Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Sir Exilan And His Adventures

“I don't know what you mean.”
Noah Webster* #quote

Today I went to a doctor appointment with the surgeon who will be operating on me to replace the battery in the device that stimulates a nerve in my body to help with my epilepsy. Welp, it'll probably be much less difficult than the molar removal and the installation of the device so I'm not too worried. I wonder if you can get like punch out coupons for surgeries like you do takeout places. I'm having enough of them.

Sir Exilan And His Adventures

          Sir Exilan slayed demons, dragons and saved lands all over from many disasters. He saw sights all over from lakes to mountains to sights normal people could never see by stepping through magic doors. It would take several heavy tomes to barely record a small fraction of his adventures.
         “Do I have anything to live for anymore now that I've seen it all? Have I drained all excitement from life just by having done the most dangerous and seeing the most spectacular. I don't think anything could make life interesting anymore,” the knight said to a bartender on evening.
         The bartender looked at the empty seat next to Sir Exilan. “Have you found love?” He asked him.
        Sir Exilan stood up, smiled and put down the payment for his drink. “There's still one more adventure I have yet to go on!”

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