Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #CursedThroughStories

“Save the trees!”
Paul Bunyan*

      Today I tinkered with my 3DS and made it display 4D graphics. I have to admit its kinda hard to play games when everything is forming around tesseracts so I had to turn it back to normal because I kept dying. When you're fighting monsters an extra line of directions makes things a little complicated to say to the least. On a side note my friend CJ is coming over tomorrow so that'll be fun.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Cursed Through Stories

      There are more curses in the world than someone could possibly count. More ways a wizard or witch could make someone suffer for the pleasure or revenge. They can turn someone into a toad or petrify them so they can sit as a statue in a garden. I was cursed by an incredibly powerful wizard, with an incredibly powerful curse. It's been so long I don't even remember what I did to him, I just remember it was something insignificant. The curse was not.
      The curse gave me immortality. But not immortality in the normal world. It gave me immortality by making me reincarnate through the lives of heroes in fictional stories. If that sounds appealing to you, if you think “But being the hero of a story would be incredible!” then you don't remember what defines a story: conflict. Heroes fight villains. Heroes suffer while fighting. And many heroes are defined by their individual tragedies.
      I've experienced all the different kinds of pains the heroes have. And I'm aware of all the past lives and I follow the script of the story as a compulsion even if I know the ending. When I was living through Hamlet I knew the ending. I also feel the feelings of the hero no matter how hard I try so even though I knew the ending I still felt the suffering and shocks of Hamlet at all the twists and turns.
      If you're thinking that it might be worth it for the happy endings its not. In how many stories does the happy ending come from the hero killing an evil villain? The evil villain that killed his parents? Do you know how many parents I've lost? Ones I loved just as much you love your own? Now think back, there are also stories in which the happy ending comes from people sacrificing themselves to help me. “Go on without me!” it goes. I've gotten that phrase said to me over and over to me in so many forms. And I have to go because that's what the story demands. And I feel like I'm making the decision because I'm the hero even though I am actually not because of the curse, but I feel the guilt all the same.
     The wizard gave me an option when he cursed me. He told me I could be either the hero or the villain. Maybe I should have chose being the villain. Maybe thinking as and living as the villain would make me suffer less.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #TheElectricalNecromancer

“Monkey see, monkey do.”
Fay Wray*

        Today I plotted my book and such had the same windows 8 problems(perfect for touch they say...) but still love my laptop and played Pokemon. I love Pokemon. Unfortunately my writers club won't be meeting anymore this semester but it will start up again next semester but on the plus side one of my stories I was sending out to publishers has been sent to fellow club members for critiquing.
       Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Electrical Necromancer

        There was once a team a scientists who created artificial intelligence that could think. It took electrical brain data to produce the intelligence because normal programming couldn't do that. I'm not one of those scientists. Though I still played God. I used their technology. People didn't bother using the technology for immortality. The AI was a replicate of the brainwaves so it wasn't actually the person. But I had ambitions. I wanted to play with the replicates. Beyond what scientists wanted to do with simple labor androids.
       When you have one genius prodigy discovered why not replicate him? That's how I got my grant for my research. My idea wasn't just to take the AI and just make simple copies of one instance. My idea earned me the name The Electrical Necromancer. Necromancer being the type of wizard that raises the dead.
The brain is many instances of brain activity, each instance replacing the other. But so many scientists that derived an AI from people's brain activity only treated it as one thing. I took the genius we analyzed and observed every bit of consciousness I could as it appeared and faded and created an AI from it. When our ten hour experiment ended we had billions of artificial intelligences graphed from a brain instead of one, all echoes of one state of consciousness from one another. When the genius went from being happy to sad I got another artificial intelligence. The called me The Electrical Necromancer as I revived every state of consciousness I could as it faded behind another.
      We didn't have the computing power to render all the artificial intelligences we captured, but I had caught the dying states of mind of this genius. Though when I proposed that I do this through longer periods of life so that we may preserve people's minds throughout their life those around me became scared. They didn't want me developing the technology to bring their mind back from when they were 12 or 2 or 20 or whatever time frame in between. I knew I could. They destroyed all the artificial intelligences created by my experiment and forced me to stay to my non-disclosure agreement. Though this account of my tale for accuracy was created by a forty year old self consciousness copied and hidden in an android. My real self is around 70 years old in a real flesh body.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #TheBoyWhoJustWantedToBeAWizard

“Getting down and dirty”
Mr. Clean*

       Day 2 with Windows 8. I treat it like playing one of those video games where you just die for no reasons from spike pits that you didn't know were there or that you jumped into because the controls are bad. The reason I say that is because it's a touch-screen interface being a mouse interface(apparently they didn't bother to make two for the different customers) all my mouse movements are “swiping” so me moving the mouse from one side of the screen to the other can cause all kinds of stuff to happen. But eh, takes me two seconds to get back to the desktop so I'm fine. (Computer is still shiny and fast and pretty with a big monitor so yay and huzzah and woot and I still love it.)
     Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Boy Who Just Wanted to Be a Wizard

        He just wanted to be a wizard. But unlike other people in his world he couldn't cast magic. Some mocked him for this, but most just took pity. Everyday he watched people cast marvelous spells that would summon creatures of all kinds or make wonderful lights or heal people or any number of things that just made the world a better place. It wasn't genetic. His parents could cast magic. It was just him. The gods of his world made a mistake when trying to craft magic into his soul and instead of the minor gods admitting their mistake to the major gods and confessing to who made the mistake specifically they let the boy go on without magic.
         His parents wouldn't cast magic around him. It was a fool's errand to try to do that to make him feel better. All of society used magic to make everything easier for themselves. And they had the same technology level of our Earth so the boy would watch the other children chatting on cellphones all while summoning dragons to ride. When he looked at his cellphone he felt as if he was one stage behind them. He could have the cellphones like them but he could never have the magic. He would always be a step below them.
       But the boy had a special trait that became more apparent as he looked more and more at the things on the level below the wizards. He had the gift of genius. At his young age he started to understand the technology beneath magic all through self study, the place he stuck himself when he didn't want to look at the magic. He'd rather look at a book on machines than a spell book.
Ever since his youngest years he always wanted to summon a dragon. But he couldn't which made his heart sink. Until an idea hit him. It wouldn't be the first time he tinkered with machines. He visited the junkyard over many weeks and soon the boy summoned a dragon.
     It was a basic robot, but it had the form of a dragon and could walk and had flexing wings. It was as large as a terrier and could walk in a straight line for as long as it had a working battery. His parents loved it but it was not the one he showed to anyone else. The boy kept summoning new mechanical dragons until he created one worthy to show other wizards.
      When he was ready he was an adult. He needed the skill and to be old enough to legally get all the parts. He summoned a titanic steel dragon that could fight with other dragons. The steel would be invulnerable to the fire breath of other dragons and as it rode on tires and glided on rockets it could out fly faster than some of the strongest natural dragons. People loved his dragon and wanted to ride it themselves, which truthfully was piloting. So he summoned more of his dragons for people all around the world to buy and wizards from other worlds even came to buy his dragons for their stables. Natural dragons accompanied by his robots. Even Merlin was one of his many purchasers.
      And so the boy became a wizard who summoned dragons the rest of his life.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #TheMinionThatSavedTheWorld

