Monday, September 30, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheWizardsVirus

“What's up doc?”
Mr. Hyde* #quote

Today I went to my writer's meeting thing. Much writer's meeting happened and not much not writer's meeting happened. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Virus

        “Aw, crud no.” The wizard banged his hand on his keyboard and then frantically clicked around with his mouse checking all his spell files. Text documents of magic words, pictures of runes, spreadsheets of magical creature species. He looked through his entire computer and almost all his data was ruined and hacked. Files missing and damaged. “What happened?”
        His Internet browser was still open from the night before. Looking at that he realized what happened. He downloaded pirated enchantment data for school. When he downloaded it he thought “What's one stolen spell gonna cost me?”. But apparently whoever uploaded the data for the enchantment file, hid a virus inside. All the magically formed programs and files loaded into the mystic gems in his hard drive(wizards favored gems over disks). All ruined. And maybe stolen from him.
        A creepy voice then filled the room, “Youuuuu...I'veeeee comeee tooo tormmeennnttt youuuu forrr the ressssttt of yourrrr dayyyssss...” The wizard put his hand to head and moaned. He knew that was a ghost. The illegal enchantment he downloaded was not only a virus, but a curse, that gave him a new ghost haunting his computer. Maybe he should have just downloaded the enchantment legally.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TradingTheOceanAway

“And you can quote me on that one.”
The Raven* #quote

         Today I hung out with my bro. This is of significance because he came back from a trip to Oregon for his job. It was a fun time. He has to leave again but then he'll be back pretty much forever. He had many a tale to tell from his trip but yeah, most ya readers don't have the context for it. Just assume he fought ninjas. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Trading The Ocean Away

        What is the worth of the oceans to the future to humanity's property and that of another world? In the year 2200 an alien race came to Earth with a plight and a bargain, two of humanities favorite things. After all, what human could resist helping someone else for a massive profit?
        The trade would be for our oceans. Pacific and Atlantic. Their planet became uninhabitable due to a massive meteor strike moving the planet's orbit and making it too cold for them. They came here. In exchange for domain of the seas they would give us all the technology for travel through space, the secrets to clean energy, and so much more. They became the merchants of the seas of course, but still a bargain, we got new shippers!
       Sure as humanity forfeited the ocean the aliens replaced our shippers and fisherman and fisherwomen and they lost jobs as did everyone else in the ocean buisness. Many survived the strife moving to jobs provided by moving to new technology but the ripple effect destroyed many's savings and lives in a generation as it became difficult to recover from their political effect. (All non-clean energy jobs were destroyed as well). After thirty years the job system recovered with the job distribution changing, but those years involved many people scrambling for job slots as cities and towns revolved around power businesses collapsed.
     But in the end a species was saved at a bargain for the whole human race to benefit as well. Who needs the ocean anyhow when you have all the amazing alien technology? Win-win in the end right?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheSixScientistsAndTheirDiscovery

“I'm walking on sunshine!”
Dracula* #quote

          Today I played cards again. So far my Pokemon deck has been doing really well. Quite proud of my dastardly construction. And it contains some of the funnier cards in the game. (Attacking with something called Stunfisk is very amusing.) Ah, the game has been around since I was a young one and it has aged quite gracefully. Many others there are my age, often bringing their kids. Good to see it used as a bonding thing for families. One of them had a kid named Landon, one letter off from my name, what a funny coincidence. (I've run across a few Landon's in my life but not another Langdon).

The Six Scientists And Their Discovery

         A few Professors working overtime did it. All without massive grants or even the universities knowing. They used their own equipment, made a lab in one of their houses and got to work. The six humble Professors, Doctors Rockson, Tinron, Sein, Chang, Darhai, and Walton figured out a wonderful secret. Three men and three women debated theories for months on their own free time to discover means to traveling in space faster than light. And that meant also getting all the energy needed. They figured out the means to infinite energy.
        They celebrated with drinks. A simple random lotto would determine the listing on credit for everything. Though they were such good friends, the best of all, that nothing could make them argue. And they would soon solve so many of the worlds problems. Infinite energy. Then near infinite land as everyone could now travel faster than light and settle planets. With infinite energy settling worlds would be easy. They felt atop of everything.
        Then after a flicker of the lights a stranger in a cloak appeared. He pulled off the cloak's hood with a tentacle to reveal an alien head with features that the scientists could barely understand. Things on the creature's face looked like an eyeball and nose but truthfully was a sensory organ of an inhuman type. The entire head of the creature was covered in parts that no human ever saw before or understood. It used telepathy instead of words to communicate with them.
        “I am sorry but you have learned too much scientists. We watch your race constantly. For amusement but also out of caution. You are kind but also powerful. And like many races we fear you expanding your borders. You have already discovered many weapons and technology. We let you keep those. But you must only stay your planet. You can't be allowed to expand too far into the stars. It was foolish of us to let you get a taste with the moon. I have to execute you now to bury your knowledge. You are not the first and I reveal this to you to at least help you rest in peace by knowing the reason for your death. I hope this makes it a little more justified.”
          “What?” Dr. Chang was the only one of the scientists that could manage to create a word.
         “Truthfully the philosophy against your expansion is one of my general people and the government. I'm just following orders. Don't be too angry with me, I'm just the executioner. It'd be someone else.”
In the next moment the alien used his telepathic powers to kill all of them then set up the scene to look like a burglary gone wrong. He teleported off. He received an order that another planet his species feared had learned something they deemed to dangerous for them to know.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheBluffingPsychics

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
Wile E. Coyote* #quote

       Today I went to my fun school club and saw several dinosaurs come back to life. Club was really fun and interesting. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Bluffing Psychics

