I'll be buying Sat-Cat as many already dead mice as he can eat. He's tired of chasing them in his cartoon world.”

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheAliensAndThePyramids

“Pick a card, any card.”
Merlin* #quote

      Today CJ should be coming over. Maybe this time he comes over we can put our heads together figure out why the chicken crossed the road. Devilish poultry it is with mysterious motives. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Aliens And The Pyramids

       “And we can have your tomb done in a year.” The tall green alien said to The Pharaoh. The human looked at the alien from another world like he would any other foreigner, so the football shaped head and three eyes were just another variation on humanity he had to deal with.
       “What a short amount of time but you did show me your machinery and that massive statue you constructed in Ra's honor as a gift whether or not we employ your services. But still high promises. What is your price?”
        The alien handed The Pharaoh a contract. He read it over and became furious. “This is an insult! Do you really expect me to agree to this? You want to use materials from our land to build and then pay you by giving you a large mass of our land to live in forever? And then further materials afterward to build your homes and protection? And food?”
       The alien smiled. “But Your Highness, we will be giving you the best service in the known universe and we will only need food from you temporarily before we become independent. It is only the land we request to keep indefinitely.”
       The Pharaoh’s anger did not decrease. “No matter how well you can do the job I'm not giving you part of my kingdom. That's final. I'd rather have my people do the work themselves.”
        The alien groaned. Another lost client, another world they may not be able to enter because of their peaceful policy. Before leaving he decided to get the last word in with the human. “You'll regret it. I know that most of the time when people try 'do-it-yourself' instead of hiring professionals it can be much harder and take much longer. Good luck figuring it out though.” The wish of good luck was a sarcastic one.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #ColdBloodsOnIce

“Do or do not, there is no try.”
The Hunger Games* #quote

Looks like tomorrow CJ is coming over so yay!

Cold-Bloods On Ice

        “The dragons are attacking!” A soldier yelled at me.
        I yawned and got out of bed, still in my pajamas. “You don't need to give drills to a prince idiot.”
        “This isn't a drill Your Highness!” He replied. I noticed that the man was fully suited up, in the rusty armor we held at this castle and his face was truly scared.
         It didn't make sense to me. I came here because the dragons would never invade this part of empire. It would be a cushy job for me to do as one of the younger princes so I could spend my days reading the library here. This castle is in the icy parts of the country. They would never come here. The cold-blooded creatures couldn't survive outside to lay any sort of siege to our castles. We would lock up our enchanted warm castles and fight them outside as they just died quickly from the cold. Dragons couldn't cast temperature regulation magic so the odds were so much in our favor half of my soldiers had little training. This was supposed to be a joke of a military job for me to goof off at.
        “How could they even invade?” I cast a spell to turn my pajamas into my warm armor. Our armor contained fur, metal and leather in such a way to keep warm and protect in the best way possible.
The soldier said, “Sir it'd be better if you just looked outside.”
       I took a look outside the nearest window. I saw one of our castles moving towards us from a distance. They took one of our other castles! I recognized the seal carved into the castle wall. That castle bordered the cold lands, but still had temperature regulation spells on it like this one. I saw wheels on all sides of the castle. The scaled beasts must have realized that if they can't cast temperature regulation magic they would just take it. I didn't want to imagine how many dragons were contained in that castle.
       “We're dead if we fight them,” I told the soldier, I had the same tone of voice I did with my father when I asked him a serious question hoping for his advice. The soldier looked at me clueless to my emotions. The recruit next filled with panic.
      “You have no ideas Your Highness? Prince Quain, you read so much I thought you knew everything on military strategy!”
       “Idiot!I don't read about military strategy!” I yelled at him. I began hearing the screams of other soldiers throughout the castle. The dragons hadn't reached us yet. But all the new recruits must have been wailing in despair.. Veterans to fighting the dragons would be keeping their composure but would also know their inevitable demise. “I'm not supposed to command anyone! They're not supposed to invade here. If they manage to bring that castle to this one and breach we'll be dead. We'll be outmatched by them. Why couldn't they be like the four legged dragons of old and not stand like us and be able to build things like wheels to move a castle? Why must their claws be on hands? We're going to die!”
       A short recruit then walked in, as nameless as the others to me. “Hey your Princeliness. The only reason we may die is that you're not coming up with something. Don't tell me we've been feeding you rations when you're good for nothing.”
      I then lashed out at the commoner. “Don't you dare talk to me like that!”
      “Or what you gonna do? Execute me? Looks like you're already planning to get us all killed. Useless royal.”
      Was I really that useless? I took this position out here in order to do nothing? I had to come up with a plan! I would need to make this a great moment or a last moment in my life. As the castle neared I came up with a plan.
      We evacuated the castle and took all the supplies we could. We exited out the back way, making sure the dragons couldn't see us. The dragons lined their castle only a few feet away from ours then invaded so they wouldn't have to deal with the cold. We took their castle while they poured their forces into ours. I ordered my men to move the portable castle away as quickly as possible. The dragons must have wished they had their ancestors powerful wings as they saw us move away. Now they lay trapped in one of the coldest parts of the country. Sure they had our warm castle while its food lasted. But outside only ice awaited them. We took their wheeled castle away to hotter places told the other princes of their new battle tactic.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheEternityExperiment

