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The Idea Pirate::

        Mentally I've been feeling good today but I've had some seizures which is bad including one at lunch where I gasped pretty big and my arm shot up pretty high. I was doing so well yesterday Besides when I took a nap I did have a string of seizures when falling asleep. Though that seizure was at lunch and this post is this afternoon and I'm feeling better. Took my blood test today. I'm taking it regularly to make sure that my meds aren't causing my kidneys to fail or other nasty stuff. That's the drawback of this new medicine. It's also making me physically weaker in general I think too, though I think I'm getting more able over time. While in the waiting room of the clinic where I took said blood test I played Sonic Rush on my DS(My seizures are not caused by lights so it doesn't matter what I'm doing its all random, because of this I still play video games.) It was fun to run and jump and fall into bottomless pits for the twenty minutes we waited. Yay Sonic! Anyway, onto the flash fiction!

The Idea Pirate

        Captain Jacob had just finished his rounds and filled his stock with incredible ideas. He hadn't had such an incredible bounty in a long time. He thought of giving his crew a raise. Of course it wasn't just his crew's work that gave him such a great a bounty. His new ship allowed him to cruise through the psychic streams so much easier. He still remembered the first time he converted himself into psychic energy. It was feeling pure happiness and pain at the exact same time.
        The Captain's bounty was ideas, all stolen from the greatest creative minds he could get. He had lost an eye fighting with another pirate for an idea for a novel with another pirate from a bestselling author. From then on he was called “A true pirate” by his crew and they forced him to say “arr” as much as possible.
        The eye really was a small price to pay for that idea. Many authors grew desperate when faced with writer's block and he was always there for them waiting for their cash. And as soon as he had it he would give them the idea and they would walk away happy. It wasn't just authors of books. The movies would buy his ideas, paying top dollar for another director's ideas. They would also bribe him to keep theirs safe. Video game companies too, after all, their creative industry just as much as movies and books. Painting, sculpting, every singling creative endeavor was vulnerable. There were other idea pirates but Captain Jacob was the most talented of them all by far.
         The good Captain had made billions upon billions of dollars. He was one of the richest men on the planet. Everyone knew who he was and where he got his money from, but no one would dare press charges because of where that money went. He bought himself a humble home, a humble car, fed himself humble meals, upgraded his ship, paid his crew and poured the rest of the money into schools, especially art schools and the like. People had mixed feelings about this. They weren't sure if he was doing this out of charity, guilt, or just to make more creative minds to plunder. The truth was, Captain Jacob wasn't sure either.
        “Thank you very much for the dinner Mr. Director, my crew seems to be enjoying it too. I hope your satisfied with the idea I've provided for your next movie.” Jacob said to one of his clients. It was not uncommon for clients to treat him to dinners or parties to gather favor with him to make sure they got higher priority in the future. He was only human so it did work many times. But even then the Captain would pick poorer clients for the sole sake of picking poorer clients at times. And this infuriated his richer clients.
          “Actually Captain, this request was just to set up a meeting with you and your crew. This idea is not what actually wanted, nor am I actually a movie director.” the man said.
          “What is the meaning of this!?” Captain Jacob yelled. He was normally a very, very calm man. One of the very few things that ever set him off was being tricked.
          “I actually work for the military. And the ideas I want you are completely different than some movie idea.” the military man explained. His look was serious. Under his disguise as a director he was a silly, extroverted man with a smile always on his face.
          “I don't work with the government, ever. I've been called and emailed before and said no.” Captain Jacob explained.
           “Why do you think we lured you out here? We did so you would have to listen.”
            “Have to?” Captain Jacob echoed.
          “Yes. Have to. And you must do what we ask you, its a matter of national security. We will compensate you, though if you don't participate you and your crew will find yourself inside prison cells in a prison that no one knows about. Oh, and from now on you can call me Agent John, though John will also do.” the agent glared the Captain down.
            “Fine. Got it. I have to do it. Just tell me what needs to be done.” the Captain looked John in the eyes trying to assert himself as much as possible without becoming overly confrontational. Passive-aggressiveness in tense situations had become habit with his crew to keep his crew under his control. Though he did go more aggressive then passive. He juggled the two as needed which is how he kept his crew loving him but fearing to cross him.
           “The mission is simple. There's this genius physicist named Samuel Wilson that's unlocked the mysteries to cold fusion while effectively cracking the secrets of the universe. We don't know what he knows, but since he did it under a government grant we know he did it. However instead of telling it to only us he decided he would make the research public during a big scientific convention.” the agent provided his exposition in a dull dreary voice.
          “So you want me go me to go and steal his ideas so that you have a monopoly on the secrets of the universe? Why don't you just find him yourself? Your the military, surely you can find one of your scientists?” Captain Jacob asked curious.
         “Monopoly on the secrets of the universe is a harsh way to put it. And the man's impossible to find. He's one of those eccentric geniuses and he has an intense phobia to birds. He thinks he's not just hiding the secrets of the universe from us, but also from them. He lurks in shadows, ducks between buildings, he's a literal rat. He thinks they're intelligent too so he avoids security cameras. He doesn't use credit cards unless its to throw us off his trail, or to him, the birds. It's crazy. ” the agent groaned.
       “That's true a man afraid of being seen by every bird in the sky would be incredibly difficult to find. And since the psychic streams I ride to get ideas isn't geographic I would be able to find his mind no matter where he was geographically.” the Captain had figured out where this was all going.
         “Exactly! And you need to leave immediately we're afraid he could be only moments away from the scientific convention. And if he speaks of his ideas, you fail. Understood?” the agent glared the Captain down. The Captain wondered how many times the agent had glared at him, as it was growing old. But it didn't matter. He gathered his crew and explained everything to them. They hated being pushed around by the government as much as he did.
         An ordinary idea pirate would have taken a full day to find him, it took Captain Jacob an hour to cruise along the psychic streams. Though when he ran across the mind he was so thoroughly surprised. It was a simple mind. The phobia formed a strong wall around it that he had to break through with the cannons on his ship but after that it was just a big well of thoughts. But just thoughts and bubbling emotions. Most minds were like cobwebs with the ideas. A well like this usually belonged to a child, but far less active. He was about to push the buttons on his control panel of his ship to send out the idea probes before doubts crossed his own mind.
        “Crew, I'm not sure if I want to take this plunder.” Jacob said to his crew.
        “What do mean? You told us they would lock us away if we didn't give them the ideas for the research!” one of the crew members shouted.
          “Yes, but now that I think about it, I think I would rather give them myself than the secrets of the universe.”
         “So you'd have us rot in some cell!?” another crew member shouted.
        “Are you going to put yourself above us, your own crew?” a third member yelled. All the crew members started growing angry.
         “No! I'm putting the whole world above myself! If this scientist gets to speak then everybody knows everything, if the government keeps the secrets then who knows what could happen!” Captain Jacob then took a deep breath, “And besides they'll probably lock us up anyway, maybe even kill us because we know what they're doing! We're turning around.” Captain Jacob then changed course to leave the psychic streams.
          But before he left he came up with an idea. A dastardly, sneaky one that would take care of their problem.
          “We have another mind we need to visit, the mind of our dear agent friend. We'll take his idea of hunting down our dear scientist friend then replicate and show it to the entire world by putting it into everyone's minds and they'll all know exactly where it came from. I think we'll start by putting it into the minds of all the major news executives.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2189's Viral Video

Finally an early post! Last couple of days I've been posting like around 10 o'clock at night because of buisnessiness but now I'm doing today's nice and early. Sweet! I really liked writing this story because I got to write in a different format than just plain paragraph by paragraph narration. I love when I get to do that. You'll see what I mean when you read the story, I hope you enjoy it!

