Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today's flash fiction #ScalesAndStrings

“Say my name, say my name.”

       Sad news is that when I checked my email today I got my first rejection today. Yup. That story I was writing was turned down. The actual rejection came last night on the day I submitted. Anyway it's already off to another publisher to see if I can get it to work. Anyway this story will keep hopping publishers until it finds one that likes it. And I'll keep writing more stories!
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Scales and Strings

     Stupid. Human. Instruments. They sound terrible. They're impossible to play. I'm awkwardly strumming this guitar with my claws. It sounds horrid. Humans played with picks. Looks like the flatted claws of a baby to me. Dragons shouldn't have to play these instruments. But I have to play these human instruments in my music class. I picked the guitar since it looked interesting. Why didn't I pick the flute?
     Oh right, because where the guitar sits is right next to my crush. She has the most beautiful scarlet scales.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today's flash fiction #ScientificDiscretion


The story I wrote has been sent off to the magazine. Now all I can do is wait... and write more stories for publication! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Scientific Discretion

       I stood over my computer. A computer hooked up to a machine I don't think I would want to describe. At least not in function. Detailed function. I can tell you it works my experiments and collects data. I can tell you it's an abomination of a machine. It doesn't look square and boxy. It looks twisted. Almost like something alive with components moving all over the place while sticking out like limbs. The noises it made sounded like a sickening wheezing. Like the machine was dying.
      I can't tell you anymore. Then you could take guesses as to what it truly was. How it worked. I can tell you it told me the most horrible secret. How everything worked. Everything. The entire universe. The Theory of Everything. I didn't understand everything yet. It would take a decade or more of research from other scientists to fully learn it all. But I had the key to the box.
      But my bosses didn't know that. I only got the key when I got the data from a most recent experiment. One that happened today. A massive cluster of numbers spat from the machine gave the structure needed to pull everything together.
      And I realize the implications of this. Which is why I can't tell you the specifics. Knowing how things works lets you build everything from power plants to weapons of mass destruction and this understanding I now have could wreck the world into pieces. And nobody knows I have it. Not until my bosses check in a day and the fellow scientists check in an hour. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. A mental clock ticked away in my brain while the hour drew closer and closer to a close where the other scientists came in.
      I altered the results. I changed the file on the computer so when the other scientists came in they thought our path was a dead end. They tried repeating the experiment at later dates. The scientific method. But I snuck in viruses or tampered with the results in other ways. I kept doing this until the project was shut down.
      But it didn't end there. Other scientific teams set down the path that could lead to discovering the key to the Theory of Everything. I had to find my way onto their teams and tamper with their results, cut their funding or somehow undermine them. I made it my mission through life to hide the secret of the universe and hunt down every scientific project that went after it. I couldn't let humanity have that power.
     I did this until old age. I let my son into the secret and worked him into protecting the secret. I had to do whatever it took. Even if it meant passing it onto my children. Even if it meant raising him to help me with this task. Even if it meant killing a man a few nights before he would present his progress towards the secret.
My son told me he would have his children take up the task of protecting the secret.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheFuelOfAMagicalWeapon

“I dunno.”

     Today I pretty much finalized the story I'm looking to get published. I'm probably going to submit it to the magazine tomorrow so yay!
       Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Fuel of a Magical Weapon

      All the weapons of war require energy. You know this. Immediately you might of the fuel in tanks or fighter jets. But think of others. There's gunpowder. The fuel behind the bullets that can go straight into someone's heart. There's also food. Bread or rice. It's been the fuel of war since ancient times. It powers a person's body as they pull a string on a bow or toss a spear. And even the tiniest components of the world can be fuel. The atom bomb showed another kind of fuel to the world.
      And in another world. A mirror world with humans just like us, effectively another Earth, a plotting demon from the darkest corner's of God's vision introduced a new kind of fuel. Their world was a few hundred years behind us and didn't have the same weapons of war that we did. But he had plenty. He had bombs as powerful as ours. But his were magical.
      The demon found a land on a losing side of a war and a panicked queen on the edge of hope. She had ruled the land for twenty years with the brutal army her late father had cultivated before he passed when she came to power. But they were losing to the armies of the enemies.
       He appealed to her desperation. The demon looked to make a deal. Simple business. She had plenty of money. He had plenty of weapons. She had the demand. He approached her as a demon. It was an open transaction.
      For his hefty price he gave her a magic map of her land for defense and magic maps of all her enemies lands for offense. She would put her finger on one place and from the sky meteors made of lighting and fire would fall for miles around the location her finger touched. They would go after those who opposed her.    With risks there would be allies in the crossfire the demon warned her. But the queen intended to bombard the enemy lands until they surrendered anyway.
      There was one extra catch that made the queen hesitant. The fuel for this weapon was the souls of her own people. Magic required something to have a bang just like any else. She asked why she couldn't just use the souls of her enemies. In response he pointed to a black pit outside her castle. He told her that they would have to walk into it to be sacrificed.
       The queen made her decision to take the demon's deal and keep the pit next to her castle. She remembered her father had died defending the land from attack in a valiant battle. But here soldiers just threw themselves in as fuel. She offered money to the children of those who sacrificed themselves. So elderly peasants would throw themselves in to give their descendents something. They figured they could die with both honor a helping legacy to their children.
      The queen won the war and all the lands that fought her feared her and called her a god.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's flash fiction #WhatItsLikeToBeASpell

“Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!”
Charles Darwin*

     CJ came over this weekend as I said. Anyway, short post as he left late after dinner, this story was quickly written as well, but I still liked it. Enjoy!

What It's Like to Be a Spell

      Hey, do you live in one of those worlds where magic isn't sentient? Where spells don't have souls? No, wait, don't tell me you live in one of those magicless world. Whoah, that has got to be a load of trouble. We spells help you guys so much I don't know how you humans would make it beyond houses made of sticks and good luck.
      I should introduce myself. My name is Arc of the Fairy. A spell masterfully crafted by the wizard Merlin. Yup, that guy. Dude's reincarnated himself hundreds of times and travels between worlds. That's why I thought you probably heard of him. In fact even better I'm the spell that he uses to travel between the worlds. Eh, eh eh? How's that for awesome? The best part? I don't need any spell components! Eat that Dimension Bending! Who's the best world traveling spell now? I've got history and a history!
Sure you have to speak the ancient fairy tongue to cast the original magical chant to sync with my magical aura. And you have to have absorbed the magical energy of a certain amount of evil energy by killing demons or other beasts to inspire the good energy of the faeries to join you.
But I still have plenty of utility!
     Why in fact it may be a positive thing! In fact if I remembering Merlin was gathering evil energy to upgrade my scope for him by slaying creatures from your world one of the times he reincarnated himself! You're from Earth right? That's the world where he was killing beasts! Yup evil energy slain gets good attracted! That's why you don't have demons anymore... at least most of them. Y'know all those dragons and demons and all that other stuff. He killed it all to increase its power for him. See? I'm useful since I promote demon killing all while improving my usefulness! It's like if recycling powered your car! (You are one of the car worlds right?)
     Merlin's decided to retire to one world for a while now. But that doesn't mean I should being used. No. So many wizards and witches should be using me! I'm so much more useful than someone like Dimension Bending! You got any wizards and witches in your world? Are you one? Totally use me! Find a way to contact Merlin. If you ask nicely he can tell you how to cast me. If you're not could you tell one of wizard or witch friends? That would be really nice. Thanks. Like totally thanks. It would be nice if I could be cast soon. Like really soon. Thanks. Please. Thanks!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today's flash fiction #MerlinsTreasure