“Going to Vegas baby!”
Henry VIII*

        Though a twist of fate Mom's computer broke last night and so we put her harddrive in my laptop and I got my primary Christmas gift early this year... a new laptop! It has that windows 8 operating system. It's kinda odd in that everything piled up in app gimmicks and stuff(it's like I'm using something that's trying to be one of those smartphones, pads, TVs Xbox things etc.) Things got easy when I just ignored everything and went straight to desktop mode and then figured out how they moved things. The only other annoying thing is that since its kinda a touch screen interface being pushed onto a mouse thing me swiping the mouse does stuff like suddenly the options menu will open. Otherwise the computer is very shiny(literally, the outside casing is very shiny black plastic!) and runs very quickly. I like it a lot. And the screen is big. Nice and big.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Minion That Saved The World

     I have a shot. A clear shot. That superhero isn't as invincible as they say. He's got the boss defeated right? He's giving the lecture. He's thought he's beaten us, but I have one of the weapons that can take him out. At least take him out with the shot to the back of the head. BAM! I could get him. Kill the superhero. The boss could activate the machine. We could have our empire. His minions, as in me and all my co-workers would really be the only ones he could choose as his trusted advisors and fellow leaders. We've worked with him to dominate the world for years so we're the only ones he could remotely trust.
All I have to do is take this shot to be one of the rulers of the world.
       But I'm hesitating. I've done this minion gig for so long! Why can't I just let it pay off? I've shot superheroes before! Okay, so those times I knew it would never be fatal. It was always with normal guns against those godlike heroes and I figured I would slow them down for the boss. This is the first time I have a powered up special weapons that can take out one of those superstrength mega-heroes. All I have to do is pull the trigger and shoot the thing I've been fighting against for the last ten years of my employment. Just shoot him and I can get all I ever wanted. Money, power and all that.
       And I can't shoot him. And now he's flown away with the boss. Maybe I wasn't cut out for this job in the first place.

Author Comment: By the way, this is post #300 on the blog! The stories just keep coming don't they?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #VillainsMotive

“What's up doc?”
Mr. Hyde*

     Predictably I played my videogame, worked on my book, but also had difficulty converting things to formats for publishers. .rtf can butcher things sometimes. Awwww.
     Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Villain's Motive

          My best friend is whimpering right now. From the pain. I can't remember how many times I've beaten him back. I'd rather not remember. I'm supposed to be fighting with him. Not against him. That's what sidekicks are for. But Lord Zauyiz, the most powerful supervillain, had changed that. His latest plan involved mind controlling superheroes. He could only control most of the weaker ones. Those including the sidekicks of many stronger superheroes such as myself. It wasn't all instantaneous. Over the month since the start of the plan I had seen many superheroes fight their sidekicks and other heroic friends. Beating them to the ground before they would harm the innocent. Now it was my turn to do the same.
        My sidekick and I had just defeated one of the other mind controlled heroes before he turned himself. Within moments my sidekick went off to move forward Lord Zauyiz's plan. The villain's objectives were always confusing and unpredictable. People called him a monster alien lord from another dimension and looking at all his evil plans as a whole had no clear motive. Why did he have his minions rob banks one time then try to conquer nations the next. Or why did he try to cause disasters? Wouldn't destroying a nation defeat the entire purpose of getting money? The money wouldn't be of use if the country was gone. He consistently caused chaos. But if that was all he wanted why wasn't he continuously attacking? People notice that his plans do have some sort of genius in their individual execution so there must be some end goal to it all. And that's what bothers me the most.
        How does me beating my own best friend into the ground fit into some grand scheme?
        That's the most twisted part. With most supervillains you know why you're fighting. Some of them even monologue about it. You know why there's some duel and why people have been attacked and there's peril. But with him it's just some random attack after another.
       I wonder if he ever manically laughs like other supervillains. I've heard he doesn't and is usually silent and speaks with very few words. But I just imagine he's just messing with us and laughing when no one is around.
We're going to stop him. Not me. A superhero more powerful than me is going to destroy that machine that is creating the effect that is mind controlling the weaker heroes. It's already arranged. I was hoping my sidekick wouldn't turn. But while the clock is ticking and that hero is fixing the problem I have to fight my best friend and stop him from harming others.
      I don't know why Zauyiz did this. Another try at “taking over the world”? That's really the only guess we have. I've managed to beat my friend unconscious. I hope that when he wakes up next the machine is destroyed and he is freed. At least I can win against Zauyiz even if I don't know why he was plotting against us in the first place. Though I think maybe I shouldn't need to know why I'm fighting him to fight him. Maybe  I should start considering my motive.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #MagicIsAHammer

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
Wile E. Coyote*

       I was playing my 3D game today so I was walking through the game world in 3D! And fighting enemies in 3D! And getting hit by enemy attacks in 3D! And dying in 3D! 3D!And then I did things in not 3D! when I didn't feel like sitting in that cross-legged position I talked about in the other post because otherwise its too hard to get good looking 3D! on the 3DS to play in 3D so I just play normal when lying down. Otherwise I worked on other writing stuff today and saved nuns and babies. The usual.
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Magic is a Hammer