2189's Viral Video

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Posted By ZyborgKid9901 on Dec 10, 2189
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to some use.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Haunted Meeting

The Haunted Meeting

         “Could you please explain to me why you possessed the neighbors cat?” Dad said to me with a glare. This was a bad time for me to make him mad. I could tell from way he stood that he had a bad day at work. He always slumped when he had a bad day at work. He was in his best suit so he must have been in an important meeting. I hoped that the company stock hadn't dropped again, that would have meant he was in the worst of moods.
        “I, um, well,” I twiddled my ghostly thumbs. I floated mid-air. Perhaps if I had human feet like him they would be shaking. I really had no reasonable explanation for possessing the neighbors cat except for the fact it was really fun. Being a cat was fun, climbing on the walls, playing with the yarn, chasing the mice.
         “The neighbor's cat is not a toy!” Dad yelled. “Nor is any other animal!”
          “Yes Dad.” I responded with a frown.
           “You shouldn't just go possessing anything you feel like. You should possess things wisely Jessica. You remember Fred the ghost fireman you admire so much? He possesses things wisely. He possesses unconscious people in burning buildings to help them escape. Now Jessica, I've had a pretty bad day so I'm going out. Stay in your room while I'm gone.”
            I was stunned as he walked back out the door. He didn't ground me? He just sent me to my room. Ever since he adopted me as a human father from the ghost orphanage he has never just sent me to my room. He was a punctual man and always set a specific amount of time, down to the minute. I knew something was wrong so I followed him.
          He got into his car and drove. I flew as fast as my ghostly body would let me to keep up with him. I recognized the streets leading back to his office building. I thought he must have been going back to it. Then he drove past it to the bar. Then he went in the bar. I remembered this little “Ten Years Sober” Medal on his work desk on home. I knew he was an alcholic from this, but I never asked him about it. This made me rush right after him into the bar. He ordered a drink and as he held it he said, “I can't believe they fired me. But truly there's nothing I can do about it is there?”
         And right before he brought it to his lips and drank I flew into his body and possessed him. I didn't believe I did it at first, and I knew I'd be in a mountain of trouble. People were still completely aware when they were possessed. Dad, or rather I put down the drink and paid the barkeep then left.
         I then marched over to Dad's or my work place, or ex-work place because I, or rather Dad just got fired. Thank goodness his work had plenty of bring your child to work days otherwise I wouldn't have known my way around and known everyone's name. I marched right up to meet my, or rather Dad's boss and give him a stern talking to. He was in the middle of a big corporate meeting with the biggest executives in the company, but I didn't care I marched right in.
         “What the hell are you doing in here Samson?”
          “Don't speak to me like that young lady!” I yelled at him with my best Dad impression. It took me half a second to realize I called him a young lady. Mostly I realized it because I saw several of the executives snickering.
           “What did you just say?” Dad's boss, or rather ex-boss growled.
          “When you act like a child I will treat you like a child, to use that kind of language in front of your bosses is very unprofessional.” I puffed out my chest trying to act very business-like. Whenever I whined to Dad about treated like a kid he always said to me “when you act like a child I will treat you like a child”, though in a much nicer tone then how I used it here. I was kinda shuffling around phrases I got from Dad over the years. I could see several of the executive faces growing red as they resisted bursting out laughing.
          “I just fired you. Do I need to call the police?” the boss snarled. He started to pull out his cellphone.
          “No he can stay, lets hear what he has to say.” the big boss of the company said with a giggle. I never actually interacted with the big boss of the company, the only reason I knew what he looked like was because I had seen his sagging, but still friendly face plastered on signs everywhere all over the office building.
         “I say that I should still be working here because you should be the one fired!” I pointed at him with an accusing finger. “You fired me as a scapegoat to compensate for your failings that made the stocks in the company fall!” Honestly I had no idea why Dad was fired. He could have even taken all his clothes off and ran through the halls naked for all knew. I was so glad that I payed attention enough in class to remember our vocabulary lessons, if not I wouldn't have known that the word scapegoat meant. I also knew that whenever something bad happened the company stocks fell.
        “He's lying!” Dad's ex-boss flinched, “I did no such thing! I did nothing wrong! I'm not hiding anything!” the boss's knees were shaking. Holy crud cakes on a beef sandwich in summer I guessed right!? He blamed Dad for something! All the executives in the room looked at the boss suspiciously.
        “If your not hiding something then what happened during last quarter! With how things were um, moved!” I was doing my best to interrogate my, or rather Dad's boss, but since I really didn't know what my questions meant I was having difficulty. I knew that things in the company happened in quarters and Dad worked with how things were moved.
         “I had nothing to do with the problems with distribution! The problems in filing had nothing to do with me!” the sweat on the boss's face start pouring in buckets and his suit became soaked from his armpits.
         “Oh, and who had access to those files?” I remembered this one detective murder mystery show where he figured out who did the crime by who could have “access” to the crime scene. I almost imitated the detective character's voice when I said that, but I already had enough difficulty copying Dad.
         “Wait a minute! You're the one responsible for the problems in distribution!?” the big boss of the company stood up and roared. “We fired TWO HUNDRED EMPLOYEES and lost TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS over that debacle and IT WAS YOU!?” the big boss took a deep breath to regain his composure before speaking again. “Well, sir, as of now you are fired and now we must apologize to several hundred good, honest, hard working employees as we compensate for our losses and gain back their favor as we hope that none of them sue us over this. Speaking of lawsuits. You WILL be hearing from our lawyers soon. Now clear up your office and leave immediately.” the big boss then turned to me, “As for you, Mr. Samson was it? I want to see you in my office at 9:00 A.M. in my office tomorrow. I would like to promote you to a different position for fixing this.”
I was then launched out of Dad's body. There was only so much time a ghost could stay in a body, especially one of my age. Though quite frankly, I was glad to be out.
        “Thank you very much Sir.” Dad said now back in control of his body. “Now if you excuse me, I need to go back home to see my daughter, I'm very proud of her and need to speak to her. She should be in her room when I get there.”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dragon On Ice::

Well today was a fun day. Played a few board games with Mom and did a great deal of progress with my book. Mom had a live chat today and she mentioned my blog there which is totally awesome! I hope that everyone from there enjoys the stories on my blog.