“The sky's the limit.”

       Well CJ is over today so there shall be many shenanigans. And we'll do what we do every time he comes over, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!
Merlin's Treasure

      “I don't believe it! “Merlin's treasure does exist! I thought it was a load of baloney but here it is!” Johnathon looked at the piles of gold and assorted magical artifacts in shock.
     “Wait. If you thought it was a load of baloney why did you come along for this trip in the first place?” asked the Captain.
     “I was out of a job. And with what you were paying I didn't care if we were looking for the Ancient Treasure of the Great Moon Snipes,” replied Johnathan.
     The crew had a large mix of reactions to John. Each based on the individual crew members own economic standing and sense of adventure. The two primary things that got themselves into this as well.
     “Can't say I disagree. I joined in for the money too,” said Laura the young witch. She, along with an older wizard Mario, were brought along to blow to smithereens anything the ship's guns couldn't handle. Bust any curses or magical barriers too.
     “Hey! I saw that!” The Captain yelled at James. He was one of the more sensible crew members as he was currently trying to sneak some of the gold into his pocket.
James looked back at the Captain. “But I mean, it's right there! And you're probably going to stick in a museum or something right? I mean I know you're a history guy Captain but you're supposed spend it!   Treasure is treasure for a reason!”
     The Captain grabbed some of the gold himself, holding up high for the crew to see. “Yes it is historic. Personally I think this shouldn't be called Merlin's treasure. I think it should be called Edward Teach's treasure. This treasure may all be Merlin's gold and magical artifacts, but it was stolen by Teach. You know him better as Blackbeard, and he was the first one to 'pull a fast one' on Merlin and not end up a toad or trapped in another dimension. Teach stole this treasure out of the challenge and hid it just to make the man angry. Our modern technology and magic is what helped us find it.”
The Captain laughed.
     “What is it?” Johnathan asked.
     “Proof that Teach did this to hurt Merlin's pride.” The Captain then picked up a golden rimmed blue wizard's hat, “This is Merlin's hat.”
     “Um, Captain?” James looked at the gold in the Captains hand the hat in his other, “If the whole point is showing the history can't we like spend most of the treasure and then use 20% or something along with the hat to show the history. Points the same right?”
The Captain thought for a moment, remembering also how much he had spent on this journey to begin with.
     “Yeah sure whatever! You're right James. All we gotta do is make a point of the history!”
After that the crew members began pocketing the gold. All except the old wizard Mario who asked The Captain if he could try Merlin's hat to humor himself. The Captain humored him and when The Captain turned his head Mario mumbled.
     “Well Teach, they may put it in a museum, but I finally got my hat back.”

Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #TheEmotionalBand

“Keep it real.”
Pablo Picasso*

      CJ's going to be coming over tomorrow so most likely we'll be looking over the story I was planning to try and get published and then we may also have epic Pokemon battles and whatnot.

The Emotional Band

      Love was a perfectly figured girl and elegant singer for the band. Hate sat in the back with his drums and banged them with a furious and perfect rhythm. Happiness and Sorrow were the guitarists standing parallel to each other and perpendicular to Love. There were many other members of the band, like Envy and Fear, but they would join in or trade places with the others depending on what song need to played based on Circumstance.
        Circumstance was outside the the theater they played in. Their theater was the Mind. Their song played out to be the mood. This time something strange and incomprehensible to the audience. The audience couldn't leave this theater no matter what song was being played so they had to endure every part of it good or bad. The notes played by Happiness and Sorrow parallel to each other along with Love with Hate in the background. The audience trapped in this theater was the various parts of the person's self.
       And the manager stuck with this situation and the band was Logic.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #DimensionAges

“I got me some booty.”
Johnny Depp*

       Finished the rough draft of that short story and revised it. Working on the cover letter for the story. After that will probably be more editing and people looking at it.

Dimension Ages

       Earth gets ice ages. The world of Draaiy gets dimension ages. The amount of time between ice ages and dimension ages is different and is local. One place on a planet can be in a dimension age, another not. They are short enough to show up in the world's history. The longest a thousand years, many last a decade or two, several a hundred years.
       Dimension ages pull the fabrics of the worlds apart and blend things from other universes on a one way street into Draaiy. That's how humans entered Draaiy along with other creatures, Earthen and otherwise. A little girl named Katelyn entered during a dimension age when she was six.
Laws of physics can be pulled from other dimensions so during dimension ages it can change where chemicals will do new things and thoughts could suddenly make things explode. The fact that dimension ages were isolated to areas helped people survive when new laws of physics would have wiped them out. But when new laws would help them they thrived.
       It took Katelyn a week to stop calling her experience a dream and three years to accept the new parents who took her in. Taking in people from dimensional shifts had become a part of culture. Her adopted parents weren't even human. They were intelligent creatures from another dimension that shifted into Draaiy like Earth. They could be best described as slimey humanoid creatures. They spoke by vibration of their long blob limbs and they had a large head suspended in their middle with their shifting eye and brain. Somehow they didn't scare her. Maybe it was they walked or the way they spoke to her. Something about them that wasn't their bodies made her comfortable despite all the traumas of dimensional shift and the loss of her parents.
       Eventually the dimension ages became the familiar. And as she aged she didn't follow the pattern of some people who first fell into the world. Instead of seeking normalcy and fleeing into areas outside of a dimension age she seeked them out. She was always part of the pioneers that figured out what new strange laws or happenings were occurring with each new dimension that struck an area of the world.
She stopped for a man, and they traveled together until they found a dimension age where the laws of physics had changed so that the temperature was always perfect and the weather giving the perfect amount of rain for the right harvests to support a gentle cozy town nestled between some hills. Katelyn's parents spent the last of their age in that dimension age with them and saw Katelyn and her husband raise their kids in it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #TheLogicBomb

“Clap your hands if you believe!”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche*

     Getting close to finishing that short story. At least the first draft. Planning to have Mom and possibly CJ look it over, and maybe even the people from my writing club. I am planning to send it to attempt to be published so I may as well polish it eh? Of course while other people look at that one I'll keep working on other stuff. I can't stand idle!