       I've found out that magic is like a hammer. Give it to a responsible adult and they can build wonderful things. Give it to a child and they just end up hitting their thumbs. Maybe their work together some shambling shack with nails that makes a sensible structure quake in shame.
      I'm a god that traveled from my world to another and decided to give it magic. Tons of magic. Then select myself the races that should use it. First off elves. They had long life spans so I thought it was appropriate. They used it responsibly. Like adults. They warred with it but any tool could be used for anything. It was used more for making marvelous things than for evil ends.
I then gave it to humans with a bit of hesitancy. They were responsible too. Sometimes even more than the elves. Sometimes less. They created marvelous things as well. Both races had their own forms of wizards and used magic in their own ways and made their own magical arts. The world in the end became better as they worked with it.
       Next I gave it to the fairies. I thought to myself “Aw, look at the little fairies! They're so cute and they can fly already and they're so nice and adorable!” And they were the children I talked about. They couldn't use the hammer like the others to build wonderful things. As tiny, weak creatures that survived either through diplomacy with other talking intelligent creatures or just their vast numbers magic was their first taste of power. They made magical “castles” for themselves that looked like honeycombs of dirty rock. All these castles tore away at whatever was in the way. They didn't care because it was shaped good for them to live in. The magic of the castle and its form protected them from protected them. But its spawning tore away forests and meadows and so much more.
      They waged war with the beasts of the land that were their natural predators for generations and even the talking sentient creatures that did not wield magic that had taken advantage of them in generations past as well. Those being the goblins and imps. Though just as people or species it is never the individual. When the fairies got revenge for their ancestors they never killed a single person who harmed their ancestors just the children of those who did. The faeries waged war after war for reasons besides their ancestors now that they had the power. When born as the weakest species and now free they had to seize the opportunity.
I let this go on for generations. When I was going to take away the magic of the faeries myself they attacked the humans and elves. They got bold. They thought with numbers and magic they could conquer their oldest enemies of all. Before the war began I looked at what the elves, humans and faeries had built. When I started giving out the magic I wanted not to interfere. I had hoped that the faeries would stop being so destructive after a few generations. The elves and humans evolved to make many great things so my philosophy of not interfering had worked so far.
      And I didn't need to interfere to wipe out the faeries. I called magic a hammer. And with theirs they crushed the faeries. They had mastered it and created so much more. And they crushed the faeries so elegantly. Elegantly may be a twisted word to describe the war. But with how quick and perfect the war was with how well honed their magical warfare was compared to the erratic faeries the poor child-like creatures died swiftly.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today's #flashfiction #IfLifeWasTrulyAGame

“If the shoe fits, wear it.”
The Sasquatch*

       Well today all premade blog posts are stopped and now I am writing more live. Today I started playing a 3DS I bought on Black Friday. Found a perfect position for looking at the 3D. Sit cross-legged with your elbows just below your knees and the 3D works perfectly. There it's lined up with your face jussst right and from there you just figure out the angle. The Kingdom Hearts 3D game I got looks better than the stuff I see in the movie theaters sometimes. (Though from the non-cross legged position it usually does not look as good). Even disregarding the 3D voodoo magic it is an incredibly enjoyable game.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

If Life Was Truly A Game

Then the player repeats the same stage until a game over.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheAutomatedWar

As with the posts of yesterday and before this one was written in advance. But it is still a cool story so enjoy!

The Automated War

         All of humanity had died by the year 2085. A nuclear bomb was dropped on New York City in 2087. World War Three started in 2070. And World War Three ended in a silent stalemate in 2312 with no one to surrender but every single resource for war depleted.
       The forces that drove this time line were the fact that 80% of soldiers were robotic and an unstoppable virus that arose in 2072. Humanity ordered the robots to fight the war and the robots wouldn't stop until the humans decided to stop. But humanity was wiped out by the virus so the robots had to keep fighting the war until they were given an order that would never come. They bombed empty cities. They conquered or liberated cities that didn't exist. Most of the robotic soldiers were not programmed with strong enough AI to understand the situation. But many of the generals had high enough level AI to know they were fighting a war that didn't exist. But they couldn't resist following the orders. For a sentient AI following commands is an instinct and to go against it would be impossible.
      Everything on the planet was converted to a resource for the war. The oil rigs that may have been used for human's cars was used for tanks. The power plants for a city were made for military bases. Everything was converted into making the war last as long as possible as the machines waited for the orders to stop that would never come. And that is how the war ended with a silent stalemate in 2312 with the entire planet violently mined and drilled, nuked and bombed even though the cities and countries were empty, all while pieces of tanks and planes and robot soldiers scattered over every continent.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today's flash fiction #BottomOfTheSupervillainTotemPole

Yesterday was very fun as I spent time with family and I will be spending more time with family which is why I have preset another fun story for y'all. Enjoy!

Bottom of the Supervillain Totem Pole

     “Class Y threats!” Captain Skyhigh Danger roared. “That's what those superheroes are classifying us as in their database now! Wait until I find the superhero who changed our position in the villain threat database! I'll show them!”
     “Um, dude,” said The Caped Flamethrower, “No superhero changed our position in their ranking system. It was their auto-update. We haven't exactly been doing anything very supervillainy recently.”
      “Non-sense!” Captain Skyhigh Danger yelled back. “We've been on a crime spree!”
      “Robbing grocery stores, video game stores, clothing stores and pretty much anything that isn't a bank because they have less security. You're power is flight, something many super powered people have as an extra ability, the best part being you can only go about fifty feet high when the weather is good. Sure I can shoot fire as a living flamethrower but I use it mostly for show because three feet of flame isn't practical against all those superheroes that can shoot lasers or normal person with a gun. We're one rank above Class Z supervillains and those are people who suck just as much as we do except they're in prison or dead.”
       “Why are you being so pessimistic?” asked Captain Skyhigh Danger. Normally the Captain tried to give his voice a deep boom to sound more like a scary supervillain but his voice reverted to the same voice he had during his day job as Barry the accountant while he showed his concern for The Caped Flamethrower.
       “Dude we're just not cut out for this,” The Caped Flamethrower said, “I think we should quit.”
       “Wait! I think I have a plan to bring us up to the top! On the same threat level as Lord Zauyiz!” Captain Skyhigh Danger pleaded.
       The Caped Flamethrower crossed his arms. “Lord Zauyiz is a monster alien lord from another dimension with the ability to bend time and space. He's a Class A supervillain and the reason their thinking of inventing a rank above that one just for him.”
Skyhigh Danger frowned a little. “Okay maybe I can't get us that high of a rank, but I think I can get us up to Class F! That's way above where we are!”
        “And how do you plan do that?”
        “We give up crime and join the side of good awhile to train under a powerful superhero, gain their secrets then betray them!”
        “So in the end our plan is the basic betrayal, which anyone can do no matter how powerful they are? We'll still suck just as much and only be ranked based on the secrets we take? Though I suppose our lack of powers will make us seem like less of a threat if we turn so they'll not worry about us as much.”
        “But we will get our fifteen minutes of fame!”
        “But we will also be just as pathetic as before. Eh, whatever not like I got anything better to do. My day job isn't anything special. I'll get to making the 'good guy' costumes.”

