Monday, December 12, 2016

Today's #flashfiction I'll Have A Movie With Everything On It

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”
Mr. T* #quote

Jenga is probably one of the hardest games to play on top of a moving train.

I'll Have A Movie With Everything On It

         An ambitious movie producer dismissed the phrase “You can't please everyone.” and decided he would fund a movie that would everything he could fit in it. Like an over-stuffed burger he delivered it to world. Audiences were blown away. The following climax from that movie is when some even claimed their heart stopped.
         “No, I am your mother!” the communist, spy, supervillainess revealed while surrounded by her dragon minions and members of her baseball team.
         The hero yelled back, “That's impossible! I grew up in Victorian England and was brought here by a temporal anomaly.”
         The villainess laughed. “But those are all false memories. Implanted by the ghoul of the haunted ruins your father excavated all those years ago.”
         “The ghoul that caused the viral outbreak?”
         “Yes, that now works with me.”
         The hero grew enraged and pulled out his nun-chucks. “If you worked with the ghoul that means you are partly responsible for killing my father. I will get my revenge on you, then get the ghoul!”
         The supervillainess smiled as a large rumble shook the foundation of the racetrack they stood on. “Shouldn't you be more worried about that girlfriend and best friend of yours?” The hero looked over to see the source of the quake. The giant city-wrecking ape-lizard monster Primalscales held his love interest and best friend in hand as it rampaged.
         The hero stood silent for a moment. Then utilized channeled the great spiritual power he obtained from his long walkabout where he met the many sages of different cultures all across in the only way he knew how. Through the sheer might of his song and dance.
         The world erupted as in dazzle as his musical number started. His powers flowed through song, his voice, salsa, waltz and whatever steps he did made rainbows and explosions fill the air. More and more magic came to the racetrack. Vortexes opened bringing warriors to assist, other dazzling magical effects and backup dancers. The movies soundtrack flipped between twenty genres of music at least. The actors talent kept up with the action.
        Not only was the beast the defeated, but the supervillainess as well.

        In the end the movie sold absurd amount of tickets, but its budget was so high it was a massive flop. Another movie like it would never be produced.  

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