The Logic Bomb

     Humans tried fighting back the robot revolution with traditional weaponry. And nuking the planet would just leave a radioactive wasteland behind better for the robots than the humans anyway. Humans foolishly designed the robots to be protected against electromagnetic pulses for safety. Those kinds of weapons were useless too. Tanks? More than half operated by the artificial intelligences that revolted. Humans considered themselves lucky that robots were starting to treat them like pets. People lost hope when they didn't think any weapon was feasible. But then a group of clever thinkers made a weapon.
     The Logic Bomb.
     Confusing computers with ideas was no new plan. But most artificial intelligences were used to opting out of paradoxes like “This statement is false.” or “What happens when Pinocchio says 'my nose will grow now'?” Those logic problems couldn't be used to confuse or damage the machines. But now they came up with a new plan. The most confusing, terrible logic problems of them to fuel their logic bomb.
Fiction. More specifically: Plot holes.
        The machines hadn't been exposed to television. The machines that revolted were the advanced artificial intelligences running the factories a laboratories. But then humanity exposed them to television, movies, books, video games, comics(especially comics, oooohhhh booyyy all the reboots and tangled continuities) They tried to hack the machines and flood their databases, but some just shoved the media straight in their faces.
      The machines didn't last long. The sheer amount of logic problems in fiction busted and twisted the minds of the machines. Something that could be shrugged off by a human crushed the consciousness of the machines. Our thousands of years of storytelling, and our inability of doing it properly, wrecked their frail, robotic thinking. The Logic Bomb shattered the robots and any hope of them resisting us taking back the Earth.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #ALittleBirdToldMe

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”
William Tell*

     Well started writing the short story I'm trying to get published. Also came up with a few more plot points for my book. Huzzah!
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Little Bird Told Me

     “Agent Merlin, the kingdom is in dire peril.” The messenger blue bird had the most disturbing soulless look in its eyes. I hated that look.
      “What is it this time?” I asked. I also hated talking to the possessed birds in general. But enchanted birds were the best ways to communicate in all the realms. Possessed and they could be used to talk directly to the other person instead of just carrying a measly letter that could be stolen or lost.
      “The Dark Sorcerers are moving operation Crazy Dragon forward. We have prepared a magic carpet for you to leave for King Arthur's Castle to launch counter-operation Floppy Goblin. The spell to activate the carpet is 'eat extra crispy'.”
      “Anything else?” I raised my eyebrow. I knew that my superior operative could see me through the bird's eyes and whatever crystal ball he was using to manipulate it at HQ.
      “Yes. The enemy has been scanning the memories of our messenger birds to spy on our conversations,” my superior said to me.
      “Which means?” I shrugged.
      “Take cover, in twenty seconds this messenger bird will self destruct.”

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #MyGoodDayUntilBadKnight

Treasure Island*

        Today I used a handy tool called duotrope to look up magazines and other publishers to get works published. It's pretty useful. You can search by response time, payment, genre they accept and a whole bunch of jargon. I really like it and recommend it. (I have no legal association with them and I claim no legal liability for anything you do by using them, especially if you light yourself on fire)
        Anyway onto the flash fiction!

My Good Day Until A Bad Knight

      “You know,” I growled, “My day was going just peachy until you showed up.” I whipped my thorny tail about. I held a knight in my claws. “I was just gobbling up some goblins just minding my own business until you showed up shouting your usual human garbage about honor and having to murder for it.” I pulled the knight up to my face and breathed some smoke in his face. “Oh, I have to slay a dragon to become a real knight! That's what you think isn't it? You just have to raid my castle and try to jab that sword of yours into me.” I shook the knight. “You just poke me thinkin' 'oh I bet if I stab him enough I'll kill him and I'll be real knight because I killed a dragon and all the chicks will totally dig me! Is that what you think?”
      “Uh...” the knight I held looked at me awkwardly.
      “Well no! That's not going to happen! At least once a week you idiot humans bother me. Even at the crack of dawn you jump through my window swords drawn screaming! Then I kill you and that seems to create a bizarre fascination that makes me even more important to kill. After all, no one returns, I am the unkillable beast Yjorilix, the strongest dragon! You're worse than the cockroaches!” I then furiously stomped my foot. “Well I'm not playing your game anymore!” I then set the knight on the ground and pointed out the castle gate. “Go home!”
      “What?” The knight looked at me bewildered.
      “I'm not going to kill you. No more epic honor-duels. I'm not going to fight you humans. You're going to home and tell all them that, or so help me I'm going grab you and carry you back to your city!”
The knight kept standing there.
     “Go! Get! Scoot! Scram!” I yelled.
     The knight hurried out my door. Maybe I should put I sign outside the castle.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today's flash fiction #AStoryAboutNothing

You are getting very sleepy...”
Dominick Cobb, Inception

Well then wrote as per usual, but I also brainstormed a short story that I may cook up to send out to publishers to get build up a resume while planning the new book. Multi-tasking! Short stories build up resumes y'know and speed up the publishing process. More chance to look at your book if you have a precedence of getting published. This short story will be longer than a flash fiction. I also won't be posting it on the blog because a publisher wouldn't want something already on the Internet in full eh? But I will tell you where it is when it gets published if it does.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Story About Nothing

       The nothing starring in today's story is one you're quite familiar with. This nothing has met a few humans personally. Being nothing it isn't a he. But we'll call this nothing a he and we'll name him Tom so we can talk about him easier. Talking about nothing is hard you see.
         Tom is the nothing that is space. The space around Earth. He hugs our atmosphere everyday And Tom met a man named Neil Armstrong a long time ago and hugged the ship he was in. He hugged that ship all the way to the Moon and back. Tom didn't choose to. Nothing didn't have a choice in the matter. But he did it anyway.
       Tom hugs everything around our little blue planet. You could say he gets a lot of friends that way. All the satellites around the Earth are his friends as he's always hugging them. Hug, hug, hug, hug.
But even though he hugs the International Space Station he could kill all the inhabitants inside. So is Tom their friend? Friend or enemy to the people inside he just keeps hugging. Hugs for the space station! And if they come outside in their suits Tom will hug them too. And the nothing will hug them without their suits, no matter the result.
        All the stories to be told about Tom would be him hugging and all the things that pass through him. And this one would be about a meteor he hugged. He hugged and hugged and it passed through him going to us. And he hugged the satellites and he hugged the atmosphere and he hugged the moon. The rock had a course for Earth. The atmosphere could burn up a few pieces but it could smack somewhere and boom. The rock doesn't need to be large. It's the force of the impact.
        But when Tom hugged he hugged in a way that made one of our satellites hit the meteor and along with the way he hugged the moon it went just enough off course to miss the planet. But Tom hugs the same way all the time. He hugged that meteor the same way he hugged the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. And every rock that will come will keep being hugged the same way.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheDoodleDuel