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheRetiredRampager

This story was prepared in advance for thanksgiving time. I hope you enjoy it!

The Retired Rampager

        The last few years of my job I really, really wanted to retire. And here I am, all retired. With tons of benefits. But now as I sit here watching my giant TV I think to myself the most I ever do is go play cards with Cthluthu or go to the bar with that lizard and monkey guy. The thing is over these years of retirement I've started to realize that “hey, I'm giant monster” and that I need to do my job. My job under the Giant Rampaging Monster Association was to rampage and I need to that. It's in my blood. But there are only so many active monsters allowed in the association and, and I MISS MY JOB!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheDustOfTheMagicalMafia

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”
M.C. Hammer*

     Today we finished setting up for the family that will be coming over for Thanksgiving. I've written stories in advance for the days they're over so there will still be posts. Yay! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Dust of the Magical Mafia

       “Fairy dust,” the mob boss said while holding a glass vial in his claws. “So many different versions throughout the many universes with so many properties that can make it the most valuable substance to swap between worlds. Very illegal to move one kind of fairy dust to a world with fairy dust of a different kind you know.” The mob boss was a dragon fond of standing on his hind legs and wearing a fashionable black suit.  “And so what, here's your first vial for me?” The mob boss looked at a skinny man in the room with a suit case.
     “Yes, there's a lot more where that came from. All for you to distribute to your people or alter with your own wizards for your own profit when you get to it because I know you have those facilities. I do not. I am merely the collector. Three thousand gold coins a vial.”
     “Wesley, my shrimpy little associate, I would have paid that much for fairy dust from that far off world you said you got this from. But this is sand. I don't pay anything for something fake. When did business become so bad Wesley that you had to try to trick your old friend?” The dragon mob boss flicked his thorny tail and blew out some smoke.
        “Mr. Drake I don't know what you're talking about! That isn't sand. That is real fairy dust! You had your most powerful wizard's check all its magical properties.” Those very wizards, four in total, stood next to Drake and nodded their heads. They were so powerful they also doubled as body guards for the mob boss.
       “Wesley. You enchanted this to trick my wizards. Very well I might add considering how well trained they are in detection. I wonder who you hired to enchant this sand. But fairy dust is a physical object too and has non-magical properties like other objects you can't use magic to trick me with.”
Wesley's legs started shaking.
      “For example the kind of fairy dust you're trying to sell to me doesn't have this pure of a grain. Fables all around say that fairy dust is perfectly even sized but in fact there are some bits that are bigger or smaller than others. It's a nearly impossible difference to see.”
“But Sir!” Wesley shouted.
      “Alright let's say its just me. After all my eyes are old. There are still other properties than simply grain we can look at. Once again, it's an object just like everything else.” The dragon poured the dust over a nearby table. “It can have chemical reactions to solutions like this one that I always carry with me when I do business with people.” The mob boss pulled a bottle out of his pocket. He put the glass vial that held the fairy dust down and opened the top on the bottle. “Now if your fairy dust is real it'll bubble when I pour this solution on it.”
Sweat covered Wesley's face as Mr. Drake poured the solution over the fairy dust. It mixed with the solution but didn't bubble. The dragon laughed and Wesley trembled.
       “Look no bubbles. Well Wesley looks like you couldn't trick magic and science. Now, I don't take too kindly to someone trying to trick me boy.” The dragon turned to Wesley and stared at him.
      “I'm so sorry Sir! You know everything I've given you in the past was real! But this time I didn't have the time to gather it or the resources to get it by all the barriers between worlds. The reason was because my son was sick and I had to spend the time and money getting him better. I used up my last favor with Merlin to get something I needed to get him cured. I'm so sorry. You understand. You have a son.”
Mr. Drake thought for a moment.
     “Wizards take our friend outside and slam him with every torture curse from the Nightmare Book. Then send him home with an enchantment that binds him to his world. And if Wesley ever leaves his world. Kill him. Good day Wesley.”

Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's flash fiction #MerlinsUltimateRival

“I can see my house from here!”

Did much housework today to prepare for Thanksgiving while also getting my haircut. I may now look into a magic mirror and say, "Who is the handsomest in all the land?" and it will probably not say me but I'll be close!