“I'm a people person.”
Hannibal Lecter* #quote

Today television watched me. I wasn't as entertaining as it. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Eternity Experiment

        I'd have to consult my notes to tell you how old I am. Or even my last name. I go by my real first name whenever I can. It's Amanda...I think. I've been going through so many era's I've lost track. Really I didn't keep enough notes at the start to really tell my true age. I do like the name the genie gave me: Clock. I have no idea what I look like either. I'm swapping between skin and hair colors now while deciding what era to go to next. Gotta fit in right?
         The genie has a good memory with everything but dates and people's faces. Considering how many he's seen and how much time has passed. He did tell me that I was a historian though. I could tell that from what I wished for. And what has kept me occupied for so long. I wished for immortality, the power to travel through time and change history, and his magic help me do whatever I want in history. Apparently the only way the last one could happen is if he tagged along with me forever. And also his bottle transformed into some sort of neutral time-space away from Earth and all the time-lines I visited and created. The genie said he didn't understand how it worked beyond how to operate it, and his bosses didn't want him to know either. Didn't know they had bosses.
      I suppose I've said all this so I could both brag and confess. I've been experimenting with time at my leisure. Even if I die a horrible death somewhere my immortality keeps me alive and the genie brings me safe to the neutral zone. Thanks to the magic he has I can manipulate things how I want. I've traveled to the year 30,000 and helped with peace talks with the aliens in the shadows. Oh, but more relevant to you I've made the Cold War go nuclear to see how it would play out. As a historian I would see and record and study it. How fascinating. I lived through that time line to a point and reset it to what I wanted next.
     My bragging is that I am doing such a grand experiment over thousands and eventually millions of time lines as I live on forever. And my confession is that yes, I suppose this is a sin I may never pay for since I will never die. If I cause pain in a time line people will live through it. Your time line(at least in your era) is my study of economic collapse in multiple nations and their effect on war and its length. Grin and bear it, I am getting some fascinating results. And if you see a girl smiling at any grim news in the paper then it may just be me.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #TheSellingOfAStar

“Under the sea, darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!”
Jacques Cousteau* #quote

         Today I walked on sunshine. Turns out it's harder to do than you think it is. I mean walking on light is pretty hard. I had to break some laws of physics. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Selling Of A Star