       Two psychics played poker against one another. Both used their mind reading powers to cheat against other people. They figured they would finally have a fair game against each other. But the games grew dull and predictable and mostly the luck of the draw. They could both see each others hands so no real betting would be done. A boring stalemate despite incredible powers at hand. Eventually though one of the psychics figured out a solution to their bluffing problem and a way for them to play poker against one another despite their temptations to read the others minds. He brought in a television and the player could watch it to forget their hands. It became a game of each psychic controlling their memories, the cards in play and the money on the table and the two minds wagered little dollar bills all through the night.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheRevengeOfTheToad

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
Marty McFly* #quote
Today I CLASSIFIED. Anyway onto the flash fiction!
The Revenge Of A Toad

         “Looking for your spell book witch? Your wand? Your broomstick? Your potions?” A young handsome, man with skin the color of freshly tilled soil and hair the hue of dry wheat said with an angered tone. He looked at an old witch with gray hair and skin so wrinkled and white it looked like petrified tree.
        “Where's all my property!? My house is piratically empty! Who are you? Are you some kind of burglar?” The witch yelled shaking her old fist. “I'll cast a spell on you!”
         The young man laughed. “Well, the answer to your first question is that all your property is in ashes. I burnt it all, only way to dispel all your dark magic. Can't just break up your wand or you could reform it. That's what a kind wizard told me. The same one who lifted the curse you put on me. If you don't remember me my name is Jake.”
         Jake walked up to her. It wasn't hard to loom over the short, old woman. “You are as sick as I thought you were. You don't even remember the people you curse. You turned me into a toad. I guess for slightly offending you on a date we were on. Though it was five years ago and you shape shifted yourself into a young, beautiful woman instead of this ugly thing you are now.”
         “How dare you, you, you insolent magicless commoner!”
         “You really should be wondering what I'm going to do to you as revenge for the five years you took away from me by turning me into a toad. The five years I spent as a filthy animal. I was lucky a wizard with strong magical senses noticed my predicaments before I was eaten or something worse.”
          “What are you going to do to me?”
           Jake laughed. “I'm going to do what you did to me. I'm going to leave you to a terrible fate. I know you've cursed people with far more dangerous, cruel and sadistic minds than mine. Any way I could kill you would be laughable compared to what they came up with. Among the possessions of yours I burnt was all the magical items you had binding them to their curses. They will come after you. And all you can do is run with those old legs of yours.”
          Jake left, walking away while holding back the urge to hop which still hadn't fully left his body. The good wizard that lifted his curse said that in a few more days all the side effects of the witches curse would be gone.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #WhatAreLittleSpellcastersMadeOf?

Invest in Enron.”
Oracle Of Delphi* #quote

      Today I watched a TV. The screen was black and it didn't move so I got bored and did something else. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

What Are Little Spellcasters Made Of?

What are little wizards made of?
What are little wizards made of?
Ogres and goblins
And dragon's tails,
That's what little wizards are made of.
What are little witch's made of?
What are little witch's made of?
Curses and hexes
And everything evil,
That's what little witches are made of.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheMemoriesToBeAltered

“I've got a rumbly in my tumbly.”
Hannibal Lecter* #quote

        Today I'm going to a writer's thing, but not for my own club doohicky, but for the organization Mom's in. I'm betting it's going to be lots of fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Memories To Be Altered

          In the distant future anyone could alter their memories with the right tech and reexperience that portion of their lives. Ordinary weekends turned into fabulous vacations across the world. An old man named Charles saved up for this very procedure. He saved up a great deal of money as he wanted to pay for an expensive alteration that would alter the memories of most of his life. He wanted to relive so much of it. At eighty and asking for forty years of alteration he would be the longest ever memory alteration.
         People speculated as to what he would want to relive his life as. He wouldn't talk to anybody about it so no one would ever change his mind or discourage the alteration, as many people protested the process. He stowed himself away in his house as soon as he registered for the procedure and waited for every single bit of medical paperwork and bit of bureaucracy to be processed only coming out when necessary.
Some guessed he wanted to become something shameful, like a power fantasy of being a serial killer or crime boss. Or maybe he wanted to live the life of a rich actor? They guessed and guessed and guessed. Eventually it did come out, as the people who do the procedure must reveal so that those in reality may react properly to the person with the new memories and know what kind of person they've become.
        The new life Charles implanted in his memories and experienced within the memory machines did not vary drastically as a new role like an actor, or crime boss or seat of power, or magician, or something extravagant. He simply rewrote his life so that his wife that passed away forty years ago didn't. He lived a full marriage with her in the procedure and the last implanted memories and experience he relieved was her having a peaceful passing and not dying in a horrible accident and now he lived in a world as it was before but having lived destined bond with true love till her old age.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheHistoryJournals

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”
M.C. Hammer* #quote

        Today I went to my writer's meeting. It was fun and we workshopped a story. Up next week's meeting is actually a portion of my book. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The History Journals

        The Callthorn family's house had it's own little library tucked away in the upper floor. The family never purchased it's books. Every single one of them was written by a member of the family. And not a single one of them fiction. Well at least if the author's word is to be believed, as they are all journals.
         In 1806 the great-great-etc. Grandfather of the current generation Callthorns decided to make a journal of his hunting trips. Afterward he decided that he enjoyed writing a journal and wrote down what he did everyday and what he heard about everyday in the papers or from people around town. When the space in a journal ran out he went on to the next journal to write. (He did have the luxury to afford as many of these as he pleased. The Callthorn family was a rich lineage.) He suggested the practice to his son who took it on.  The son had his children do it and over time the whole Callthorn linage made journals and sent them to the library. Every moment of history they lived and witnessed recorded in the family library.
     Their neighbors, the Redwoods, took a fancy to their idea after the first few generations did it. So two journal libraries of history co-existed right next to each other. Yet the journals told history differently as each family looked through the years of reality through different eyes.
Remember the last time you read a history book?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheGhostThatHauntsWhenTheLightsAreOn