 Dragon On Ice

         “This is shocking. A dragon of all things in my land of ice and snow.” said the Frost King in amazement. The Frost King was the king of the snowmen. Though for many the word snowman may make them think of cute stacked balls of snow with carrot noses and stick hands these snowmen were very different. In the land that the Frost King ruled, he and the other snowmen were big, burly creatures with arms and legs. Their skeletons, claws and teeth and spikes were made of ice while the rest of the body was made of a heavy snow. “What could possibly make a lizard like you risk his life here? The cold should have killed you long before my guards caught you. Fortunately we did have the decency to provide you with blankets despite the fact you broke into my palace.”
         “I needed an audience with you no matter what Your Highness.” the dragon said to the Frost King while piled under blankets. The dragon was surprised he wasn't dead. He had to use all his fire breath and every last bit of his strength to get this far. He figured that if they did not have these blankets for guests from the warmer worlds, as the snowmen and other residents of this ice world they lived in did not use them. To the dragon sides were two guards, though they were completely unnecessary, as the dragon couldn't lift a claw.
         “And what do you need an audience with me for?” the Frost King leaned forward from his throne.       “What could a dragon a creature that breaths fire possibly want from me, the Frost King?”
         “I want to ask of you a favor Your Highness.” the dragon then bowed his head as much as he could while mostly piled under the blankets, “I want some of the White Elixer.”
          “The White Elixer? What use could that have to you? The White Elixer cures sickness caused by magic and dragons like you are immune to magic spells.” The Frost King then laughed, “Don't tell me you plan to sell it. Because there are much more practical ways to make money than this.”
        “No I won't be selling it Your Highness.” the dragon said as he continued to bow his head.
        “Then what could you possibly use it for?” the Frost King asked with a puzzled expression on his snowy face.
        “To cure a sickness in a human who has been cursed with a sickness by a vile witch.” the dragon told him. His body was starting to regain a little strength. Perhaps he could soon lift his head enough to make eye contact with the Frost King.
        “But you dragons hate humans. Their knights kill you or enslave you to ride you putting you in stables like common horses. They even have the audacity to call it 'taming' yet you want to help one?” the Frost King, if he could with his snowy hands, would have pinched himself to check if he was in a dream.
        “Not all humans are the same as I have learned. I once fell ill and a human tended to me. The illness rendered me unable to defend myself and she knew as soon as I was well I could very well as killed her yet she healed me anyway. She was educated as well and knew what herbs were needed to cure me and she climbed a nearby mountain, risking her life there to retrieve them for me. And in the end I was cured.”
        “And you became like family and now you are trying to cure her as she cured you.” the Frost King said finishing the dragon's story. “Your story's so sweet it sounds like my grandma's reading me a fairy tale. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't seeing you nearly dying in my throne room. So ironic, a dragon working to save a human. I'm moved. I will give you your White Elixer under one condition, you bring the human to me. I will also give you two Snow Charms so you two may endure the cold here with little difficulty.”
        “Understood Your Highness.” the dragon said. He looked the Frost King in the eyes. “Thank you so very much.”
          And so a month passed. The Frost King grew impatient and on the day he was about to send out his soldiers to find the dragon on suspicion of lying the dragon arrived with the human.
         “I am sorry for the wait Your Highness, but it took me a very long to time fly to Swamplands of Woe to drop the witch off for her permanent vacation from anyone she could hurt and get back.” the dragon bowed.
         The human bowed as well. She had black skin the same color as the smoke of a dragon's breath while her hair was a deep dark brown like the wood on a stained antique stool. She was educated and wealthy but wore plain, practical clothing. She always wore a bright red. The Frost King liked the color, it was something he hadn't seen often in his kingdom of snow.
         “This reminds me of how long its been since I've seen a human. What's your name girl?” the Frost King asked.
         “Samantha.” she responded.
         “I really can't believe I'm actually seeing it. I actually can't believe I'm seeing it. I suppose it is time I announce my plan.” the Frost King said with a smile. His smile contained rows of big, pointy teeth made of icicles.
          “Plan?” the dragon and human asked in unison.
          “If you two can be friendly then I suppose that us creatures of ice can be friendly with you dragons, creatures of fire. Dragons and sympathetic humans will now be able to seek refuge in my land of ice to escape the knights attempting to kill and enslave them.”
          “What...?” Samantha looked at him puzzled.
          “Yes I am aware I will need many, many, many more blankets." the Frost King sighed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fashionable Parts:

I've decided to change the format of blog so that all my posts are always titled with the title of the day's story. I figured it be better than just a crunch of what happened to me that day. It'll also make it easier to find previous stories. Speaking of previous stories to anyone new I've been doing this for a few months before I joined twitter so feel free to look through previous stories in the archives on the right side of the blog page. Some of my old favorites include Dream TV which was about a family watching a nationwide TV show where people's dreams were shown then the nation would vote for the most entertaining dream and the contestant who got the most votes got the prize money. Another previous story that I absolutely love is Browsers Get Paid By The Hour which is about a bunch of Internet browsers on their lunch break talking about their users to each other. There are a lot of old stories of mine I think you'll love them so please look through the archives. Oh, got to play Diablo III with bro today and that was fun. We kinda just skipped all the cutscenes so the plot of the game pretty much became us slaying demons with me running around going saying “PEW PEW PEW” (I was a wizard and I did love my magic missile spell) We watched American Ninja Warrior which was also fun. Seizures were a bit up which was really the only down part of the day. I really liked writing today's story so woo!