      “You must understand! You can't possibly sell the Sun!” I pleaded Humanity's Conglomerate as they stared at me through hundreds of screens on a wall in my diplomacy hall.
        An old representative with a long beard and career replied, “An outdated term. It is a sun. Nothing more.”
        A young man added, “Self-centered, self-righteous Earthling! Like your planet is all that important. You just think because you're the origin planet you should get special treatment!”
        An older woman remarked, “Yes, Mars didn't get any special treatment because it was the first colonized planet. What are the requirements for special treatment hmm?”
      I hadn't even gotten into any arguments yet and already Humanity's Conglomerate ganged up on me like a pack of wolves. Not that many of them knew what wolves were. They all lived on their own life bearing planets that were found, or worlds that were just terraformed and created artificially. I'd be surprised if wolves were brought to any of those worlds.
     “Everyone, quiet down please.” All the people on my screens went silent as Representative Smith spoke. Due to a massive burn accident the man's skin had to be replaced with some sort of artificial, robotic replacement. So now his silver colored metal skin gleamed instead of sweat. But when he spoke you could see beyond his metal lips and see that inside he was still human. Also his eyes still survived as flesh, but they didn't seem too human. Human eyes express something. His simply looked at the person he talked too like a camera. “Let the man state his reasons. We hold this meeting for nothing.”
      Humanity's Congress took the conversation more seriously because Smith did. He represented multiple planets under human control that held the most massive military and economic might. His political connections ran deep and he probably possessed blackmail on both representatives here and on the planets and territories themselves. Perhaps even on the aliens we dealt with daily.
      “Um, yes, well.” I grew even nervous as I felt as if I was addressing Smith personally. “The natural consequence of selling the Sun of Earth to aliens would be that we would lose the solar system. Which I view would be a massive loss.”
      A representative from an underpopulated planet replied. “That issue is resolved. All wealth and people from Earth would be moved to my planet. I'm an honest politician. I decided that it would be in the best interest of both worlds if we moved your population to my world, and used the money from selling that star to the aliens to improve the mutual life of both people and relations with aliens. And you know very well we can't just give them another star. They want one of a certain age to harvest resources from.”
      I couldn't come up with anything in response and just stared at all the screens blankly.
Smith said in response, “Representative of Earth, Mr. Hedgeworth? You're failing your predecessor. He was much better than this.”
      Failing my predecessor? Much better than this? I didn't know the old representative that well. Did Smith care so much because of how good my predecessor was? No, I can't care about what he thinks. I have to save the Earth. Even if the people get evacuated, I can't lose the planet.
     I spoke my counterpoint. “He only restated the reason why Humanity's Congress is considering selling the Sun. He has not proven that the solar system's value is less than the Sun. It is far greater.”
Smith spoke up, his voice gentle, and political, but intimidating in its heartless monotone. “Actually it is your obligation to prove to us that the solar system is of more value than that sun. Considering the political and financial gains to Humanity’s Congress the value is vast. Also it has already been stated that all people will be removed from the planet before the transaction takes place so everyone will be safe and no loss of life will occur. Do you have any proof of the value of Earth? Any documentation?”
       I felt Smith was challenging me. And I couldn't accept. I didn't have anything. I was a fool. I thought I could appeal to them that Earth mattered more but really I couldn't defend my home. Could they be right? A planet merely a planet? Just like one lawn from another? But I had to protect my home. And what would happen to my job as a representative when the planet was gone? Would it matter? The politicians only cared for what profited them and their planets in some way. Though, perhaps, that's it! My dilemma is ultimately theres!
       I deepened my voice to become more dramatic. “Though there is another point I had yet to bring up. I believe that selling a sun and removing the population of a planet is an act against the stability of Humanity's Congress.”
       Smith's normally plain face turned intrigued along with the rest of them. Smith then said, “Go on.”
      “If the population is to be moved the government will be fractured and changed. I may be removed from my position along with other heads. Chaos may ensue. And my planet's Sun is sold what's next? The Sun from any number of planets? The core? All of you could be removed from your position by the greater whole. Aliens could buy us out and destabilize us like this. Demanding Suns, or cores of planets that throws of gravity of solar systems. This simple system could be a method to destroy Humanity's Conglomerate.”
       The room instantly exploded into chatter. It eventually settled down and they voted on the issue. The Sun wouldn't be sold and neither would any planet's sun or anything that would put in in destruction. The meeting was adjourned and everyone disconnected on time except for Representative Smith.
      He said to me, “Earth has the smallest military might of all the human powers and little economic shove yet stood strong on the political end for years. Your predecessor did this with his brilliant moving of everyone like chess pieces. You remind me of him. Can you protect Earth the same?” He then disconnected.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today's #flashfiction #LordFraxxensDesire