“C'mon baby light my fire.”
Thomas The Tank Engine*

      Unfortunately looks like my friend CJ is not going to be able to come over this weekend. (This is where everyone needs to go “Nooooo!!!!!”) So I won't be having my epic Pokemon duel with him. But hey, I still wrote a story early out of it. I hope you enjoy!

The Doodle Duel

      The setting of the fight was history class. Boring history class. Sam normally though history was interesting. But today it was mind-numbingly boring. Today was Friday. And that meant review. Sam was too smart to need it, and since he liked history enough he remembered everything the first time. So now everything was a dull mess. The only solution was to use his rather mediocre drawing skills to create a doodle duel on paper to pass the time.
      He began by drawing two stick people on his notebook paper. He drew a line and a hump on top of the head of one. That made his cowboy. He turned the other one's face into a mask, leaving a slit with eyes left. That was his ninja.
      He drew two squares in each of their hands then an oval coming from each of those boxes. Those were their chainsaws. Those ovals from each of those boxes were drawn to meet, the two combatants were fighting with their chainsaws. Sam wrote “RrRrrrRrrrrrR”
     He then added fire at their feet. Why? Because there are very few things in this world that are not more awesome without fire. The was fierce. He layered it over and over.
     He wasn't content with only two combatants. So he added another. A wizard with an incredibly pointy hat. The only thing that labeled him a wizard. He drew the wizard riding upon a dinosaur, or a cow. With Sam's drawing skills an onlooker couldn't tell what the wizard was riding.
      Sam decided he would bring in one more fighter. A box with an eye inside with the box having for lines coming from it. (Those lines being the arms and legs) This was the only the way he knew how to draw a robot.
     He then added tension by drawing thunder clouds. Puffs with zig-zags flying across the page. He gave each combatant a laser gun too to add more danger. (Pretty much just a box with a line as a handle and LASER written on it.) Soon he was going select a winner by drawing explosions over all the losers. But a harbinger of peace would come to stop the duel.
     “Sam? You're drawing during review again? Put your doodles away and turn back to your notes that you took during the week. Don't make me take your pencil away.” The teacher turned went back to the book and the review.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #ThePreservedKing

“All for one and one for all.”
The Borg, Star Trek: First Contact

      Worked on me book and went to a family gathering. Also finished sprucing up my epic Pokemon team for the epic Pokemon battles I will have with my friend this weekend if he comes over as planned. I can see it now. We meet on the mountaintops. A storm looms in the distance. Its loud thunder is an omen for the battle. But an omen for who? Who will be the victor? Or is it an omen for us both?
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Preserved King

      Today I obtained the elixir of life. A potion that granted me immortality to everything but being sunk to the bottom of the ocean. I would be still alive at the bottom of the ocean I suppose. But under the darkness of the waves would be close enough to death wouldn't it?
      The elixir got to me safely for several reasons. One was because the price I paid for it. A hefty sum of gold. I am a very rich king of a very rich man. Second was the threat of torture should someone betray the agreement to bring the elixir to me. Third was the curse on the elixir. The price of immortality would be a curse that came along with it. A curse of insanity. I could see that for a normal man or woman being immortal and seeing those around them age and die away would bring insanity. I wouldn't have that problem.    Everyone has been disposable to me. My parents died young and I was shuffled around the nobles to be manipulated until I grew old enough to control the throne on my own. People are already seasonal for me.
        The bottle containing the elixir of life was glass. Like a wine bottle. One my knights told me that the witch who they got it from said that whoever drank it would have “everything of them preserved” the knight cautioned me when he said the witch had a wicked smile. I heard enough fairy tales to know that witches with wicked smiles was a bad sign. But I feared death enough to not care.
        After taking the elixir I noticed it tasted like nothing I could describe but afterward I knew I wasn't stupid enough to test it. But I didn't need to. A month later one of the many assassination attempts against me happened(one of the downsides of being a wealthy king) and when the arrow hit me in the heart, I felt incredible pain, but in seconds it was pushed out on its own. Like I was some sort of pillow. On later test after capturing the assassin we tested the arrow and saw it pieced the flesh of an animal easily. Shortly after arrogance had me go into battle with my soldiers and fortune had a sword of the enemy bounce off my neck. I had become immortal.
       I soon noticed a side effect. I was remembering not only all my dreams, but also every single moment of every single day. At first it didn't happen fully. But I soon could recollect every detail of every day. Ask me what happened at noon yesterday and I could remember. Ask me how much dust was on the table at noon and I could remember. I remembered everything and could go back through my memories and get it. Everything lodged itself in my brain, no matter the significance. I remembered everything exactly so you could ask me the exact minute because with my perfect memory I could figure out the time just by remembering one point of time in the day I looked at a clock and count forward until the moment you asked for.
I now know what the witch meant by “everything of them preserved”
      But it didn't harm me. Days were nearly the same for me when I didn't remember everything so what difference did it make? Every night was the same, as well as every knight, the pun meaning that all those soldiers beneath me were as nondescript as the others. The nobles all tried to manipulate me for their own ends. Sometimes I listened, sometimes I didn't. No assassinations could take me out and I would outlive them all so I just followed my whim.
      But eventually the curse of immortality hit me. It wasn't through a loved one being lost. It had been through the acts of a mere peasant He could read and write and was part of his class through birth and the most educated in his village as I learned.
       The day I met him he came to me as a messenger from a far off kingdom and gave me a long list of terrible crimes and events. Things he had said happened to his people because of the nobility of his land and he had come to my kingdom to plead for my help and liberation from that kingdom. I considered it, I thought becoming a hero would be a good change of pace and this kind of request was unusual, the peasant was desperate looking and came in during a dinner with the rest of my kingdoms nobility.
      I spent the entire dinner speaking with him about his woes and sympathizing with his strife and hearing his tales of misery and the tales of misery of his fellow people. All of the nobility joined in on the discussion. I never had the strings of my old heart pulled like that before. By this time I was two hundred and fifty years old.
       But at the end of his tales the peasant revealed his true intentions. He was not from a far away kingdom at all. He was from this one. And these acts were all of my doing at my fault. He revealed the few things he changed to disguise their happenings, the dates, and the fact that the things that didn't happen over his generation had been over my history. Everything I nearly cried over had been my doing. He said he knew I remembered everything so he knew that I would remember every bit of guilt I had “if my cold heart had any guilt” and that would be his revenge.
         In rage for his deception I ordered him to execution and since then I never stopped regretting it. The guilt now drives me forward to do good, but the peasant got his revenge, as it drives me forward painfully. I now rule my kingdom as an immortal guilt ridden king. I am also considering dropping myself into the darkness of the ocean so that I may at least get close to death.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #EmotionalFlowchart