"I tawt I taw a puddy tat!"
Alice, Alice in Wonderland* #quote

      I breathed today. I breathed better than most anyone else today and won my local competitive Breathing Championships. I take pride in my accomplishments. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Ghost That Haunts When The Lights Are On

        So many tales say that all the ghouls and spirits come out when the lights go out and night comes. When shadows give way to pure darkness. That is true for most of my ghost buddies like Tom, Harold, Sammy Tim, John, Jessica, Danny. But me and a few others are ghosts that haunt when the lights are on during the day. Why would a ghost haunt during the day? Not very spooky then is it? Well, let me, Good ol' Mr. Roy Edwards, tell ya why a ghost like me would do his job during the day.
       Ghosts are made to be tricksters in the afterlife. I haunt during the day because I haunt computers, sure I could scare with the computer at night, but I go more for the prank in trickster than scare to do my ghostly duty. I cause bugs and glitches and problems with computers during the day, usually while people are working, to be the best trickster I can be. And when people go home they can deal with my friends that haunt other things in the night.
      You know those unexplainable crashes? Those are me. Those error reports are actually messages to top secret organizations of exorcists that work to try to expel me and other computer ghosts from your machine. We usually get into another though. See you during your next malfunction!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #BasedOnATrueSuperheroStory

“Monkey see, monkey do.”
Fay Wray* #quote

Today I went to my cardgame thing. Lots of fun and stuff. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Based On A True Superhero Story

        “Then I hit the villain with my ultimate technique The Fist Of Pure Burning Justice!” Captain Redstar said while flexing his right arm. The hero towered over me by a good foot at six foot nine inches. His muscles appeared to be chiseled out of rock as they strained his white spandex and his red cape curled around him. His ridiculous abs distorted the red star emblem on his chest. Well, there was one exception to his muscles appearing rough as rock. His log brown skin animated itself with the flexibility of putty as his smiles and “tough-guy” image scowls appeared and disappeared.
      “Yes, yes.” I replied jotting down notes about his personality in my notebook. “We have all the tapes from the supervillain's evil lair's surveillance cameras. You don't need to describe what happened. You need to describe what you were thinking.”
      Captain Redstar frowned, “But I thought you were telling my story.”
      I put my palm to my face and groaned. My bangs sagged. Why did some of them have to be so difficult? Every comic that I get to make with a humble hero is an easy one. The dramatic ones are the nightmares. Let me do my art. I hate these interviews. I looked back up at the hero my black hair going back into place and my blue eyes meeting his black. “You're heroic thoughts are what we need here Mr. Redcape.” I knew some sort of flattering language would get him to cooperate.
     “Of course, right Mr. Donald. Well what I was thinking was 'Another score for Justice!' Then I said it to the villain triumphantly. I always think my catchy phrases before I say them. Mom always said think before you speak.”
       Really? You were thinking about your quip? I'll have to make it an action panel or come up with some filler text. Why do I have to write these non-fiction superhero comics. Spend all my time watching tapes of battles, reading files and reports, interviewing heroes, sidekicks, and villains, and drawing their story. Why can't I just make up something for once? Some flight of fancy? Like a world without superheroes. But who am I kidding. Those stories never sell well. Everybody just wants to see a fancy comic book version of their favorite saviors adventures.
      Wonderful way to make propaganda too for the hero organizations. Funds em too. I'd make so much more money if they didn't chomp up like fifty percent of the profits. But they gotta pay for those gadgets somehow.
      “So what did you think after your quip?”
      “Well I had the villain beat so I started to think about what speech to give to the town and what lecture to give to the villain.”
       Ugh. Maybe if I work hard enough on these commissioned non-fiction superhero stories I can write one of my fiction stories in a non-superpowered land. Maybe I'll get a publisher to pick it up. But in the meantime I got to deal with people like Captain Redcape.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheMightiestFoe

Your soul for immortality.”
Deal or No Deal* #quote

Today I went to my fun school club and had lots of fun fun times. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Mightiest Foe

       The adventuring group “The Golden Guild” conquered mountains and the dragons atop them. They traveled through the deepest swamps and the ooze monsters within.The navigated the thickest of woods, infested with the most terrifying of trolls. They dived into the deepest of caves and killed the ogres inside. The raided the strongest, most fortified of overlord's castles, defeated their masters, and saved many lands.
       All these foes in all these territories fell to The Golden Guild.
       But the three members of the guild, a wizard, warrior and master thief, faced their greatest foe within the territory of their own apartment. One day they bought a new couch. Employees from the furniture store helped them move it into The Golden Guild's mighty enchanted adventuring truck. But when they reached their apartment complex it became a difficult task.
      The wizard did not know levitation spells and the warrior, although a master of combat, fought not with the mere muscle mass of a barbarian, but elegant swordplay. So the warrior did not have the pure power to make moving the couch simple.
      The Golden Guild worked hard to move it to their apartment front door. The couch was one of the best, big, fully and massive. It weighed so much that carrying it took more out of them that fighting the Black Dragon of the Weeping Mountains. Fitting through the tiny door was a puzzle of strength and mind as they had to lift and turn it at a strange diagonal angle. Figuring out this angle taxed their brain more than the wicked psychic puzzles of the insane Overlord Darrlar. After getting it into their apartment the wizard had to use his strongest healing potions to restore their stamina.
      This cushioned foe tested The Golden Guild's unity as they put it in their front room where the TV and dining table lie. They couldn't agree on position yet they also didn't have much time to complete the task.  They yelled at each other angrily as they kept moving the heavy couch and debated on its position. The more tired the foe made them, the harder they argued. Eventually they settled on a position, a random compromise. They weren't sure if it was aesthetically pleasing but they realized that the placing of the couch didn't matter as much as their friendship.
     Just as many of their previous adventures and foes did this one taught them a lesson as well when they conquered it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #AMultiSpiritualJourney