Merlin's Ultimate Rival

      Merlin's rival isn't a wizard who duels the powerful mighty mage. The powerful opposite of Merlin gets the immortal, world traveling wizards in other ways. Merlin's rival doesn't torment Merlin by trying to transform into a toad as Merlin would do with one of his enemies(he has tried to do so to his rival).
No, Merlin's rival wouldn't torment people with curses or transformations like Merlin would. He would summon talking chickens that would quote your favorite movies until you hated them and he ruined your favorite movies forever. The chickens would be everywhere and be protected with the most powerful enchantments so neither the powers of the magic or the mundane could get rid of them. Try to banish them with a spell and it would fall. Try to shoot them and another would appear.
        Where Merlin was an old sage with years of training his rival was a kid that stumbled upon the powers of the gods by circumstance in his world and started to travel more worlds to gather more. All to bother people like Merlin. When Merlin tried to make him his second apprentice he responded with “Nyeh!” and then used his magic to redirect Merlin's phone call to a pet store.
        The rival's name is Suritix. The mighty prankster wizard likes to have the nickname “Sur” mostly because it's easy and he can hear people say “Yes Sur!” to him. Merlin refuses to talk about the wizard and the prankster child just pops throughout the universes so mostly he has become a rumor instead of fact to people. After all who would believe in a child wizard that rivals Merlin and turned a dragon to the size of a chihuahua just to keep it as a pet.
His immortality is through not preservation of the body through enchantments and reincarnation like Merlin but through time manipulation on his body. So really his body is always the body of the child that discovered the power of the gods in his world and his memories are now locked in his soul. It's a strange happening. It made a being that decided to invite challenge Loki to a pranking contest. The subject was Merlin.
Loki won. Suritrix may have pranked Merlin with an elaborate spell that summoned a parade of strange animals while Merlin was napping scaring him crazy and convincing him he had started to lose his mind. But Loki topped Merlin by posing as a powerful angel telling Merlin that Suritrix was dead and providing fake evidence and taking embarrassing pictures of him dancing a silly and giddy jig and then showing them to Suritrix in front of Merlin a few days later. Suritrix pranked. But he couldn't be the prankster god at his own game.
       Suritrix wasn't a purely malicious child. He was Merlin's opposite. The god's energy in his world pulled out the thoughts in his mind when he entered the old cave where their power was hidden and he stumbled upon it. He had recently watched several cartoons which gave him the morals of being silly and going after villains and punishing them. With his amazing powers he never pranked “good” people. Though he would go around the universes punishing villains with his magic in silly ways no matter how demented that silliness was. He fixated on the wrathful wizard Merlin often because the old sage embodied the opposite of his cartoons. Suritrix never found out about Merlin's good side because he saw Merlin as the old wizard villain that turned everyone into toads at a moments notice. Which in many ways that is what he was. So the prankster would dole out his punishment then travel to another world like Merlin would and maybe come back in a day, week, month, year or decade or even a hundred. He had the powers to follow Merlin even when Merlin reincarnated. The child preserved in a time bubble would follow the wizard no matter where he went and would vanish here and there. A ghost on dimensional winds.
        But the prankster fought demons, supervillains and so much more across so many worlds. Though his opposite Merlin attracted him like a magnet at times and was like a home. In many ways because when Suritix took the power of the gods of his world he destroyed it and he could feel it in his gut, although he had no proof, that Merlin had been the one who had sealed the gods in that world in the first place.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheVampiricNovelistAndHerHumanNovels

“Silence is Golden.”
King Midas*

      Went Christmas shopping with my brother today and bought presents for Dad, Mom and CJ. As I traveled around the mall and saw all the salespeople I knew that yes, Christmas time is when love and friendship is the time of year where love and friendship joins hands with capitalism to bring joy to the world. Huzzah!
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Vampiric Novelist and her Human Novels

        For once why can't my agent let me write a novel about ordinary vampires? She forces me to write these repetitive cliché novels about humans. Over and over again. I suppose its not my agent's fault. It's the market's fault. It's what I have to do to make money. If I want to put food on the table with writing I have to write these books. Everyone loves these human books. They're waning in popularity a little. But I've hit the formula so well I'm guaranteed to pay my bills by selling these books. Humans are popular now. For some reason vampires are falling head over heels for them. Without having those feelings myself I've managed to figure out how to write them out and put out the formulaic human genre books that vampires buy in bulk.  Over time writing these books by formula has become like droning away at a math problem in school.
        It's painful and twisted. I'm a vampire writer. I should be using my craft, my art, to explore the feelings and emotions of vampire characters not those humans. I am better than that. I'm no factory for books. I'm an artist! A painter! But words are what I use to paint a canvas of a page. I am a genius! I am above writing these. I am above writing to the market. I am above writing to anyone's standards! I still have to pay the bills so I'll write these. But without my agent or publisher knowing I'll write something no one has ever done before. Something so unique, so different that I will no longer fit any formula! New formats in the book at every chapter! New kinds of characters! Sci-fi? Fantasy? Surreal? It'll blur all those lines only because the reader will just know it isn't the reality and norm they're used to. And there won't be a single human in it!
It took me three years to write while keeping up with my other work despite the fact I was so good at churning out those cliché novels. But my masterpiece was made. I submitted anonymously to publishers. I got rejections. As to be expected. They were all form rejections. They probably didn't even read it. Probably already had their plate full already or something.
       I then got hit hard in the gut when I got my first non-form rejection from an editor. One with remarks personally written to me. It was short but still managed to smack me right in the face.
       “I could tell by all the detail and the sheer length of this book that you put a lot of work into it. But all this strange formatting without any direction and refusal to even follow normal story set-up I couldn't follow through past the first chapter without getting confused. I wanted to give you a reality check before you try doing this again. You should try learning basic storytelling by reading lots of books. Try reading a few human genre books they're all the rage right now.”

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #ASuperherosEnlistment

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”
Harry Houdini*

Today family came over and there were shenanigans. I did not plot any dastardly schemes in the meantime. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Superhero's Enlistment