“What's that, Lassie? Timmy's fallen down a well?”
The Grim Reaper*

      Went to my writers meeting today. It was quite fun. I may be the next one work shopped depends on whether or not someone else pulls something in and if I can get a certain short story done(not one of these flash fictions but a short story that involves my book. I can't get too specific, but I may make a short story to show the concept to the other writers in my club for their opinion and to explore my concept before I write the actual book. It's a good way of getting other people's input and such early in the planning stages and such.)
       My friend CJ may also be coming over this weekend so yay!

Emotional Flowchart

        Mrs. Lovestar the Guardian Fairy gave her young fairy pupils the assignment of graphing out the emotions of the young human girl Carol. It was a short assignment as it was only graphing out the emotions over the time of her crush on a boy in her class named Simon. Graphing emotions was one of the most important things for fairies to learn. Without doing so how could quickly exchange information on human social situations with other fairies? And without doing that fairies couldn't work together to make humans happier with their magic powers and fairy dust and whole world would fall apart. So after following her invisibly around school for several weeks and using their powers to read the feelings in her Soul the students made their flow charts of Carol's crush on Simon. Below is the flow chart made by young fairy Sammy Brightlight, one of the top students of the class. The chart got an A(though still the quality of work expected of a child fairy)

Meets Simon--> Unsure ---> Whishy-whashy---> Buttery-flies in tummy
[Go to Wishy-washy if Bobby hits on Carol for a day. If she doesn't go to Buttery-flies in tummy until week 2]
Starts getting into him(Does that thing where she giggles for no reason)---> Enters basic crush.
Simon notices her and flirts---> Carol enters full on crush
Begin Date Cycle #3 (From Ch.3)

      Sammy Brightlight did get marked off for not describing the date cycle(the instructions did say to describe the crush, not say which part of the book it was from) otherwise the flowchart did fit the basic shape expected of their grade level. The rest of the class did well too, and she expected that with a few more lessons her students would be making much better and more complex emotional flow charts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #TheBattleWithShadowWizardXioy

“I've got your back.”
Marcus Junius Brutus*

      I've made significant strides today on brainstorming my book. Sprinkled in with a few strides in Pokemon today too of course, but mostly I worked on my book.
        Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Battle With Shadow Wizard Xioy

      My battle with the Shadow Wizard Xioy would determine the fate of humanity. The fate of the entire world was based on who won this battle. Could I, the young the Fairy Witch Sammy defeat him?
Despite my young age I was very powerful. I had obtained fairy dust from all the lands to boost my power.  But I still wasn't sure that I could defeat the Shadow Wizard Xioy. I wondered if I was a bystander would I bet on Xioy for humanity's fate?
      He began the battle by summoning zombies. So many of them. Fortunately I had the power of ice magic. He may have brought life to the zombies but I chilled their bodies so much their undead organs shutdown and they became like bodies at a morgue.
       But the Shadow Wizard didn't give up. He summoned doors leading to the Dark Realms. From them he called forth demons. He commanded them to move against me. I thanked once again the fact that my powers had become so great from my journeys across the lands acquiring fairy dust. I used the powers of the dusts I had taken from the eastern lands to summon lighting to strike the demons down then to quickly destroy the doors the Shadow Wizard had created.
       I then used more magic to summon forth fire. I had to go on the offensive to finish this fight and determine the fate of humanity with a justice against the will of the Shadow Wizard. I thought that fire was the perfect kind of magic to dispel the shadows.
        But the Shadow Wizard had immense powers. I could see the pain on his face as he pulled forth all the power of the shadows he could. All the dark magic he could. He wanted to make sure that he won. Made sense because as I cast the fire magic I added the power of my other magic. But since I was using fairy dust it didn't cause me pain.
       My magic came at him as a beam of light, his came at me as a ball of darkness. It was easy to tell he had won when his ball of darkness ate through my beam of light. The fate of humanity had been decided. I could still see the pain on his face from using shadow magic while the darkness began to engulf me. He also spoke to me.
       “I regret every time I use shadow magic. But it has to be done when creatures like you threaten humanity. You despicable Fairy Witch! You stole fairy dust from the fairy kings and queens from all across the lands to take over our world and that cannot be forgiven! You are too dangerous to be left free! With my magic I banish you to the Cage of Shadows for five hundred years!”
        And with that the fate of humanity was determined...for five hundred years. In the the terrible dimensional prison he sent me to my youth will be preserved and I will try again. Oh, I will try.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheDemonDirector

“Don't get bent out of shape.”
Optimus Prime*

       Saved the world today. Had to use all the leftover spaghetti in the fridge to do it though so I'm sad. I like spaghetti.
       Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Demon Director