Fashionable Parts

          “I'll have the pink jet boots.” Jessica the robot said to the store clerk with her gears clicking wildly in excitement.
         “That will be a thousand credits.” the middle aged clerk responded. It was almost five he thought, and this girl had finally made up her mind. He swore his circuits would have blown in frustration if she had kept shuffling through the store shelves and asking for suggestions any longer.
          “A thousand credits, that's expensive. You sure you want to buy that Jessica?” Amanda, Jessica's much more frugal and wiser robot friend said.
         “Amanda, this is why you don't get the boys, your not willing to do what it takes to get the most fashionable parts. Jet boots are what's in. I don't want to be stuck wearing treads while the rest of the girls are flying off with all the boys.” Jessica lectured while waving her finger.
         “I guess your right. But try not to buy any more parts after this okay? I don't want to help you pay your part of the rent again okay?” Amanda sighed. Jessica was right. Amanda didn't get the boys. She wasn't well built, the screws around her hips tended to be loose, she rusted easily so her complexion was off no matter how much she cleaned herself up. Amanda was very smart because of her big processors but they couldn't fit just in her head so some had to move to her belly which made her clunky and bulbous.
       “Let's get the parts fitted on now! I just don't know when I'll meet the perfect guy for me!” Jessica said with a pretentious smile. The smile showed off all her perfectly modified teeth. Jessica paid 5,000 credits for those.
        “For the love of-” the store clerk mumbled under his breath. He couldn't believe these customers. And at four-fifteen, he got of at five. FIVE! He cleared his throat. “Right away Miss! Here at our store we do offer the best in customer service.” He had done a thousand times with other customers so it took him less than second to swap out her feet.
        “How wonderful! The boys are going to dig it! Gotta polish it though! Think it'll look good with chrome. It's blue now, think I should paint it red?” Jessica asked as she sat down and waved her feet about.
       “Jessica. Didn't you hear on the news? Chrome demand is way up. It's gonna cost a ton of money to do that.” Amanda said worried.
        “Fine, I'll wait till next month to do it.” Jessica groaned. Amanda knew that the price of chrome would just go up.
         A chime sounded as another customer entered the store. The customer was a tall robot. His screws were perfectly tight. He had a perfect completion, not a bit of rust on him. They could hear his the powerful pistons in his engine go as he moved. He had all the best parts. The robot walked over to the used part section and started rummage about with his well built hands. Jessica dashed over to what she considered to be, the perfect robot man.
        “What are you looking for?” She asked with a smile. She flared the fire in her jets boots a little. She shifted her gears to point out her thighs as wells. Just a few weeks ago she also had replaced them with newer parts as well. They had come straight from an ad in a fashion magazine.
        “I'm looking for screws for my dog.” the robot responded. His voice was deep but had a sincere tone, like someone calming a child. “I've searched the Internet ten times over so I've been searching stores one by one with no luck.”
          “Well, I like dogs.” Jessica said with a smile. She worked her way in front of the robot. “What's your name? Do you like my parts?” she asked while continuing to show off her parts. The robot gave her a glance over. He was impressed by a few of them.
          “My name is Thomas, and those are very nice parts now could you please move out of the way I need to see those screws.” he gave her a tough look. It wasn't a nasty look, or a stern look just enough so that she moved aside. He began looking through screws again. Most of the used parts were in boxes so he had to sift through the screws like sand then pick them up one by one to analyze them.
          “Um, what kind of model is your dog?” Amanda asked nervously. She had never spoken to such an attractive robot before. Her engine was running hotter and hotter. Jessica shot Amanda a nasty glare for speaking to Thomas.
          “XR-345, my grandpa took one then customized it. We named him Gear. The screw's from his hip so he can't walk now, but otherwise he's still running like he did when we first built him.”
         “Ah, well no wonder you can't find one, those screws aren't used to make dogs anymore you'd never find one that way.” Amanda explained.
       “Shoot. Do you know where I can get those screws?” Thomas asked disappointed with another dead end.
      “Just old boot parts like,” then Amanda glanced at her two solid robot feet. Just like with most of her body the screws were loose. Her boot parts were very old. “like mine.” A screwdriver came out from her finger, standard maintenance equipment on all robots and she pulled out all robots. “This screw will fit your dog. My leg parts are hand me downs and they come from the same generation of manufacturing as your dog so they will fit perfectly.” She handed him the screw.
        “But won't you have difficulty walking?” he said as he accepted the screw with a baffled expression.
       “I will do fine until I get a replacement. I get my paycheck soon. I'll get some of those new jet boots like my friend has so don't worry.” Amanda laughed. If she were human she would be blushing so red that she would look like a tomato.
        “No, this is so incredibly kind of you, let me buy your replacements. Don't worry about the money. See all these impressive parts I have, I'm plenty well off.” Thomas said. “And could tell me your name?”
         “It's Amanda.” she replied.
        “Well Amanda I'd also like to buy you a cup of oil sometime.” Thomas said with a smile.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Yorzilla

        Howdy everyone! Well, went shopping today, getting some nice shoes and some comic books. Haven't gotten to reading them, but perhaps they'll give me some nice ideas. Also had dinner with family. Mother made pork pupperkosh(Don't know how to spell it so I attempted to spell it phonetically) and it was delicious. Also we are watching Sleeping Hollow with Johnny Depp so I must depart, farewell!

Mr. and Mrs. Yorzilla

            “Stomp your feet when you smash buildings!” Mrs. Yorzilla roared at her husband.
            “Don't you tell me how to wreak havoc woman!”Mr. Yorzilla yelled back to his wife. The people of the city ran amok as the two hind-legged, dinosaur monsters spoke. The city was massive and a perfect target for the monsters. After striking little rural towns the married monsters needed to hit a bigger city to build back up their monster reputation. “At least I'm not standing in the middle of an empty parking lot!” Mr. Yorzilla pointed at his wife's feet.
          “I-I was just moving over to this crowded highway! See?” Mrs. Yorzilla said as she clumsily scurried over to a highway and crushed cars along it to prove a point.
          “Sure you were honey.” Mr. Yorzilla said with a sarcastic groan. A series of explosions then ran across Mr. Yorzilla's back. He looked above him to see bombers and at his feet to tanks. “Excellent!” Mr. Yorzilla grinned the widest grin his lizard face could allow. “The military is here! If I can wipe them out quick enough our monster reputation will go through the roof!” He then opened up his jaw to unleash his super monster laser blast breath attack on the military and...nothing. He kept his jaw sagging open and nothing.
          “Honey? What's wrong?” Mrs. Yorzilla walked over to her husband.
          “Dumb old man can't even shoot lasers anymore, how pitiful.” said the voice of a young dinosaur monster walking into the city with a strong stride. “And to think you used to be the Legendary Yorzilla. Cities are wasted on old, chump monsters like you and your wife. We might as well be giving away cities to those giant gorilla monsters as playgrounds.”
         “Why you little...” Mr. Yorzilla grumbled.
         “The name's Axerzilla. I'm part of the new generation of monsters so you can leave this city to me.” the monster said with a shrug and a smile.
         “I'm staying, my wife and I got here first and no smug kid is going to make us leave.” Mr. Yorzilla stomped the ground and roared.
         “Make you leave? I will. I challenge you and your ugly, hag for a wife to a Carnage Duel, whoever wins keeps the city.” Axerzilla smiled as he spoke.
          “Ugly, hag for a wife!? We accept!” Mrs. Yorzilla yelled.
          “And what are the conditions for the Duel?” Mr. Yorzilla asked.
         “Simple, whoever wrecks the most buildings in ten minutes wins.” Axerzilla said as the military shot as his kneecaps to no avail.
          “Alright. Let's go!” Mr. Yorzilla said as Axerzilla immediately opened his maw wide. Unlike Mr. Yorzilla Axerzilla still could unleash his super monster laser blast breath attack. He used his breath attack to rip neighborhoods to shreds like a lawnmower. Mrs. Yorzilla tried to use her breath attack, but just like her husband she was aged and had lost her ability. They panicked and dashed across the city. They had to take massive strides and make huge sweeps with their claws to take out buildings in a rate even close to Axerzilla. And that was combining the total between them. As the minutes passed by the further the old couple fell behind. Then an idea crossed Mr. Yorzilla mind just as his monstrous claw cut through an orphanage. “Honey! Distract him while I wreck!”
        “Got it!” Mrs. Yorzilla responded. She ran up to Axerzilla and pushed him onto the ground. She then pinned him with a skyscraper she grabbed from nearby. She put her entire weight on him.
        “Get off of me you old hag!” Axerzilla yelled. He started shooting his laser breath in an attempt to hit her but he couldn't. With him pinned Mr. Yorzilla was able to put the two of them into the lead. Then after the ten minutes had passed Mr. and Mrs. Yorzilla had won the Carnage Duel by a vast margin. Mrs. Yorzilla let Axerzilla go.
       “Fine! You can have the city! I didn't want it anyway.” Axerzilla started mumbling all number of strange curse words in monster languages as he left in a huff.
       “I love you honey.” Mr. Yorzilla said to Mrs. Yorzilla.
        “I love you too.” Mrs. Yorzilla replied.
        They walked off into the sunset smiling as the city lay in ruin.