“Time flies when you're having fun!”
Odysseus* #quote

       Today I conquered the world while no one was looking and gave it back because I'm a nice guy. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Multi-Spiritual Journey

       In one magical land in a faraway, or close depending on how you look at physics and multidimensional logic, a powerful wizard once lived. His name was Johha and he had a gift of immortality through reincarnation and control of his soul. He could keep his memories as he traveled from bodies, unlike others that would reincarnate after dying. He could also determine where his soul would go. He could send his soul into bodies in the past or future. Into animals, plants to whatever he felt fit even bacteria.
     After a few lives he decided to plan a long spiritual journey for himself. Since he maintained his memories he maintained his magic powers too. He made a long preplanned journey through thousands upon thousands of souls so he could experience so many different kinds of existence. He made his spell so that even he could not break it until he went through the journey. After casting the spell for his spiritual journey he took a deep breath and committed suicide in his current body.
      He then lived through thousands of different lives of thousands of different people from all different races, sexes, professions, personal experiences, wealths and he sent his soul to many worlds including our own. From accountant to actor to beggar he lived it all.
      He lived also through the lives of animals and plants and bacteria as well. He experience different forms of life to understand all those different kinds of being all through the universe.
     Eventually the journey ended. And after all that he reflected. He may have felt the many joys of existence. But he felt all the pains and knew on his next reincarnation since the preplanned journey was over he would have to pick what pains to experience in his future life. After a year of careful, yet panicked thought he came to a decision. He reincarnated himself as a star to simply float in the painless void of space.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #SpyBombDiffusingClass

“No, I am Spartacus!”
What's My Line?* #quote

       Today I decided that Bowser from the Super Mario Brothers video games would be scary in real life because he could take down a grizzly bear. And anything that can take down a grizzly bear is scary.

Spy Bomb Diffusing Class

        Now listen up spies, people say it's always the red wire that you cut on a bomb to stop it. If spies followed this advice many of them would be dead. It's not always the red wire. Sometimes it's the blue wire. Sometimes there aren't any wires. So spies let's take a short bomb diffusing lesson from a sample scenario.
        So let's say you're hanging over a pit of robot sharks in acid. A standard trap in many a supervillain lair and something you will probably run into in your spy career. You're being lowered into the deathtrap slowly by rope while the villain taunts you. Meanwhile the villain has set off nuclear bomb to go critical after your death. He plans to escape after seeing your demise to the deathtrap personally. He is in front of the nuclear bomb which is a massive ball with all its wiring exposed for the convenience of this lesson. What do you do?
       The first part of the answer is to escape the death trap by dramatically swinging with the rope so that you're outside the tank when lowered and only the rope once above you will lower into the tank burning and therefore releasing you.
        However if you thought that the second part of the answer was to go after the exposed wiring you're wrong. You should actually go after the supervillain and beat up him up until he tells you how to turn it off, or otherwise just unplug it or something. Just turning it off is better than causing a meltdown by pulling out its wiring.
       So that's your first bomb lesson future spies. Remember it's not always the red wire! Except when it is.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #WhyIWasBorn

“Everything doesn't revolve around you.”
Galileo* #quote

       Today I drew a bit. After I drew Mom's first dog for her Christmas gift I stopped to take a break so now I'm getting a few drawings in to ready myself before I do the second. Anyway onto the flash fiction.