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
Donald Trump* #quote

      Today I stared into the eternal vastness of space and saw the Moon. We need to find aliens so that humans won't be just visiting the Moon, but alien theme parks. I wonder what an alien Disneyland would be like. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Lord Fraxxen's Desire

       It took Lord Fraxxen ten years of battle to conquer all the lands in Granjii. Nobody thought it could be done. Each of the kingdoms in Granjii held in their own strengths in their armies, their own political and geographic advantages. Wars had been waged and countries and expanded and contracted, but any attempt to get larger than a certain size was knocked down. People thought it a fool's errand to think of conquering it all. But Fraxxen did it. He rose from a commoner, and like magic he innovated the army he worked in, rose through the ranks, became general and swept the land under his rule.
       “The anniversary of my takeover,” Lord Fraxxen said to his best friend Waryi. “And yet I don't feel satisfied.” Waryi served as an advisor to Fraxxen. He served as an external doubt for the man. Every plan Fraxxen came up with he ran by Waryi for flaws, and Waryi gave him advice on several espionage and other similar tactics.
        “But you did do what you wanted to do,” Waryi said. “You united the entire land, ending all the war by making it one unified country. You made a government to your fitting. No kings. You kept yourself a figurehead. You met your dream.”
         Lord Fraxxen looked at Waryi. They both wore very comfortable robes as they lounged around the palace. A contrast to the military uniform they wore for many years. “I think I know what I need. I need to fight. I desire purpose. I desire war.”
        “War? That's madness!” His friend looked at him cautiously, like he would a wild animal. “What is wrong with you? There is no one to fight! No reason to fight! What war is there to wage?”
Fraxxen grew frustrated. “I don't know! But I want to keep fighting. Keep fighting for some change. I'm a warrior. I need to grind down someone into dust. But I am a good soul. I need to find some demon to fight. Even if I must make it.”
      Waryi shuddered. “You know of the bloodshed I've seen but I never been this scared. I know your power in war. I thought you've settled down this past year. But if you've become this kind of man. I can't let you do something like this.”
       “I know! I will create a revolution, perpetually challenge the ones in power to keep them in line. Perhaps war will boost the economy. You and I, we can now fight to keep the world safe. I can be the enemy of the lands that unites everyone.”
        Waryi looked at his friend in fear. “A common enemy? You already created a place where such a plan is unneeded. I challenge you to a duel to the death at dawn in the alleyway behind the palace. Not another word.” Waryi left immediately.
       They met for the duel. Despite his mad plans to hurt others, Fraxxen felt honor bound to fulfill Waryi's request and also meet the cultural requirements of honoring a challenge to a duel. Fraxxen desired war and resolution so much he forgot about the friend he knew so very well.
        Waryi was a master of espionage and trickery flowed through his viens. He cared for the people and saw Fraxxen grew mad over the years they did war and he needed to be stopped. With a mind engraved with trickery and those reasons Waryi could dishonor the duel for the needs of the people. When Fraxxen showed for the duel ten assassins took him down, three dying in the process as Fraxxen was not only a mighty general, but warrior so even when taken by surprise held his own.
       Waryi held an extravagant funeral for his friend, as a look-a-like fake corpse was put on display to have died from "a sudden illness". Waryi shed tears for his friend.