Friday, May 25, 2012

What's Inside Art

       I'd like to send out a big thanks to all those who followed me on twitter! (As of this I already got like 68 followers, which is totally awesome! Thanks y'all) I'm also I excited that I haven't had any seizures this morning so that's a good sign that this may be one of those better days and I won't have as many later. I was a bit nervous yesterday since I had a few big ones and several small ones while going to sleep last night. So yay no ones this morning! Anyway, onto the flash fiction! I think you'll enjoy it!

What's Inside Art

       I bet some of you wonder why certain art, music, movie, book and other fine works of human creativity connect people and why other things do not. It is because of spirits like me. Allow me to explain, I am one of the kind spirit that “haunt”(thought haunt is such a nasty word, we prefer possess or even better imbue) ourselves into human works of creativity and give it our power and energy. For example my great, great, great, great(okay I don't remember how many greats) Grandma lives inside the Mona Lisa. She's the one that gives it all those enchanting feelings. We live in copies of all the works too, so her power and energy even lives in the digital copies you pull up on your browsers. She even lives in the parodies you create. Though Mr. Da Vinci still gets credit for painting it. Our power really just magnifies and pulls out the soul of the work. So without her the true soul of Da Vinci's would not have reached the audience like it should have. That's what spirits of my kind do. We bring out the soul of all your creative works so it can touch everyone it can.

          Me, I'm going do start my first imbuing today. It's going to be of a song of young singer. She's a young singer. She's extraordinarily talented and this is going to be her best song of all time, at least if I do my job right. So when she sings I'm going to put myself, my energy and power into every single note and breath and her song. And whenever she sings it my power will come out of it. And when its recorded and replayed I will be there, whether its off a CD, the radio, an mp3 player or off a computer or wherever else comes out. It's going to be hard, but we spirits take pride in our work and without us art wouldn't have its soul, and that's what all true art needs is a soul.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fate's Keys

       Today marks the day start I do all that “Social Networking” that all authors should do, today I have created a twitter account! A great big hello to all the people who have come here through twitter! Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy my stories. To celebrate my opening into social networking I decided to repost what I considered one of my greatest works that I've done throughout my entire writing of this blog. Which is a lot considering I've done more than 100 of these stories as I've done a story nearly every post and I've done more than 100 posts. Yup that many people from twitter, been keeping this up for about three plus months a post a day with a story each one. So if you enjoy this one feel free to go through past ones and I intend to keep this up for quite some time as its good practice as I write my book. Oh, seizures are down today which is nice only like 3 as of this post.(I have epilepsy, a rare unique case not like what you see on tv, to new people from twitter please read my bio on the right side of the blog as it details it, you have to scroll down a bit to see it. My seizures are not even triggered by light.) Anyway enjoy the flash fiction new and old readers!

Fate's Keys

         Not a single person sat in the audience of a massive theater. The theater had it all, velvet chairs, balconies, clean lighting and a pianist on stage. Yet a lonely air drafted through it. The curtains had already been drawn open and the pianist didn't need an audience to play. He only needed his piano. It laid at the exact center of the stage. It looked like an antique, but didn't show any signs of age. The wood had a thin silver polish.
        The pianist wore a dull gray suit, had mellow tan skin, scraggly black hair and sunken brown eyes. His friendly smile would make anyone trust him in a minute. He sat in the stool next to his piano in a dignified posture.
         This man was a Fate. His piano had the power to weave time. He struck a single high note to begin his song and a woman named Cynthia was born. He started with low notes in a monotonous rhythm. She lived in a small, quaint town tucked between a few mountains with a single solitary road being the only way out of the tiny valley. The Fate played a depressing and rapid melody when her parents died and her uncle took her to the city. She made many friends in high school when the Fate sprinkled her life with a string of cheery notes. The Fate pounded the keys when she entered college and met her true love. The Fate softened his keystrokes and the couple settled down. He pushed three sharp, happy notes the moment they got married.
          He swept his hands across the keys when their twins were born. He didn't create a melody for the twins, that would be a song for another Fate. As she raised her children the Fate played his notes in a chaotic sequence that required all ten of his fingers. When she bid them farewell into their own lives his melody became steady and predictable. As she aged it the music became slower and slower with each passing year. She fell ill and the Fate hit one key over and over in the rhythm of a heartbeat. Eventually he stopped the song while her husband watched from the side of a hospital bed.
        The Fate stood up and took a bow to the nonexistent audience in the theater. He wore a big smile while he bowed. Without any hesitation he sat down and began to play again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wizard's Pocket

          Today has resulted in incredible progress in my book. The plot threads and pulling together and I have come up with the hook into my sequel, as it is a series. If things go as planned this book could be finished by the end of summer. Though I cannot rush things as it is better to work hard and slow to create a good book then to rush and create a piece of slop. I'm so excited about this book. It's my most original, well developed premise. I didn't think it was so incredible until Mom after reading the first three chapters said to me “I've never read anything like it”, and she hasn't said that with any of my other work. I've gotten incredible reactions from people in my creative writing club at College and from friends too. I've written other books,(though some terrible, I've deleted one off my computer so it may never be read by anyone ever again) but this is the one I'm going to try and get published and I think defines me as a writer and could start my career if I'm lucky. So wish me luck and maybe someday I'll have a book emblazoned with LANGDON KENNEDY on my cabinet! I had more seizures today though, so I'd think maybe twelve today, not counting what I'll have after this blog post I guess, but whatever this medication still keeping them down. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Pocket

         Long ago magic filled universe but time and time again it caused wars and mass devastation as magic was used to create quakes and storms just to attack other armies. A great and powerful wizard decided he had to fix this so he took all the magic in the world and placed in a miniature universe of his own creation. This was called The Wizard's Pocket. People tried to force the wizard to let magic back out, but he had cast the spell so that even by choice he could not open it. So for centuries all the dragons, elves, curses, enchantments, ghosts, zombies, vampires, spells, fairies, unicorns and other magical phenomena existed in the pocket undisturbed.
         But the spell was not perfect and the seams of the pocket tore a little. A small boy wandered in by accident. Confused and lost at first he cried and cried. But elves soon took him in as their own. He grew up in the magical world and had natural magical strengths greater than the wizard who created the pocket. He tamed all the magic in the world and made it an even more beautiful place. He then broke all the seams of the pocket and brought all the magic back to the original universe again. It was wonderful with magic fossil fuels were no longer needed and nearly every part of the human condition improved as magic cured diseases and made life easier and could even allow people to fly. But just as before, wars happened and devastation crossed the world. So this wizard decided to create another pocket and seal away the magic again. Though just as before it did not last forever and someone else walked into an open seam...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Emotional Dinner