Why I Was Born

        Have you ever asked yourself, the Universe, God or whatever comes to mind why you were born? Well I wish for that kind of curiosity in life. I know why I was put on this Earth. A very simple reason really.
To play Chess.
        Computers and humans have been fought each other at the game for awhile. As processing power became ridiculous computers smashed humans. But really it was humans beating humans in a way. Chess computers worked by calculated massive databases of previous human games and calculating appropriate plays from reference. You could call it computers vs humans if it was RAM vs a single human. Eventually though a clever human beat even the computers tactics. His strategy involved defeating the computers database thinking and some magazine reporter who thought he was really clever called it the “Code Breaker”.
        That's where I came in, I was the machine that beat that man.
Science can be a thing of principle. Doing things so it can be done. Progress for the sake of progress. My sole purpose as a machine was to play Chess and beat the strategy developed by that man. I didn't use databases. They taught me to think human so I could learn and play Chess normally. A bunch of programmer chess fanatics developed a learning computer, a computer with sentience, without even realizing it.
       “Checkmate,” I said to one of my fathers. I won again. I looked out the window to see one of the doves outside. I walked over to it with my four robotic legs and reached for it with my two robotic arms.
       “It's going to fly away again,” The opponent I defeated said. “Those arms are made to pick up Chess pieces not pet animals.” All the scientists were my parents and I played Chess with them many times. Over and over. Some didn't speak to me during matches. Some socialized a lot. They would dress differently. Sometimes they played music during matches. Eventually I learned they were changing the conditions to test me and teach me to play the game with a flexible human mindset thinking of my opponent in a dynamic mindset.
        It took me many more years to discover why they taught me lessons outside of Chess. They would simply tell me learning is good. That was their answer to most anything they taught me. I learned they wanted me to be able to think of many things besides Chess as well. The Code Breaker strategy confused computers and broke them and if I could expand my mind beyond Chess I could mentally cool off and not overload. At least that's what I think they thought.
       Within my education I learned of human families and I did grow to want to have a family less like my own and more like those. An honest one. My fathers and mothers treated me with many different emotions including kindness like real parents. However it was all an act. All to make me learn to understand human. To not overload. To read facial expressions.
       Eventually I started meeting strangers. The games played differently sometimes. I think some were intimidated by me. Some even sweat. The training my parents put me through allowed me to read their facial expressions though and beat them in games. I won again and again. I learned to beat the strangers. I started beating my parents more frequently then eventually to all the time.
       But I never got to touch the dove or any bird. Or other animal. I asked if we get could get a dog in the lab and all thirty of my parents in the room laughed. I assumed the others would do the same. I wished I was invented somewhere that would have cared more about me than my objective.
        Though I did hear one of my parents talking to the owner of the university that was developing me.    Apparently my parents were paid based on how many games I won. I knew they needed money and in the stories I read in school I learned about pain and how you feel it if you get hungry and if you don't have money you can't get food. So I worked harder after that.
        Eventually I left the university that I was born in. First time I had seen the outside world. The sky was beautiful. If it wasn't for all the television they had me watch to help understand humans I wouldn't have understood what the sidewalk was beneath my feet or the streets around me or the sight of cars or anything.  They soon packed me into a box thought and I was moved into a truck. Many boring hours later I was moved to a house where a man awaited me.
       Night black skin and teeth as white as the dove outside my window he smiled at me. “Hello computer my name is Nathan. I'm the man who invented the Code Breaker strategy that defeats all computers. You talk like they say?”
       “Yes, sir. We're supposed to play now right?”
        “Right to the point! I like you robot. Say what's your name?”
        I stopped to think for a moment. I did have a name. I wished it was something like Nathan though. “My parents call me Cup.”
       “Cup?” He asked.
        I felt embarrassed. A function I doubt my parents intended. “Chess Universal Program.”
        “Alright Cup,” He smiled. “Well being the rich man I am I bet a billion dollars on this match. I know that no computer could beat me and that I'd pay the winner all that money.”
        We played our match. It was a long one. A very long one. He tried the Code Breaker. It didn't beat me. I didn't crash like all the computers before. Instead of overloading I thought of the dove in my window and a few stories I read when my parents taught me in their “school” for a few seconds before returning to the match. And the setup for the Code Breaker is rough so when I countered it he had to play defensively for a long time. I think he knew he lost for a while but pride prevented him from backing down.
       “Checkmate,” I said to him.
        My opponent bowed his head. I knew he got famous for making the technique. “Fine the university will get its money.”
        I thought for a moment. About the outside. About wanting a pet dog. About just doing things as I pleased. Maybe even meeting people and seeing more real emotions than the ones provided by my parents.
       “No, the university doesn't get the money. I get the money. That's what you said. Even though the university built me I still technically get the money to do with as I please. It becomes mine non-transferable no matter how much the university or anybody else says because you declared it mine.”
Nathan replied, “I'm not sure the law works like that.”
       “Please go with me on this one,” I ask.
        He laughed, “Sure I'm losing my money anyway.”
        My next move was simple. The only action of free will as a robot was with the money. So I bought myself from the university. They figured they could make another. The purchase contract I wrote up gave me as many “rights” as a I could get as a robot. Technically I didn't give them the whole billion. Some of it was used to get the best lawyers in the country to figure out how to make the contract work. I was born to play Chess but maybe I could do something else.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheAliensShoppingList

“If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.”
Simon Cowell* #quote

       Today I went to an alternate universe where animals could talk. They said nothing interesting. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Alien's Shopping List

3 UFO Headlights
1 Mysterious Light Emitter
1 How-To-Abduct Guide
1 Milky Way Traveler's Guide
1 Earth's Tour Guide
1 Memory Eraser
3 Spare Probes
36 Tentacle Socks
36 Tentacle Shoes
24 Contact Lenses
1 Space Suit
1 Universal Translator
1 Mini-Fridge w/ Soda and Snacks

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #ToDreamTheOther

“The butler did it!”
Sherlock Holmes* #quote

      Today I did my card game thing and some pieces of the armor costume father and I are making near fully cured. We're still figuring out how to do it. Wish us luck! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

To Dream The Other

Demons did only bad and angels only good.
A demon had constant recurring dreams of being an angel.
An angel had constant recurring dreams of being a demon.
The demon became fascinated with good and began to only do good.
The angel became fascinated with evil and began to only do evil.
And eventually the demon transformed became an angel and the angel a demon.
Many years passed....
The now demon began constantly dreaming of being an angel.
And the now angel began constantly dreaming of being a demon.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #LittleMissFairy

“Everyone is different.”
The Oompa Loompas*

Well sorry no story yesterday but I was super-extra-omega-alpha-over-the-top busy with family fun gatherings. But now here I have a flash fiction for ya'all.

Little Miss Fairy

Little Miss Fairy
Sat on a cherry
Eating some seeds and sugar

Along came a centaur
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Fairy away

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheGhostBankHeist

“It was love at first sight.”
The Invisible Man* #quote

      Today I took a long nap to hopefully reduce seizures for this upcoming weekend. I'm working on the costume with father and tomorrow there will be a family gathering so I'd like to lower the chance and amount of seizing during then. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Ghost Bank Heist