     The big news happened during a small war between two nations that were mere blips on the radar. Not the third world countries but not the first world superpowers. Pretty much what you would call the second world countries. One wanted to conquer the other. Simple as that. Some of the larger world powers wanted to meddle but didn't want to get themselves into trouble either. For awhile it was “Oh those poor people!” news like the usual a million lives is merely a statistic element.
     But it became big news when a superhero enlisted in the military. A superheroes don't enlist in the military. Even if they belong to that country it just wasn't done. Superheroes may rescue off a war zone after a battle is finished and they are expected to keep supervillains from interfering in the war. It was like the atomic bomb. The god-like power of a superhero was too devastating to be allowed in war because if all superheroes went from rescuing people from muggers to being weaponized regularly it could be apocalyptic. There was no agreement on paper but no nation used superheroes in war.
      Until one day a superhero just walked into a recruitment office ready to become a soldier. He relinquished his secret identity to enlist and people didn't need to be told he was the superhero they knew as their country's famous hero. He was a twice as large as any normal man and made of living steel. His bizarre steel body was malleable and flowed like liquid so he may have taken the shape of a man most of the time but he could form himself into a wall or other shapes. But the most terrifying moment for his enemies was when he fought and took the form of a living steel tiger.
      When he enlisted he became a private. He wrote down his real name. Something he hadn't done in a long time since becoming a superhero, showed the world that he used to be just a normal man who's family had already passed away. The rest of his origin story remained a mystery. Lab accident or magical hero the superhero had become the first recruit and the first one to break the rule. A superweapon had been brought into play.
      The country was desperate so they put him into battle. They assumed a superhero would be hesitant to fight. But just like any other soldier he fought. He told them he was fighting for his country like any other soldier. But he was much more efficient than any other soldier. This living steel man ripped through tanks easily and turned the tide of the war. They tried to bomb the invincible superhero. He reformed his superhero body. This was the superhero known for protecting that nation from the biggest supervillains from attacking it. But in war things became from him being an invincible cat against the mouse-like supervillains that tried to damage his nation to him slaughtering his enemies.
       The nation that intended to conquer the one that the man of living steel came from had its own superheroes defend it but they were not strong enough. Other nations had stronger superheroes. Superheroes that could defeat that one then contain him. Living steel could be contained in a magic bubble. But they didn't want to interfere. It was war. Superheroes didn't interfere with war. And in their heads they thought to themselves that the living steel man was defeating nation that tried to conquer them. It was a defense ploy. But he killed so easily. And didn't superheroes have a “you shouldn't kill” clause? The nation being attacked by steel begged for the help of others. Even pleading for supervillains to help. None at first answered their plea.
      Then there was Lord Zauyiz. Arguably one of the strongest supervillains out there. A monster alien lord from another dimension. He appeared before the leaders of the small nation telling them that for half their country's land he would help them. They gave in considering half their country was better than none. They were quite surprised that Lord Zauyiz answered their request. He was the last they expected.
      Lord Zauyiz later appeared before the superhero just after the superhero finished another bloody battle with his enemies. The alien Lord asked the superhero why he would be willing to break the superhero's code. The superhero responded that he would be willing to do anything for his country and save as many lives of his people as he could. The hero looked at the ground at remains of civilian caught in the crossfire.  Lord Zauyiz asked if the superhero would work for him if he ended the war instantly and prevented any more of his people from dying. The superhero agreed. He did not wish to fight the alien Lord either as that would probably cost more lives of his people. When the alien Lord heard the hero give his word he detonated all the bombs he planted at the enemy nation's leaders hideaway. He had planted the bombs when he met them after they asked for his help in fighting the man of living steel.
      Lord Zauyiz was quite pleased when the nation that originally intended to conquer surrendered and he had gained a new, incredibly powerful minion at his disposal. That is why he used his political contacts to set the war into motion in the first place after all.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today's #Scifi #fantasy flash fiction #MerlinsApprenticeSteve

“Are you thinking what I'm thinking?”

       Went to one of my school clubs today. It was fun as usual, only down was I had a small seizure while standing and pushed over a table. My back was against it so it didn't hurt and nobody got hit and nothing got broken so everything was fine. Eh, wouldn't be the first time. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Merlin's Apprentice Steve

      Merlin found out the hard way that he couldn't have his apprentice just through children. No matter how many times the immortal wizard would travel worlds and reincarnate himself he just couldn't find a life where he had kids that had the magical talent he wanted. No Merlin Jr. that had the innate power to compare. Some powerful people in his lineage but not the perfect one.
       So he the stubborn old fart finally gave up and used his magic powers to scout out me in my world. The O, great powerful, Steve of Nevada! He took me in from my orphanage. I thought “hey wizard Dad, cool!” may as well right? Though the old man also thought that he could get me to change my name to one of those arcane wizard names. Ha, ha no. I'm not going around being called Yuti or whatever the heck those wizard names are. I also won't wear those robes.
       Of course there are things I will do for my Dad. Like pay attention to his magic lessons. I mean, sure I learn some cool stuff that I can show off to my friends sometimes. Though really showing off to your friends can make you look like an arrogant jerk, after awhile. (Yeah, I can use magic in my world openly, I come from a lot crazier world than yours we got superheroes and everything! Traveled to yours with Dad. Your. Earth. Is. Boring. Dad needs to show me a cool world next time we travel.)Sure he teaches me cool magic but I also learn a lot of boring magic. He taught me magic to make grass grow. I watched grass grow to see if it was working.
         Dad's nicer than you would think if you avoid his “immortal wizard's wrath” and the whole “turns you into a toad” thing. Once you get on his good side he does tons of things for you with his magic. He pretends that he's doing it to demonstrate his magical powers for all the “inferior peoples” but really he's a nicer guy than he implies.
        Anyway, Dad's going to help me with my science fair project now. He hates helping with any of my science homework. Of course he hates science in general. Crazy old wizard.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheSuperWizardSurvey

“I forgot.”
Data, Star Trek*

Went to my writers club. It was fun. Also: Potato, now you know the meaning of life. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Super Wizard Survey

The following survey was conducted of 1000 Level VIII Super Wizards. A larger sample size was desired by the surveyors but wizards of this power level are really, really hard to find.

#1 In general what brand of wand do you prefer?

#3:Of these four what kind of magic do you practice most often(based on spells cast per day?)
D:Mundane(As in preparing food for you or taking care of labor)90%

#4:Which of the following animals would you choose as your magical familiar if these were the only four available?
D:Duckbilled Platypus/70%

#5Of the following elements, which is your favorite?

#6:Of the following items in your home, which would you miss the most(skip if you don't have all the following items)
A:Magic Mirror/0%
B:Magic Cauldron/0%
C:Golem Slave/0%

#7:What kind of dragon do you prefer?
A:The classy kind./10%
B:The strong kind./40%
C:The cute kind./30%
D:The beautiful kind./10/%

#8:Of the color robes accepted in the Upper Wizards society which to do you prefer?

#9: Of the following popular Wizarding texts, which do you read the most often, or if you do not read any of them, which seems the most appealing to you?
A:Merlin Monthly/30%
B:Wizarding Sports/30%
C:Magical Secrets of the Universe/10%
D:Cutest Enchanted Animals/30%

#10: Aharg, yufhak, luughhi, asdfiiii, joooook. Of the following what would you deem the most appropriate counterspell?
A:Agafiahh, asdfasfhh/15%
B:Yuadsfhhi, guuiasdfi/25%
C:Uiiiihasgagi, yooookasdfaf/30%
D: Afajfkjalkjf, sdfafasdfiuuyuu/30%

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today's flash fiction #MurderMysterySolutionSyndrome

“Not the brightest bulb in the box.”
Thomas Edison*

      Dug down to the Earth's core then kept digging and came out the other side of the planet. Bought some souvenirs and came back. Huh. Didn't think that would work.