           Today I was browsing TVTropes, one of my favorite websites. It's actually a website that helped my writing. Its about Tropes, the tricks of the trade of writing fiction, the patterns in fiction, I explain it this way, cliches are usually overused Tropes. Some really common Tropes are Love Triangles, Anti-Heroes, Twist-Endings, Protangonists, Antagonists, Irony, etc. It's a nerdy, casual website, and a wiki(so it can be edited by anyone like wikipedia). A fun page to start out on is the one on the Big Bad Trope(The Big Bad is whatever causes conflict in the story, the villain for example though it can always be many other things) ( Oh, and this website also tells you where the term The Butler Did It came from ( Had a few seizures during dinner so that's bad, more than yesterday but overall still good. Yay!
Anyway, onto the flashfiction!

An Emotional Dinner

        Dahhau was a ghoul and one of the most respected cooks in all the Other World. Though she used special trick. Any chef could throw together dragon meat on a plate with sauce. Any chef could compile a soup of an arrangement of certain quantities of broth and spices. Then of course there was the accepted practice to enchant your dishes with flavor, the best trick of chefs in the Other World, though without the normal skills it wouldn't matter. But Dahhau. She did what few chefs did. She got the rarest, most powerful flavor additives in the entire cosmos.
           Human emotions.
          She would travel into the human world gather them with her enchanted bottle. Often she would use her magical abilities to take the shape of a beautiful woman. Then she would find a lonely human man. She would gather that loneliness and then seduce him forming a relationship, first gathering his longing for her. Then his hope for getting her. Then the fulfillment of the and happiness of the relationship. She would drag it out. Making it then become more awkward. Gathering up his fear of the relationship ending, she would spark whatever arguments she needed. Push any buttons she wanted. Rebound their relationship. Then she would breakup. Gather that sadness, though call him a few more times to further the depression if she needed it. Then when she felt done she would leave the human world. She didn't much worry about what happened to the human males she left behind, they usually took care of themselves. Each relationship was different as she had to toy with each man's emotions in a different way. Each human emotion had a different flavor with a different intensity so to get the perfect taste she had to experiment.
          This night she was running late. Very, very late. She thought she had all the spices she needed. She had gathered all types of emotions but in order to get her soup just right for her guest she needed just a little more hatred. Though she only had a few minutes, and she only fostered hatred during the deep parts of a relationship during the heated arguments. She didn't have any active relationships. She went to the human world anyway. The party she was holding was very important with actual celebrities and politicians from various parts of the Other World. She would be a part a history after this. She couldn't mess up this meal. And all she needed was a little more human hatred to spice up her soup.
       She arrived at the bar. That's where she set up her portal to the human world to met up with men. She went to the nearest man because of her small time limit. The man had a medium build, short, black hair, a nice smile full of straight teeth, and strong shoulders. His brown eyes complimented the darker light of the bar.
      “So Mister what kind of stuff makes your blood just boil?” she applied her usual seductive tone and posture. She didn't want this man to know that she was purposely trying to aggravate him, plus it was piratically habit for her to do so.
      “Not much bugs me really.” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.
        “What do you think of President?” she asked, she figured politics always rubbed people the wrong way.
        “Never much cared for politics. Um, okay I guess?” he responded then took a drink.
       “Any sports teams?” she prodded.
        “I don't have any real bias. I watch whatever games are on, I root for whoever's losing then when they start losing I root for the other ones.” he told her.
        “Any celebrities, movies, video games, television shows that get you mad?” she started getting angry herself and she knew time was running out.
        “Celebrities? Besides watching the games I spend most of the time playing bingo with my Grandma not much to get mad about. Though if I had to pick,” the man paused for a moment to think, then she could see him getting angry and she grew excited, this was it! “It's people who manipulate others, especially their feelings. If something makes my blood boil its those people. They're a special kind of evil.” the man glanced at the clock on the bar wall, “I have to go. Truthfully I come here for the big screen tv. I don't drink more than a quarter of a glass.” he laughed and walked out of the bar. The man put a great deal of hatred into that statement about manipulators. Enough for her soup and then some.
          Even as she put the hatred into her soup she couldn't stop thinking about what he said. It still bothered her as she brought the soup to the table, it was a massive bowl as what she was going to do was put it in the center so that the guests could then take however much they wanted into their own individual bowls. Though the statement and his degree of hatred, she knew she was one of those people. Well, not really, she was a ghoul a step above those simple humans. But then she started thinking about what if she had done that to Other World people and started thinking about how different humans were from Other World people and what if they were equal and then if they were the true horribleness of what she had been doing all those years.
         Screaming then pulled her out of her thoughts, she had been so distracted she fumbled with the giant hot soup bowl and it poured over the entire table onto the laps of all the Other World guests. These were celebrities, creatures and beings of greatest importance and significance.
          “You idiot!” Xaggyit one of the richest and most powerful demons in all of the Other World, “This suit cost me ten billion souls! And soup burnt holes all over it and I bet if I wasn't an invincible demon lord I probably would have had half my scales burnt off too! I loved this suit! Though don't worry I won't make you pay for it. I'll do much worse. I'll make lawyers bury you. Deep. Yeah, I'll get you banished to that dirt-hole human world where you get all your precious ingredients from. You're never going to see Other World as long as I live, and that's going to be a long time because I'm an immortal demon lord!”
           And so it was. And when she reached the human world she transformed she found a lonely man. But when she started the relationship she couldn't toy with him. She tried, but she couldn't. She wanted to use him to establish herself in the human world, perhaps use his money or something, but she couldn't. She actually already had plenty of money, a functioning identity in the human world as she had to live there for lengths of time to gather ingredients. She left this man in frustration because she couldn't bring herself to control him. She then approached a less lonely looking man, one who looked content and struck up conversation with him. She didn't attempt to toy or manipulate him and she felt so wonderful about it and felt at ease as they instantly hit it off. She felt great satisfaction just as if she had eaten a wonderful meal.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mrs.Glorft's Class Field Trip

                I told my doctor about my blog awhile ago. I was telling him about my blog because I wanted him to share it with some of his patients to see if it would cheer them up. Many people with epilepsy suffer from severe depression, I just figured maybe if they read something with someone going through the crud they're going through and still succeeding they wouldn't feel as bad, one of the reasons I report on my health so much, seizures are down today too by the way, this medication's practically a blessing) Anyway, onto the flash fiction! I hope you enjoy!