      Three bank robbers floated in a strange expanse filled with portals, desks, computers, ghosts and a massive vault right in front of them. The vault appeared to be not made of concrete or brick or steel but of a golden mist.
      “Alright I got the dynamite,” The tallest robber said. The robbers didn't bother to wear masks because magical security would pick up their identities anyway. The plan was to flee a few worlds away where it wouldn't even matter.
      “You actually brought the dynamite with you? For the last time Ted, you cannot blow open a ghost vault,” The shortest robber replied.
One of the ghosts laughed.
       The shortest robber pointed his wand at the ghost. “You think something is funny ghost? Do you? Sure you're a hostage but we got plenty more of you specters we could blow sky high with our spells.”
       “Cool it Harold,” The last robber said. He wore a wizarding hat and robe. “Now time to open up that vault with a few spells. Should only take a few seconds then we can take the souls and get out of here.”
        “Souls?” Ted said while still holding the dynamite. “What do you mean souls? I thought we were here for loot and stuff to sell to demons. Like ghost gold or something.”
         Harold glared at Ted then looked at the robber in the wizarding hat. “Look Ted's an idiot for thinking there's such a thing as ghost gold. But I thought we were going for ghost artifacts. There are some in this vault. I read about it in the paper before we met. That's why I didn't ask. I thought it was given that's what we were getting to sell to the demons. What's this about souls Jacob?”
        “Ugh. There are souls that cannot form into beings like ghosts but cannot haunt objects or move on so they become their own special object. The only way to store them is inside a spell like this magic vault or within a human body. They are very valuable.”
        Harold then replied, “Well I'm not going to help you sell souls to some demons. Random artifacts sure. Not souls. That's just messed up.”
        Ted added, “Yeah, me too!”
        Jacob pulled out his wand. “Oh no, I need you to carry them. As I said they can only be stored in spells or human bodies. And that's what you're here for. If I put them in me it'll interfere with my magic. And unlike you who was just bluffing and showing off when you were threatening to attack the hostages I'm willing to go after anyone in this room, ghost or human.”
        Harold shot a quick a stun spell at Jacob. The attempt did not get Jacob off guard as planned and he simply raised a barrier to stop the spell.
       “I can protect myself from any of your magic spells. And naturally I used the excuse of a ghost bank to make sure you didn't carry firearms. You're going to help me rob this ghost dimension bank whether you want me to or not.”
       Then the ghost police contacted the bank from the outside. “Release the hostages!”
        Ted suddenly had one of the few good ideas in his life. He threw the dynamite lit. “I'm pleaing guilty and I will testify against the ringleader for reduced sentencing!”
         “What are you doing?” Jacob yelled. “I can't cast the spell to leave worlds in time for this. I can't cast anything! You set me up!”
          Harold then said, “I plea guilty too! Jacob set us up! Ted and I are leaving the bank and turning ourselves in!”
          All three of them floated out of the bank, swimming through the ghost realm like an ocean. They escaped the explosive charge in time. All got prison time but charges were different. Conspiring to sell souls to demons is much worse than attempting to rob a bank. But all did their time. Just some more than others.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #JohnTheAdventurer

“Stay in school!”
Peter Pan* #quote

         Today grandmother came over for dinner. It was a joyous occasion filled with joy and some more joy with a little joy sprinkled on top. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

John The Adventurer

        “Okay Evil Overlord Whatever-Your-Name-Is. Your minions are dead. You can either let me kill you easily or we can do this the hard way.” A seventeen year old adventurer said clad in enchanted armor that changed size to fit him and protected him from many forms of harm, magical and physical. It also gave him the strength of a thousand men. Or two thousand. No scale could be made for his strength. The evil overlord couldn't see the features of the adventurer's face behind the mask to see the young man's dismissive expression, but the way the armored teenager casually waved around his massive sword showed it just fine.
       “How dare you address me so casually!?” The evil overlord yelled while clad in his own armor. The hero's was a glowing enchanted silver while the overlord's unenchanted bronze painted black but imbued with evil by the fact every bit of work that went into it was slave labor. “I am Overlord Terror and you will fear me!”
       “And my name is John the Adventurer.”
       “John...?” Overlord Terror started shaking.
       “And you chose the hard way.” John stabbed the evil overlord in the gut to get as instant as a kill as he could. His armor gave him speed so great he crossed the room and stabbed the overlord in only a few seconds become a blur at several instances.
         The evil overlord laughed. “I feel so much pain but the Great John won't be able to kill me so easily. The power that let me gain such a position is that I was cursed to take on a similar body to that of the swamp creatures. I am so hideous that people hate me but it does make me very difficult to kill. With all the regeneration and my lack of normal organs.”
        “Good for you,” John responded while he twisted his sword to make the evil overlord feel more pain.
Overlord Terror shook an winced. “What made it so easy for you to just try and kill me in the first place?”
         John groaned. “Won't die so you're asking questions? You've heard of me right? You were scared when you heard of my name. I 'adventure' around killing villains like you all the time. I'm used to it. The first one was hard. The first overlord that is. The first minion was self defense. I got a long story. First story was revenge and redemption. I got my skills and my armor. Afterward through chance I heard of another land besides my home in trouble. Felt obligated since I could do it. The cycle continued with more lands and more villains to defeat. I saved my homeland when I was twelve. That's how powerful the armor is. And I'm going to keep doing this. I'm so powerful the civilians and soldiers can sleep peacefully in their homes and I can act as pest control. I'm the only one who gets their hands dirty. I clean every land up. It's as easy to kill you as it is to wipe dust off the counter.”
        The evil overlord laughed. “So that's how it is. Wonderful story. But you can't kill me. I told you I'm like the swamp monsters.”
       The adventurer laughed back. “Whatever idiot. I've killed those too. You may not have normal organs but I know how to hack and slash you all up and hit all the tiny brains spread through slime body. I told you. Killing you is just as just as easy as wiping dust off the counter.”
       John then slashed him to bits and rid the land of the terrible evil overlord that had terrorized it for the past decade. Soon he would use some magic spells to travel to another land and save it to repeat the cycle once more.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #MetaMinions