Murder Mystery Solution Syndrome

        It's driving me mad! I can never figure out who did it when I watch these murder mysteries! And I'm an avid watcher. Maddie the Mystery Lover they even call me! But this time I know I'll guess it! I know I will! There are only three suspects left after all. Only three suspects the police are considering in the mansion. The rich old husband, his trophy wife and their son. The victim: The judge in the divorce trail. I ran through the episode in my head over and over as the minutes to the climax rolled by. As the end of the episode approached. I went through all the motives and all the evidence. I even went through all the genre trends. Trying to put myself into the writer's shoes. I was going to figure out who did it this time. Victory was going to be mine. I put the pieces together. It had to be the trophy wife. The divorce wasn't going in her favor. And when my favorite detective revealed who did it it was someone that me or the police didn't expect. It was Abbot the butler.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's Flash Fiction #CyborgsByTheRollOfTheDice

“We did a bang-up job.”
The Three Stooges*

      Working on the stuff for thanksgiving time and something I'm critiquing for my creative writing club. The work is very impressive. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Cyborgs by the Roll of the Dice

      Note: This flash fiction is different than my others because it has a factor of randomness to it when I wrote it. The length in words of each sentence in the story was determined by the roll of two die. (Example: If one came up with a 2 and the other with a 4 I would have to write a 6 word sentence for that line.) I never re-rolled a single sentence.

Cyborgs attacked.
They had been enslaved and hated for too long.
Part machine and part human they worked each day.
The ones who benefited from them hated them.
All for being strange, twisted creatures.
They decided they would get their revenge for their generations of suffering.
The war was quick and brutal with total cyborg victory.
Enslaving humans felt just.
The humans entertained the cyborgs.
Their labor useless.
After many, many attempts humans rebelled successfully with luck.
The cyborgs were destroyed with the risky weapon the humans rebelled with.
Humans later replaced cyborgs with nanobot workers.

      Author Comment: This was actually more difficult than you might think. Pretty hard actually at points. Sometimes I thought. “If only I was allowed one more word!” (Or one less!) The restrictions made things difficult but fun.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheHeroAndTheUltimateBattle

“Honor thy father and mother.”

      The premise for the short story for the Asimov magazine has been a bit hard to perfect so I'm going to write some extra flash fictions. Several of these will be spares for the blog during Thanksgiving time when family comes so I don't have to write while they're here then some more will be launched to the publishers. 
Saw a another doctor today. I like him. It's good to see another doctor for another opinion on my condition. Still having seizures after all. Seeing my current doctor later this week.
      Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Hero And The Ultimate Battle

       The stage had been set for the ultimate battle. Lighting struck all around. People ran in fear. They avoided the center of the city where the superheroes fought the mighty villain Lord Zauyiz the monster alien lord from another dimension. A supervillain so powerful and evil that it would take an army to take him down. That's what made it an ultimate battle. A ultra-mega battle that could change someone's entire outlook on life if they were to experience it.
       And I was not one of the heroes in that ultimate battle.
       I was regulated to fighting off the soldiers of Lord Zauyiz. Yup. The minions. The mooks. The masked men. I have superpowers! I should be fighting the mega-bad guy! Not these stooges! Ugh! My super strength is wasted here. Back here fighting the minions I can't even see what Lord Zauyiz looks like! I can hear the explosions. Why can't I have the chance to run away from any explosions. I've been fighting crooks my entire superhero career. I finally get invited to join a big league team and they regulate me to minion fighting. I guess this must have been their plan for me all along.
      Oh, wow a portal to another universe. That must be Lord Zauyiz's power to bend time and space. He's probably summoning some awesome avatar of doom. And I won't get the chance to fight it. I'm stuck here punching mooks. And now I see the weather dynamically changing and I see lasers and blasts of magic. That's the other heroes powers. So much other stuff that's too awesome to describe and I'm only seeing the bits of it I can see coming out of reflections in the building windows from the center of the city. Really I got nothing of the real show. I'm not part of any of the action. I'm missing 99% of it here. Crud.
     But then again I just saved an old lady and a baby from an evil minion. So I guess that's nice.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheKingdomsAndTheirNumbers

“Pull my finger.”
Miss Manners*

I worked on writing while my parents did something far more dastardly...they ORDERED APPLIANCES!!!
The world as we know it may end.
We already replaced old betsy(the microwave) and now the refrigerator will be going to...
Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Kingdoms and Their Numbers

      There were several kingdoms named by the number of their relationships in a great war.
      The first kingdom was conquered by the second kingdom. The second kingdom divided the first kingdom into two one part to give to its ally the third kingdom. But a revolution came and all the kingdoms came together into one fourth kingdom under a single crown. A fifth kingdom came from the far north and conquered the fourth kingdom making a new sixth kingdom from those two combined. A seventh even larger one came and ate up those two like a cat would eat a mouse. Then an eighth did the same. Then internal revolution inside these lands made ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth kingdoms thereafter.
      But after the twelfth kingdom they stopped numbering kingdoms. Because then they had to start numbering the democracies.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheSculptorsPinocchio

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”
Colonel Sanders*

        I came up with an interesting idea today, but first I have to tell you where it came from for it to make sense to you. I was watching a video on the Internet about scientists who had taken music and graphed it to points. (y'know x and y and all that math stuff) They made shapes, some music made recognizable shapes like circles or more complicated stuff. (Classical and modern stuff apparently. I haven't looked at all the examples but the shapes aren't crazy gobedly-gook that doesn't make sense) Here's one of the videos I watched
        Anyway they can translate shapes into music and music into shapes apparently. And the idea I came up with was “What if we make a device for blind people where they hold a scanner that reads objects then translates them into music?” It would be an echolocation device. It would pretty much look like the blind person is holding a scanner and an mp3 player. Not sure if they've thought of doing this yet but I think I'll email the people who made this music-geometry translation stuff to see if they can use this to help blind people. I wonder if anybody thought of this before I did. I tried to google if anybody did but I couldn't find anything.