Mrs.Glorft's Class Field Trip

          “And here we are, the human exhibit.” Mrs. Glorft said to her students with a shivering the tentacles over he mouth. She applied huge swaths of purple makeup on her face to make her scales pop out more to be much more appealing as she desperately tried to cling to her youth. “Well, this is actually the second one. The other one is on the upper floor of the zoo.”
         “They're so cute!” a young alien girl named Dorlinga said with a sharp two hundred tooth smile, “the day's fine, why are they wearing clothes? Why do they even know what clothes are?”
         “They are a very intelligent species. Though despite their intelligence they insist on wearing clothes no matter the circumstance.” the teacher explained.
         “Sounds dumb to me.” said Corgton, a burly male alien boy, “And why's the glass on these thing's cage's so thick? They're half our size yet their glass is thicker than the cage on the three-headed Horgorstorns. Did the zookeepers put them in the wrong cage?” Corgton shot a nasty glare at the humans. A few of the humans looked at the aliens, though many of them appeared preoccupied.
          “Goodness no. Despite their appearance these are very dangerous creatures. They were the dominant creatures on their planet before we colonized and they resisted us with nuclear arms.” the teacher told her students.
          “These cute little things had nuclear arms!?” the tentacles of the class folded back into their mouths and they all shivered.
          “Yes. But don't worry they're docile as long as you don't aggravate them. So don't tap the glass!” the teacher said with a smile. She had been the zoo many time with many classes and had seen the same reaction out of hundreds of students.
          “O-of course.” the class responded. Usually kids would ignore the don't tap the glass request.
         “Why are there so many television screens, plastic boxes, patterned balls and other junk all over the place in their cage?” Corgton asked.
          “Those are toys from their world. Some of those are their own kinds of video games, movies and sports. One of the key parts of keeping humans docile is keeping entertained. Oddly enough though, they're not playing. Usually they talk and play, even when we're around. I wonder why their all quiet. Now that I look closely, some of the electronics are dismantled. Did they...did they that a radio?”
         “Attention guests, do not panic! This is the head keeper of the zoo. One of the animals has escaped from the zoo. It is one of the humans from the exhibit on the upper floor.” the zoo keeper said with a calm voice over an intercom all across the zoo. “Though I have it on camera and it appears lost so we should have it captured shortly. It is small and not venomous so do not panic.”
        “Oh, that's the other exhibit!” the teacher said, “Oh, though I said it was dangerous its a tool user and its tiny compared to us so its safe as long as it doesn't get anything.”
         “Then there's nothing to worry about.” Dorlinga smiled.
        “By Frotstorn, its not lost!" the zookeeper yelled,  "It's headed straight to our supply rooms! Someone get over there! That's where we keep the keys to the cages and the stun guns for handling the animals! Wait, did it just crack the code for the lock? It's in! It's armed!”
         “It's gonna kill us!” Dorlinga screamed while her tentacles shot straight out. The entire class panicked running about.
         “Calm down everyone!” the teacher shouted to no avail.
         “Everyone, the human is headed down to the lower level human exhibit! He's running!” the zoo keeper shouted. Then in another few seconds the human appeared before the class. He was large with a strong, muscular build. He had obviously been hand-picked for the job and seemed to have been preparing himself for the escape for a very long time. He motioned the stun-gun at the aliens and they quickly moved out of the way. He used the keys to unlock the cage the humans were in. The glass lowered. The humans did not scramble out. They instead grabbed many things from the cage such as the radio or other electronics and tools they had made from the toys provided to them. The humans moved out of the cage quickly and in an organized fashion. “It's a mass breakout!” the zookeeper announced, “Everyone, clear the areas around the path to and from the human exhibits. Do not attempt to exit the zoo, that is where they will be headed. Do not attempt to exit the zoo. Stay where you are.”
             “Mrs. Glorft what will they do after they escape the zoo?” Dorlinga asked.
              “I don't know.” she responded.
              “We conquered them. Do you think that's what they're going to do to us?” Corgton said. He then wished that thought hadn't crossed his mind.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Robot Beside The Deathbed

           So yeah, watched the Avengers today and it was very, very, very, very, very, very, awesome! It focused mostly on the characters interacting then the action. (Though I assure you there was much action) We saw it in 3D. Mom loves 3D I'm netural towards it. I neither like nor dislike it. Though sometimes during 3D movies(once or twice) take off the glasses for amusement. Like one time the Hulk was on camera and I was like, “One Hulk, Two Hulk, One Hulk, Two Hulk” though after that I kept them on for the rest of the movie. Though they're missing a member on the avengers in that movie... ME! I should be on the team. Somehow. I could be FlashfictionMan! I could distract the villains with my writing and rugged good looks! It could work. Totally. Seriously, I'd look absolutely dashing in spandex. Oh, I'm posting this at about 4:25 and I don't recall having a seizure so I think today's going to be a pretty good day going forward and I shouldn't have too many more as the night goes on.(They mostly come at night, but the day time is a good sign of the night) Anyway, onto the flash fiction! I think this one's pretty good and I think you'll enjoy it.

The Robot Beside The Deathbed

        “I'm going to die Thomas.” my Dad said to me on the hospital bed.
        “No, that's impossible! I know you will get better!” I yelled back to him. I did the calculations a thousand times over in my processors. They had a cure for him and I knew it would work. I had the most advanced robotic brain on the planet and Dad and his colleges had coded me perfectly. I was the super robot intelligence capable of original thought, capable of learning and emotion. Sure, I was a little childish, but that was because I was only five years old, and they had given me the body of a child. But I couldn't be wrong about something like this. He couldn't die. I knew it for a fact.
        “I know all the original lab tests said otherwise, and it shouldn't be possible, but my body is rejecting the cure for my illness. They found out today. I'm going to die Thomas. But they did say I have a few months so I'll be here for your next birthday. We can be happy about that.” my Dad said with a cough.
        “But I want you to be here for all my birthdays, not just this next one!” I would have cried then but I couldn't. My Dad and his colleges built me with remarkable human resemblance, but I didn't truly have human body parts so I couldn't cry. I could smile with my fake mouth, but I couldn't cry. I could also frown, so that's what I did.
        “Now, no need to frown now, it's not like I'm going to die today.” Dad sat up smiling. Dad didn't have too much difficulty getting up on his own, but I could see a little cringe of pain. “And you remember how everyone always says that if you remember someone and think about someone they're always with you? And that should be easy for you considering you have a photographic memory. Oh, and promise me that you won't use that photographic memory to count cards when your older alright?”
       “Alright Dad, I won't count cards!” I laughed. Though they managed to make voice sound normal and human my laughing had this sort of static clicking behind it. He laughed with me and his booming laugh drowned out the static in my laugh as it always did.
        “So, yeah, just keep me in your heart okay?” He said.
        “But Dad, I'm a robot, y'know, no heart.” I laughed and smiled while I pointed at my chest.
        “No son, you got a heart.” he told me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Demon's Depressing Storybook

              Howdy everyone! I'm excited because I'm going to see the Avengers movie with the family tomorrow. I think that the Avengers movie, being about a team of superheroes can teach me about character interactions and naturally action scenes. (I try to learn what I can from anything I watch or read, like my post about how I learned about side characters from that Megaman comic) And even if the movie teaches me nothing the movie will still be pretty awesome! I also watched a mystery show with Mom and Grandma tonight. It's main characters were nice but it was hard to follow because it took place in a mansion with many servants about 8 of them plus several other characters. Just too many people to follow. I learned from that show to make sure I keep the character count down in a mystery. (I have an idea for a sci-fi mystery novel) Oh, only had like five seizures today so that was nice. Wow, I had quite the ramble for this post! Anyway, onto the flash fiction!