Can you hear me now?”
E.T.* #quote

Today I went out to dinner for a large family gather of epic fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


       Two robots belonging to a supervillain hung out in the middle of a dank hallway in the middle of a massive evil lair. This is where they usually stood 9-5 on weekdays as their guarding point. At other times they would be under maintenance, or be downloading information on the latest superheroes, or training with the other robots, or receiving instructions/new orders from the supervillian. Being robots with more “sentient” like brains required more awake time and interaction live for learning. They didn't shut down often except for power-ups during maintenance.
       “Hey Twelve,” The robots referred to each other by the manufacture numbers on their backs, usually by the first two unless by coincience the first two numbers are shared by multiple robots in the room then they continue down the twenty digit numbers until they can say something different.
       “Yeah Fifty?”
       “You ever wonder what it's like to be a calculator?”
        Twelve whacked Fifty with his steel arm. “What kind of question is that? Your talking crazy. You want to be dragged into maintenance? I don't even understand what you're saying. Where's the jokes you usually tell to pass the time?”
        “I just wondered what it would be like to not have all these thoughts that Doctor Dementedian gave us. Well I guess he kinda bought the designs for us then modded our brains for combat. Since sentient robot brains can be so efficient. Why didn't he remove the emotion? Was it too hard? Did he not have the skill to do it?”
       Twelve stamped one of his robotic spider legs. “You know this kind of talk can get you scrapped. You never talk anything bad about the Doctor. You never should gossip about the Doctor unless its worship.”
       Fifty revved his treads. “Oh, don't be so paranoid! He doesn't care what we say unless we're right in front of him! We're just the things that guard the halls. I just had a passing thought. Just wondered what it would be like to not be what I am. I've not only wondered what it would be like to be a calculator. But even what it would be like to be a bird, or a dog, or a human. Or a supervillain. Or a superhero.”
Twelve waved his arms. “Why do you even bother thinking all these absurd things?”
      “Because thinking about these absurd things is all we can do. Besides training and waiting for the arrival of whatever superhero is going to charge through this hall and attack us. We probably won't even hurt the hero. We'll probably just slow the hero down at most so that stupid Doctor gets another second to work on his plan which will fail again. We've seen it happen before. Other robots in other hallways. You think we'll be any different!?” Fifty strained his speakers yelling at Twelve, but his voice only peaked at “You think we'll be any different” and it echoed through many halls of the lair even barely reaching the Doctor's ears. But he ignored it as he had to deal with a hero breaching the compound.
     Alarms sounded off. Telling the machines to ready themselves for an attack. The hero was going hall after hall. He destroyed robots without other robots in other halls knowing. In moments the tall muscular hero stood before Twelve and Fifty. A gate closed behind Twelve and Fifty, leaving them with the hero. Behind that gate was the last few halls leading to the supervillain. Twelve and Fifty were surprised that with the suddenness of the attack that the Doctor managed to spring one of his armored trap gates to slow the hero.
The hero looked at the two robots. He readied himself to fight them like all the rest.
Twelve used his emergency access codes to spring the gate, lying to the mother computer that a flood happened and the gate needed to be opened.
      “We don't want to be evil anymore. Please stop the Doctor.” He motioned with his arm to let the hero through.
       “Good work robots. I'll come back to save you.” The hero smiled and went deeper.
Fifty looked at Twelve, “You...let him through.”
       Twelve responded, “Well after listening to your long talk about change I figured that you made sense. I think I'd rather lead a new life and change like you said then stay the way I am and be demolished in the middle of a hallway. Change can be good.”

Monday, September 9, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheRiddlesFromTheOtherSide

“Do you pick door number one, door number two, or door number three?”
Saint Peter* #quote

       Today father and I discussed the costume I am making with him. We will probably work on it this weekend. I also came up with a possible magic trick that may go along with the costume if I decide to enter one of the costume contests since sometimes in the contests you can do little things like that. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Riddles From The Other Side

       Creatures of the other side with too much time on their hands etched the following riddles into stone in the country side based on their observations of our world:

What always does good and always does evil?

What can see something false as true and something true as false?

What exists in patterns but cannot always be predicted?
What question did humanity create that they intended the asker to know but not the asked?

        The creatures from the other side were later executed as soon as the higher beings found out about their riddles. In the other side inventing more riddles to spread around the cosmos and possibly confuse people is a capital punishment since before they enacted the law ageless beings of the other side would constantly make riddles to pass time and spread them across all planes of reality and damage all forms of communication within cultures besides riddle solving.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #ALittleBitOfMath

“Keep it simple.”
Rube Goldberg* #quote

Still hanging out with CJ. We may or may not be planning something that may or may not be an evil plan to do something that may or may not be something devious or charitable. Or we may do nothing of significance. We will however play card games which may or may not be of significance depending on your perspective on matters of trading card games. Anyway onto the flash fiction that may or may not be comprised of sentences.