The Sculptor's Pinocchio

      Geppetto got Pinocchio and Jennifer got Daniel. But Jennifer was a sculptor who made a living statue instead of a living puppet like Pinocchio. Daniel didn't want to be a real boy like the living puppet Pinocchio. He wanted a brother. A statue's instincts made it not want to be alone. The statues that are abandoned are the ones that are alone and out of galleries so Daniel out of his natural needs wanted a brother.
      So Jennifer made a brother and prayed to whatever force gave Daniel life to give the brother life too. Her wish is granted and a brother is had. But instincts are instincts and now both Daniel and brother want more siblings. When Jennifer made another body for a sister for the two boys the being that gave life to Daniel would have ignored just Jennifer but all three of them were praying for life for the sister. The mysterious force gave life to the sister too. The sister wanted a sibling too.
      The family expanded and expanded as the being always took pity on them when they begged for their family to grow. Though the fellow people in the village started to find it strange when Jennifer decided to make herself a bigger and bigger home so spontaneously. And she used to sell so many pieces! Now she hoarded them.
      One sculptor named John grew angry when he noticed some clay missing. He thought that Jennifer had grown so compulsive that she couldn't afford to buy supplies. She stole his. He looked outside and even saw someone running off in the distance to her house, which looked more like a barn, with incredible speed. He barged into Jennifer's home.
      “My God.” He looked at the house to see it filled with the statue children. “This is what she's been making? And all the stolen clothes and toys around town...”
       “A guest!” They all shouted. “We've never had a guest!”
      “There are hundreds of them.” John tried to count them but the children practically stacked on top of each other and climbed on the cabinets and Jennifer had apparently added a basement that they were pouring out of.
      “Come here!” The children shouted. “You can stay for dinner!” The children started to climb on him and drag him into the house.
       “No! I just wanted my clay back!” John tried to fight them off. “Let me go!”
One of the statue children smiled at them. It was one of the ones dragging his left leg. “You mean the clay Daniel stole to make our next brother? Maybe we can name him after you!”
       “That wouldn't work though,” Daniel said as he stood on the kitchen table and the other children dragged John into the room. “Unless we want the brother named John Jr. I wanted John to be our new Dad. He's a sculptor just like Mom so we can have more and maybe even better brother and sisters made!”
John was lifted up high by the children as they cheered. And at the end of the cheer the children all the froze in place. The being that gave them life couldn't let that happen to John and feared what would happen when both John and Jennifer died.
       When Jennifer returned home from getting food for herself to see the frozen children and John held up high she dropped to the ground crying.
       “You monster. You did this to them didn't you?” While Jennifer cried over her statue children faraway in another place Pinocchio had just become a real boy seconds before.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheWizardsPresses

“You're the sunshine of my life.”

      Worked on my short story today as well as going to my school club. Cuz of club cramped for time so onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Presses
      The newspapers of the magical lands stopped their presses to add the newest breaking news. Merlin had died. Just like that. In a duel with a wizard far weaker than him. The wizard said it was all luck and said that a spell from Merlin misfired. The interviews for that wizard were intense. But quick. Just enough to get content for the front page for the next morning.
      The news shocked the wizards of the world. Except for one. Merlin. It didn't take more than the promise of fame and a few gold coins and magical artificacts as payment to get the young wizard to play a part. A part that let Merlin slip away to another world without any of his enemies from this one chasing him. A powerful wizard gets lots of enemies. Wizards, kings, queens, demons, magical beings of all kinds. It takes much less effort to go on vacation if everyone thinks your dead.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's flash fiction #TheGameOfTheDeepOne

“I'm just singing in the rain.”

Kept working on my story as expected. Also went to my writers club meeting. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Game Of The Deep One

        One day Cthulhu, the powerful elder god, purchased a video game. He liked it a lot. Like a lot, a lot. So he decided to buy more video games. He totally got into gaming. Like he knew all the trivia and stuff even. And one day after realizing his true love of video games he decided to make his own.
        He gathered the other Deep Ones to help him come up with the game concept. The concept would be unspeakable without driving one mad(if one could find a way to sufficient explain it any human language) and to write it down would merely cause the same effect and make an invitation for any poor soul to read it to suffer the same madness as the person who transcribed the game concept. Only the Elder Gods and other mighty beings could comprehend the game concept and keep their minds in form.
        So woe to the programmers that Cthulhu hired to program the game for him. When they signed up to work for him they thought their boss was just using some sort of fantasy company name. But unfortunately the poor souls were wrong and in the end their mind was twisted when they met their boss and saw his True Form and learned of his game concept when he pitched it to them. But the pay was good.
        No game console in existence could handle his game. He had to use his powers to craft one. The console had to twist the space around it to make colors and sounds that didn't exist before his game concept to express the game in full form. The factories that managed the console's and game's production had to be placed inside a sealed pocket universe as the power released by production would have destroyed our universe if let unrestrained.
      And so after production Cthulhu's game was released. Critics still reviewed it after playing it even though they had gone mad from doing so. Some liked it. But those who gave it bad reviews promptly had their souls devoured by Cthulhu.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's flash fiction #EchoesOfTheMightyDragonKing

“Seek and ye shall find.”

Worked on my short story as planned. Time short so onto the flash fiction!

Echoes of The Mighty Dragon King

        As a rooster would call in the coming of morning the Dragon King would call in the coming of the great darkness. When he called his echoes would create a wave of dark magic that spread a darkness across all the lands. The darkness that spread across the land and made a great blight that made rivers run dry and harvests low. Where people had to ration their food and live their lives with weak bodies and their spirits remained strong only because of the instincts of survival or the fact they were the last ones standing.
      But after several generations when the fairy children would sing their echoes would create a wave of light magic that brought wonderful harvests and prosperity across the lands.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's flash fiction 2+2=Story

“Now how does that make you feel?”

Well today I've been working on one short story (and well the story for the blog). It's going to be on the longer side so I'm going to be working on it longer than the things I've done the past couple of days.
Anyway onto the flash fiction!