The Demon's Depressing Storybook
       “Why do you keep reading me all these sad stories!?” the young demon boy asked his father as the father turned the last page and said “the end”. “Why does everyone have to die, become sick, get poor, get brutally mangled, lose their friends or family, get eaten by birds, beheaded, drowned or poisoned? Why does everything end up bad!?”
        “These stories are here to show you how bad the world is without you having to learn it the hard way. Every young demon should know this.” the father demon explained to his son. “I don't want to give you any of the sugar coated garbage the angels give their kids. That's what this storybook is for, to teach you the attitude you need. Now go to bed I'll see you in the morning.” The young demon's purple blood boiled. He hated the stories. He wished he could change them. He got into bed and then as he got comfortable he glanced onto the floor and noticed he left his crayons on the floor and got an idea. He grabbed them and the book.
            The storybook his Dad used had many stories in it. The boy went to the first page of the story his Dad just read him. The story was titled The Demon Prince, Princess and the Evil Dragon Lord in it,
the Demon Prince had come to the very poor Kingdom of Sassin where there was a massive drought and the people were starving and half the populace had already starved and their only hope was that the Prince married the Princess and the wealth from his Kingdom would feed the people. But the Princess had been kidnapped by the dragon. The Prince went to save the dragon. When he dueled the dragon he was eaten, the princess was eaten and the Kingdom was left to starve to death. And that's where the story ended.
           The young demon boy grabbed his crayons and started editing. He used his red crayon to change the text, crossing out most of the old and using the rest to draw new pictures alongside changing the old. Now the Demon Prince came to the very poor Kingdom of Sassin, however there was no drought and nobody had died, they just didn't have enough money to buy neat things like television or video games. (He explicity stated this in his narration. The Prince had learned the Princess had been kidnapped so he went to rescue her. He met the dragon and when he drew his sword the dragon cowered as he was not mean he was just lonely and kidnapped Princess for company. So they went home to the Kingdom, became friends, The Prince and Princess married and they lived happily ever after. He noted they played lots of video games since the Prince came from a wealthy Kingdom and could afford them all.
         He didn't stop there. He edited every story in the book. Every ending became happy. Poison became soda. Frowns became smiles. Funerals became parties. People didn't fight, they fell in love. He also edited the stories his father hadn't read yet. Those he made the cheeriest. He wanted to make everything sad be happy so badly that it didn't cross his mind what his Dad's reaction would be. He went to bed and went through the next day with a smile.
        The father hoped he wouldn't get any whining out of his son when he opened up the storybook that night. The father usually read a sentence to himself before he read it aloud to avoid making mistake. When the father read the sentence his face grew ten times more red with anger. Though hardly anybody could actually tell, as a demon's skin was already nearly perfectly red to begin with. He finished reading the page before turning it to his son, in all its crayon-edited glory.
        “Could you explain to me why the 'evil bandit' is now the 'misunderstood bandit' and why the narration says that he 'secretly regrets stealing' and how 'everybody has enough money to get by even though they were stolen from so anybody reading this shouldn't worry' and also that 'nobody should worry BECAUSE NO VIDEO GAMES WERE STOLEN!?” the demon father yelled so loud it was as if somebody had pulled his horns out. “Explain yourself!”
        “I'm tired of all the sad stories.” the young demon boy mumbled deep under his breath, practically inaudible.
         “What was that!?” the father yelled.
The boy then grew furious himself, “I was tired of all the sad stories, all the bad endings. I made all the stories happy because that's how they should be!”
           “All the stories?” the father gasped. He then flipped through the pages, “You changed the ENTIRE BOOK!?”
           “YES! I know there's bad things in the world, but I want happy stories! I don't wanna hear sad things all the time!”
           “That's enough out of you! Your starting to sound like one of those happy-go-lucky sugar coating angels. I'm taking this book. And I'm taking these crayons so you don't get the chance to ruin ANOTHER book. I'm not going to read you a story, now you're just going to sit there and think until you go to sleep.” The young demon sat for a minute while the father glared at him.
           “You're right, I don't need a book. I just think up happy stories!” the young demon smiled.
           “That's not what I meant!” the father yelled.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lord Blorgf Loves You!

         Grandma was having difficulty with her email program, so Dad and I went over to fix it, it was quick fix so we spent some more time talk with her about her kindle and socializing in general. The visit was really fun. Didn't get to play Diablo III with brother yesterday, various things like dinner and setting it up got in the way, he's heading for a trip this weekend too so I won't play it with him then either. But whatever. We'll get to it soon. The demon's can wait to be slayed by my mighty powers. Now, onto the flash fiction!

Lord Blorgf Loves You!

       “Today kids we're here to talk about how much Lord Blorgf loves you!” said a man in a full dog body suit. The body suit was well designed to be as non-threatening and kid friendly as possible and it worked. Little Jimmy along with every other kid in America watched the show eagerly and fully entranced. (Though the colorful spinning patterns behind the dog helped) other countries watched different versions with different actors in different costumes, but it all had the same effect. Every child was required to watch the show every day at the appointed time in their country. “And why does Lord Blorgf love you?”
      “Because he's the kindest being in all the world!” little Jimmy responded in synch with other children's voices already recorded into the show to help him along just in case he didn't know what to say.
      “And how much does he love you?” the “dog” asked.
      “He loves us with all six of his hearts! He cares about us more than anything else!” Little Jimmy yelled excitedly. In school they disciplined him harshly if he ever raised his voice. The show was the only time he was allowed to raise his voice so he really got into it.
      “And when did he start loving us?” the man asked.
       “As soon as he landed here in the year two thousand fifty seven!” Little Jimmy answered.
       “And how did he first show his love?” the man continued to test the children's knowledge.
       “He got rid of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, and all the other nasty people who were controlling our countries but didn't love us.” Little Jimmy smiled because he knew his history.
        “Yes, he showed us he loved us because he protected us from them.” the man told them. “He always works very hard to protect us, especially from ourselves. Because he loves us. Why does he make sure we read only the right things, write only the right things, listen to only the right things, sing about the right things, see the right things, paint the right things, sculpt the right things, play the right games, watch the right shows, dance the right way, and talk about the right things?”
       “To make sure we think about the right things so we don't make mistakes!” Little Jimmy said alongside the recorded children in the show.
        “Exactly! All because Lord Blorgf loves you!” the man in the dog suit said in a chipper voice.