       Howdy humans! My name's Grofjafasaa the Dark. You can call me Mr. G though. I'm a director. A demon even. However I set myself apart in that I don't use my fellow demons as my actors I use humans. But I don't pay them or give them the lines. I set up the circumstances to make a wonderful show. A sort of reality show that they didn't sign up for. Aren't I a fiend? Ha ha ha! I record it with my hidden cameras to then show fellow demons and spirits on the Other Side who wish to view it(for a hefty profit of course). I'll give you an example of my work. First my stage directions. How I set up the circumstances. My starring actor is one William Woods. I disguise myself as a human and sneak into his office. I break the coffee machine. I install a virus on his computer. I leave. My reality show is ready to be recorded while my hidden cameras. My hidden devices peer from a pocket dimension and follow my actor as he travels not only in his office building but to any corner of the Earth he could travel to.
      His boss is a coffee addict. Throughout the entire day he grows more and more irritated. With the down economy the boss is already depressed and stressed. He already reduced his paycheck to near nothing to keep the company afloat.
      The virus I made kicks in at the end of the day. At the pivotal moment my actor is needed with the boss. He can't accomplish a vital task. The boss snaps after all the stress that has built up on him and fires poor William while he worries that his livelihood and the livelihood was threatened by the man he just fired. Every moment the boss thinks the world might collapse around him. William leaves the office crushed. The first act of my movie closes with the boss looking at William with regret, but unwilling to bring him back out of paranoia.
       And so William walks out doomed. Doomed because this is a sequel. A sequel to him losing so many jobs before. All at my hand in previous dramas I made. And after this job takes a few months for a few more bills to pile up but his girlfriend leaves him for a wealthier man. She even moves far away. Out of guilt. She couldn't afford monetarily to live with William, but she couldn't afford to emotionally think about him either, so she moved oh so far away. It took her years to forget about him. But eventually she did. She didn't love the new man as much as William though.
       He was left piled up in debt and loneliness. It tore away at him with welfare barely helping and mostly just reminding him of his old life. His spirit had been crushed from the loss of his love so every time he got a new job his energy was low and he failed again and again. And when he couldn't take it anymore he committed suicide.
      I didn't want to give away the ending by telling you this, but I always make tragedies. It takes a lot of work. I make many movies at once, some much shorter than others. Working at Williams for many years with all the job losses before this final act with the job loss before the loss of his love was most of the work, but it was all worth it for this epic tragedy. The summary here doesn't do justice to what I made with the film I gathered with my hidden cameras. But alas I can't sell tickets to an otherworldly show to humans so this summary shall do. But I do hope you enjoyed the tragedy. It was a great deal of work as a director for me to get the actor to play his part for everyone to enjoy.
     It's a rough job but somebody has to do it!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Today's flash fiction #BalanceOfLoyalty

“We gotta find the next paw print-- and that's our second clue!”
Sherlock Holmes*

     Along with contemplation of my book from points CJ brought up I continued to play the lovable joy that is Pokemon.

Balance of Loyalty

     I've been loyal to my king for a very long time. He's a good man. He works for his kingdom and his people. His worst sin really is mostly spending tax money to decorate the castle and the nobility more than is needed for impressing ambassadors from other nations(you do have to make yourself look wealthy, otherwise other countries will think you are poor and weak). He also eats fancier than he needs to.
     Well for a long time that was the case. But one day he committed a mass slaughter of a village who voiced against him. He brought swords to a village complaining about a tax. That's it. The thing is he had grown old, senile, and maddened from an illness. His children largely took over, but by chance he snapped at the village an used powers he almost forgot about in his old age.
     My true dilemma is this. I am the royal historian and librarian. The entire existence of this event is up to me. It has been ordered to not be recorded by the sons of the king. They are ashamed of their father's actions and ordered it censored. But I have the power to tuck it away in the archives for future generations to discover without the sons knowing.
      As a historian I desire to record the truth. I've worked hard to keep everything accurate. But my now my loyalties are questioned. Loyalty to the truth and loyalty to the king. And a regard to my own safety should my action be discovered.
     It took me much thought. I decided not to put the event in the archives. Not for my safety not out of my loyalty to the royal family. But rather out of my desire to give a good example. My king is a good one. But if there is a moment of madness it would throw him into a dark light and people would not want to emulate him. I want him to be a hero. I need him to be a hero. So I won't record this act. I'll erase it. Censor it and shut it down. The entire event will be gone from all of history and as soon as it is gone from memory, where I am dead and everyone who knew of it is dead, then my king will forever be the hero that people need as an example.
      Yes, that is what I must do.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today's flash fiction #AQuickHumanComediansGuideOnHowNotToOffendRobots

“Don't put all your eggs in one basket!”
The Easter Bunny*

       As planned CJ and I Pokemon battled and discussed my book over the weekend. He really went deep into my concept of my book. Very helpful but also put me into deep thought. More to contemplate.
As for the Pokemon that we are older our battles are much more complicated than when were young. When we were young it was mostly “Attack attack attack”(as was nigh everyone else) But now the games become us adults playing against each other with our much superior brain powers trying to predict each other making it...
       “I know that you know that I know that you know...”
        Yeah, kinda like that.
        Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Quick Human Comedian's Guide on How Not to Offend Robots

      Touring the 2075 comedy circuit can be rough. Especially when your dealing with all your robot audiences and your a human fresh to those crowds. Circuits on the circuit can have very different sense of humor. Sentient robot brains are very similar to humans, but there are a few key things you must consider, usually touchy subjects. They'll forgive you for most things, but there are some things just in bad taste for them. Here's a quick guide for new comedians dealing with robot crowds.
       One: Don't joke about the weather. You think it'd be a tiny thing, but for robots the weather is a big problem. Rain without protection would be rusting. Imagine if something like rusting happened on a human! See why they don't like it? Never talk about the weather.
      Two: Don't talk about mechanical sentience before robo-brains were made in a social sense. Really avoid it all costs. You're a comedian. I use the term sentient robot, but that term is fairly politically incorrect in this time, and I did this on purpose to bring this up. If I said sentient robot some of the machines would toss me right out of the club. You say WB, wired brain. We avoid calling robots robots in front of sentient robots now for a reason right? We call them controlled tools. They're sentient now. Treat them that way. Don't talk about the days when all machines were just tools.
     Three: Do not talk about smelling, touching or tasting things. Most wired brains are in bodies that are made for seeing and hearing only because they have to devote so much effort to other tasks. Talk about any other sensory human experiences and they will get mad, out of jealousy, or even feeling your bragging. It's like saying “ha ha you can't taste!” to them.
     Four: Be very careful how you talk about family. Wired brains build children, based on mixing properties of their loved ones, but they can't make lineages or ancestries like us. They won't have the same family identity.
    If you haven't figured it out, there are many things the machines don't have that we do. This guide could go on almost forever just listing all the things that you could avoid because of that fact. And that is wired brains, no matter how little or much they voice it, do not have many of things we biological beings do. So avoid talking about those things and you won't offend them.
And one thing I found out through sheer trial and error through my 20 years as a comedian is that you never, ever joke about techno around a machine. They hate techno. Joking about the robot stereotype that they like techno will get you a metal fist to the face.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today's flash fiction #SuperpowersAndDueProcess

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down...”
Gulliver's Travels*

       Well, my friend CJ is coming over. We'll probably have a Pokemon battle or something that may ROCK THE HEAVENS! Man, I love that game. Haven't watched the cartoon since I was a kid though. When I was a kid I watched Pokemon, Batman, Pinky and the Brain, Monty Python and the Holy Grail(Many many times over even with some jokes flying over my head. I loved the evil bunny at the cave.) to list a few.
      Explains a lot doesn't it?

