Friday, December 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Death For All

 “Refinance your home today!”
The Big Bad Wolf* #quote

CJ and/or Jessica will be coming over tomorrow so that'll be radtastic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Death For All

          Arnold Jones fished at the lake as he did every Sunday he could for the past seventy years. As he let his fishing line into the water he did not see a Grim Reaper in its long black cloak walk up behind him. Many kinds of the skeletal cloaked creatures would bring souls to the after-life. They would appear before the ones who pass and guide them. The transition between the plane of the living and dead is not a simple one.
         Arnold didn't look at the Grim Reaper as it stood next to him. A tug on the line, a big one! Arnold pulled and pulled. His focus fully on the fish. He pulled and pulled and with all the might in his old muscles. The fish soared out of the water and onto Arnold's lap. The thing flopped and gasped. Arnold quickly dashed over to a cutting board with the fish and chopped its head off.
         The moment the guide waited for passed. The Grim Reaper guided the fish's soul to the afterlife.

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