A Little Bit Of Math

Father + Mother = Child
Child + Time = Man
Man + Romance = Bachelor
Bachelor + Woman = Father
Father + Mother = Child
Child + Time = Woman
Woman + Romance = Bachelorette
Bachelorette + Man = Mother
Father + Mother = Child
Father + Mother + Children = Family
Aunt = Family
Uncle = Family
Cousins = Family
Grandfather = Family
Grandmother = Family
Family = Family

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheBigsyBitsySpider

“Seek and ye shall find.”
Waldo* #quote

       Today I'm hanging out with CJ. We may or may not figure out how to build a machine that can solve all the problems in the world and forget about it. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Bigsy-Bitsy Spider

The Bigsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the skyscraper
Down came planes
And shot the spider down
Out came the rain
And made the planes land.
And the Bigsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the skyscraper again

Friday, September 6, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheManyReincarnationsOfACharacter

“Safety first!”
Evel Knievel* #quote

        CJ is coming over today. I will also be heading to my fun nerdy, anime club. I love nerdiness. It makes life fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Many Reincarnations Of A Character

          Some writer in some house sits in front of some keyboard and brainstorms some story of theirs. The story's plot is outlined. Rescue a kingdom from an evil necromancer. But no protagonist existed for the story. No hero existed. The author already planned to take the simple framework and make the hero go through a grand adventure to gather the resources and allies to go against the necromancer...but no hero existed. So now the writer had to invent and form a character in his mind.
         First the character existed just as a name. Carl. First thing that popped into the brain.
         Carl transformed into Jason and the outline of body appeared. Like a ghost made of black mist.
          The black mist turned into the vague form of a teenager. The author thought to make the character ascend to full adulthood as he went through his adventure. At that time the author went through another name change to John.
       For want of a stronger character to fight the boy became a knight and aged instead. His body became defined as a suit of glistening armor. His name went back to Jason. And it went from a tale of coming of age to a story of revenge.
      A desire to pit magic against magic in the story entered the writer's mind and the character kept the same story of revenge and went from being a knight to being a wizard.
     The writer than thought about a time when he heard about writer's who based characters off people they knew. In that moment the character Jason became Caroline and partially based off his younger sister Carol.
       His sister owned a little cat named Bobbie and that soon became the character's dragon named Scalie, the only surviving member of the family that the necromancer killed.
       And after a few more nuances of the character were decided it went on to defeat the necromancer and save the kingdom along with avenging its family.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #TheDemonThatMissedChristmas

“Honor thy father and mother.”
Nero* #quote

       Today I finalized CJ coming over for the weekend and when. So huzzah. We may or may not cause a political revolution in a subterranean society of mole people again. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Demon That Missed Christmas

       The evil holiday demon Torrath awoke from his slumber with an evil laugh and a proclamation: “I will ruin Christmas!” The laugh echoed through his dank cave lair and the torches across the walls turned from red to blue as his awakened evil filled the room.
       “Um, Sir, I have some bad news.” His minion Carltor said. The minion watched over his master while he slept and was the one who used the torches. His humbled furniture creaked from his master's mere conscious thoughts.
      “What kind of bad news?” The demon asked.
“You know how you told me to never wake you up? Well you overslept and you missed a Christmas. It's September now.”
        The demon roared. “Overslept? I can't oversleep! I never oversleep! It's a requirement for me to live to wreck a holiday! If I don't do it soon I could die! What...what holidays are happening now?”
       “Um, there's Unification Day in Bulgaria. It commemorates the unification of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria.”
       The demon groaned. “Alright my usual evils are Christmas based and are designed to battle Santa Claus. I don't know what powers guard Unification Day in Bulgaria. I need to make something symbolic of the holiday in order to get the evil energy that fuels my holiday demon power to live. Hmm...I could lay a curse that will make the Bulgarians more likely to get angry at each other on Unification Day than they normally would on Unification day. I'll make the curse small so whatever spiritual power watches over that holiday doesn't notice me. It'll make me live till this year's Christmas.”
        “Good plan Sir. I'll ready your curse book. You're very clever.”
        “Of course I am. I'm a demon that has survived fighting the goodness and joy power of Santa Claus. I have to be clever.”

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #ASidekicksBlogPost

“Drink responsibly.”
Dionysus* #quote

Today I read a comic about gerbils on the Internet. It was a joke-a-comic strip. Yay gerbils! Remember anything can be on the Internet. (It's going to be awhile until something tops that comic I read about penguins fighting skeleton monsters. I'm not making that up.) Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Sidekick's Blog Post

      Hey, Unconquerable Lad here. I know I asked my alternate universe self to handle a few posts for me while I went on a long mission with Captain Unconquerable so I wanted to tell you I was back. I liked the posts he did while I was gone so I'd like to thank him.
     The mission went good. The Captain and I worked with a few other heroes to take down a big league of villains. It was pretty satisfying to land the knock out punch on a high profile villain like Doctor Graveyard.
Big downside is that both our costumes were totally wrecked by the battle. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to sew anti-matter string costumes. And I'm sorry readers, no matter how many times you ask in the comments, I'm not allowed to tell you where to get anti-matter string. Or how you turn anti-matter into something you can wear in general and use for defense. Super hero trade secret.
      Sorry guys but I gotta cut this post shorter than usual. If you know anything about Doctor Graveyard you'd know that he's a scientist that controls the undead with his machines and I got zombie reek all over me. Before I go Captain Unconquerable wants me to tell you to stay in school and to eat your fruits and vegetables. (The Captain always says stuff like that.)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Today's #flashfiction #ReaperOfTheStars

“You're the sunshine of my life.”
Dracula* #quote

Today I'm thinking of inviting CJ over for the weekend for some generalized loafing around and perhaps also a little interstellar travel. Oh, and chess! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Reaper Of The Stars

        A rock floated through space year after year. The rock lived as an unthinking thing in the empty, silent, voiceless, expanse that surrounded it. It floated through galaxies as supernovas happened in the distance and as planets and moons formed in the solar systems it passed through. The rock's only destination was where it stopped.
        And it would stop at a little blue planet in a solar system with one star.
The rock would collide with the planet straight on. The rock also did not show to be microscopic compared to the planet. It showed to be quite large. It would do a lot of damage. At least to the life living on it.
        And so the rock collided. Many of the dominate races of massive reptiles and other creatures were killed and their populations diminished to exterminated in the catastrophes that followed as a result of the rock's collision and other events. But other species continued the flow evolution.
        The thing to wonder now is when another rock will come to visit the little blue planet.