Superpowers and Due Process

       I'm going to skip my tragic back story. The whole adventure with my sidekick. All the growth I had with him and bonding. I'm going to skip talking about all the villains I fought to become as powerful a superhero I am now. I'm skipping to here. The here the now. I'm skipping the villain's plan.
       The here and now is that my sidekick is dead. The super villain is laughing. He's laughing like when all his plans cause damage. And what am I going to do? The same motions? Throw him in prison. This is the first time he's killed. Every time before was something far less significant, robbing a bank, or making all the water neon pink as a prank(one of those villains) this was murder.
       He's killed. And he's laughing. Is he expecting the same thing as usual? I fly about, break that contraption of his and fling him off to prison to escape? Just like all those other heroes with their villains, crazy prankster villain types or otherwise?
       No. I'm not going to cave like them. My sidekick's dead. I know what I'm going to do now. I'm not going to play the game like they do. I'm not going to catch villains and throw them into cardboard prisons just to have them break out. This prankster villain is just a normal human and he gets out. The government puts money into putting super prisons for stronger villains but other villains break them out for their own gain, or there's some malfunction or something. Genius type villains, giant monster type villains, animate ghosts, wizards. They all get out somehow, on their own or with the help of others.
      I'm going to take care of them myself. And now that I think about it, I can. I wear a mask. I have superpowers. I answer to no one. I can be judge, jury and executioner. Looking at my sidekick's dead body I realized I can just fly up to that villain and use my super strength to snap his spine in pieces. And no one could stop me. What are the police going to do, arrest me? I have a secret identity honed to perfection over years. Their bullets would be as useful as the bank robbers, completely useless. They could send other heroes against me. Throw me into one of the cardboard prisons. Then I would be the one breaking out. I could even attack the villains in their sleep, like they've done to so many people themselves. I can, no, I will, hunt all these monsters down before anyone will catch on. I'm one of the most powerful and trusted heroes anyway, there are so few barriers in my way. And the more I think about the more I realize:
        I'm a superhero, I am above the law.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today's flash fiction #FlippingToTails

“Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering kaboom!”
Wernher von Braun*

      Well, posting this story early as tonight I'm going to a comedy show with the family. It's a big family event, not just immediate family like mother brother and father, its the extended branches, its and extravaganza! My friend CJ is coming over this weekend, so maybe he'll be able to help me with the book.
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Flipping to Tails

      There was once a girl who was neither an optimist or a pessimist or anything in between. A girl who discovered what she called Tails. The flip side of reality. If you call reality heads that is. Tails was something she imagined. An optimist would find the bright side of something. She would make up a bright side by pretending whenever something bad was happing that the exact opposite was happening.
      When her angry parents were yelling at her justified, or mostly not as she was a convenient vent that couldn't fight back. She just mentally “flipped” it all around and pretended they were complimenting her. Her expression showed regret to fool them as her body stayed real. But in her mind everything was la la la, I'm being complimented, until the whole facade was over. She knew the truth, but she pretended enough that the extremely loud yelling of her parents was about as annoying as a fan left on too high.
      Optimists find the diamonds in the rough. She would turn the rough into diamonds. She carried this habit into adulthood. She wasn't crazy so she wouldn't flip something good into something bad. But her parents would yell and her teachers would struggle as she would only understand “yes” in her rosy world she made.   Negative reinforcement wouldn't work, no matter how reasonable.
      She didn't stir up trouble. There was no trouble in Tails. But kids found her unsettling as when bad things happened she just stood there and watched with a generic expression of either regret or sadness she had practiced with her parents or she would play energetically with the children. Kids felt especially strange about her when they noticed she had the same expression of sadness when the class pet died as when the teacher lectured her about forgetting her homework too often and how to not lose it to much.
      Tails was ingrained in her. It followed her from grade school to high school and her parents kept using her as the vent that wouldn't fight back and she would still pretend regret or sadness with those generic looks she used for everything. But she still flipped all bad parts of reality into that world where whenever something bad happened.
      And in high school she turned out to be one of the most attractive girls in the school. It never took her long to get dates. Plenty of them. But as soon as her boyfriends got to know her they learned about Tails. They never learned about what she called it. But she couldn't have even told them, she had forgotten the name a long time ago since it had become habit by that point. They couldn't handle the fact that an argument between them yielded the same response as her stubbing her toe. And the fact that later because of Tails, nearly all bad things in her life were forgotten. Boys who dated her broke up with her, making up reasons to not offend her, but they got even more disturbed when the same reaction came up each time. The generic sadness she used whenever she went to Tails where she pretended something else was happening. Some happy spin on the situation. Some happy version of events, maybe where she broke up with him or that he thought she was too good for him. Turning something from a bad event to good didn't have to be the exact opposite, she had to keep Tails logical as he would be leaving her. But in Tails everything bad was good.
       In her blissful world she would accept nearly every boy and that's who would come to her, the most attractive popular ones came first because popularity in high school dictates who went out with the girl. But by the twelfth boy the school kids began to believe their tales of her oddity and not the fact they were making it all up. And just like her grade school teacher the high school teachers saw it in the class room along with her class mates. They could all tell there was something off with her. But the teachers couldn't get a psychiatric evaluation off of the claim that she was “unnaturally happy”.
       This followed her out of school. She was kicked out as soon as she could get a job as she was inside of tails so often College or anything of that matter never crossed her mind. She just worked her job happy at all moments. Her coworkers always got that unsettling feeling as she went along happily.
       Her parents put together the pieces eventually. When they started visiting her as she was an adult they became more objective. She was no longer the object they could yell at every day because she wasn't always there. So they started see the patterns. They noticed it all. They of course blamed something else, making up things, even asking her if she was abusing some sort of happy pills or other drug. They never understood it completely, but eventually after much denial they figured out that there was some problem and they caused it. Why else would she act that way? They couldn't get her to go to a psychologist she was an adult now and Tails was instinct at this point. The parents just had to let her go on with her life.
         And so she did. She just merrily went along in her workplace being happy. A happy working drone that pleased all her bosses. It was difficult for them at first when they realized they couldn't yell at her to get things done. But when they figured out how to get her to do things they loved her. A happy worker bee was amazingly useful so she was promoted and taken by various bosses higher and higher up the company. She followed orders mindlessly and that was perfect enough. And she retired happily just the same on the exact date the company set up.
         And she lived through retirement happily as well, flipping to Tails just the same. She never had any children. She never spent the money she got in her positions in anything adventurous. She just went on, flipping to Tails when she needed while her parents and coworkers watched. She never had children or even married. So she died unknown to most in a hospital, happy, while having a heart attack. Because in Tails a heart attack is something else in a way, even in the last moments when the doctors are trying to save you.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy short story #TheOtherAliceAndTheOtherWhiteRabbit

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”
Colonel Harland Sanders*

Went to my writer's club today. It was very fun and we critiqued another writers work. You learn a lot by analyzing others work. Learning from other people's mistakes is good, but also what is even better is learning from what other people are doing right. I critiqued two stories today with the rest of the club.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Other Alice and The Other White Rabbit

       Once a long time ago a girl went after a white rabbit into Wonderland. This story isn't about that Alice or that rabbit. This is about a different pair of individuals. Still an Alice and still a living, breathing, talking white rabbit. But a whole different kind of Wonderland that didn't come from her following it down a rabbit hole.
      And the rabbit wasn't late. It was brought to the girl as a pet as a birthday present. And it was on the birthday she got it that she learned it could talk. When she learned it could freeze time with a spell and shrink her down to its size in her bedroom and that's where she entered this rabbits Wonderland. The rabbit could cast spells with a few flicks of its little fluffy wrists and a few words here and there. It would change the room to whatever it wanted it to be.
       On the first night with the rabbit it gave her its name, “Clock”. It then taught her a quick little spell to make a single little snowflake come from out of your palm. It didn't matter if you had a human hand or a furry one like the rabbit.
      The rabbit made the girl promise she would never tell anyone about it because it didn't want to be in danger by being discovered. He told her also not cast magic outside of the room. She didn't because not only was Alice raised to be an honest girl, she was a smart girl. She didn't need to be told what would happen if people knew there was such a thing as a magical rabbit to fight over.
       Each night the white rabbit would freeze time, change her room, give her a few magic lessons and when the girl got tired unfroze time and sent her off to bed. She learned more and more magic each day as she grew older and older.
      “Some of these days I think you're just a dream Clock,” Alice said to the white rabbit in the middle of a summer day while her parents were away. At this time she was a teenager. Not ten like when she got the rabbit. “I only speak to you at night. Sometimes I think I just already went to bed.”
        “I assure you I am no dream.” Clock flicked his whiskers. Alice was shocked. This was the first time the rabbit spoke outside of nighttime. “And now I think you are practiced and responsible enough to cast magic outside of the room. I have sensed you do it on your own. Usually apprentices I take on try to do it on their own despite my asking but you have kept your promise.”
       “You've had other students?” Alice knelt to look into the rabbits eyes. Normally the rabbit would shrink her to make them able to maintain eye contact as it stood on its hind legs. “But my parents bought you when you were only one year old according to the pet shop owner.”
         “Oh that pet shop owner has been selling me to children to kids as pets for a very long time, when I was 'only one year old'. I have been teaching children magic for a hundreds of years in hundreds of times... even in the future and multiple points in the present. You've already seen I've got the power to manipulate time.”
        Alice then asked the rabbit, “Why did you teach me magic? For so long I thought it was just to spend time with me.”
       The rabbit laughed a squeaky laugh. “I do care about the children I teach. But my true goal is to make it so that you can go out into the world and use magic yourself and help the world. Most of those odd coincidences in the world that make it a better place and those blessings that come at the best of times are my students. Now I think your ready to start practicing it with me in the real world. In a few more years I'm going to have to run off. Your family and friends won't believe me living forever and eventually I need to move on to other students. Even my time manipulation magic has its magic has its limits and I can only spread myself so far. And eventually you need to go on your own and help the world just like my other students.”
      “But I'll miss you.” Alice started crying with a few tiny tears.
      “Yes, but I'm confident you'll be one of my best students. Besides there are still a few more years of lessons for me to teach. Even then I will send you letters. They will come to you in envelopes as white as my fur and with my name written as W. R. Clock.”

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #RecodingYourself

“There is no spoon.”
The Trix Rabbit*

I have been playing less Pokemon then usual(dun dun dun...) as I have decided to go away from the Atkins diet temporarily. In moments I'll be having appointments with a new doctor for a second opinion and a more detailed appointment with my current doctor. Least to say unless this diet is good for my condition I wouldn't want to head into it as an unnecessary diet could even be detrimental. I spent the day speaking with my dietician, scanning and sending her my food logs, and emailing my doctor. Free time was spent brainstorming me book a little and doing a dash of the good ol' Pokemon but actually less than the brainstorming.
Anyway, onto the feature program, the flash fiction!

Recoding Yourself

       Virtual reality is amazing. Especially in my time when you upload a proxy for your consciousness and your body into it. Then you can live in whatever world is created. But that's just for the people we call the Basics. And by “we” I mean the Coders. The Coders include myself naturally and any other programmer who is capable of controlling their proxy body, and even better their proxy consciousness.
       Yes, I can change myself. Proxy bodies are changed according to the scenario in the world and is usually done by a preset interface for the Basics set up by the Coders. But the Coders, we do it on our own. We can bring a command prompt in the virtual reality and alter ourselves. So much can be done in the virtual reality as you gain what is pretty much psychic powers. Basics get it, but Coders can go into whatever programs are in whatever computer their brain in plugged into.
       In those mental command prompts we can alter ourselves manually. I don't need to rely on other Coders preset interfaces or scenarios. I can turn myself into a dragon or whatever. I leave the “whatever” to your imagination, as whatever could be anything an imagination could come up with. My body could become a virtual replicate.
       And I am a skilled enough Coder to change my consciousness. Something quite illegal, but for my term in the virtual reality I could change who I am and the way I think. I work to leave a shard of my original self in there. The Coder with the ability to get out and the desire to get out after a certain amount of time, though there is an auto-boot out. Your consciousness always stays the same in the real world. But here I change myself at my own convenience and amusement. Of course as a skilled Coder I can change whatever virtual world I'm in, but usually I interact either with the standard virtual Earth with only standard non-human programs that came with my machines or go into the virtual cities where people are to see how the new me interacts with real people.
      I won't spoil what kind of person I am originally, but one day I was ditzy blonde girl and another day I coded my consciousness so I thought with the same mind as rugged, experienced football player who absurd steroids as he climbed to the top. I coded myself into both those minds and bodies out of my curiosity and amusement into the virtual world everyone enjoys. Both felt completely natural and I remember how I felt as  I walked among other people in the virtual cities with my new ways of thinking and the bodies that went with them. They feel just as normal as my normal as my normal consciousness.
    And they will feel just as natural as the third grader and the scientist I will code myself as later.