Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Elves VS Fairies

 “Plan ahead.”
MacGyver* #quote

In today's news, a blog posts a story for people to read. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Elves VS Fairies

           “Christmas is but a few days away. I expect joy enchantments on all the toys, dolls, game consoles, action figures...cover everything!” The elf manager yelled at his underlings. “And I swear Jerry if you don't enchant your batch of collectibles because 'they're not real toys' I'm firing you. You know what? We could all get fired!” The elf manager couldn't hold back his panic any longer.
           “You mean the rumors are true?” one elf worker said. “Santa is considering the fairies's offer?”
            The elves stopped moving, something they rarely did when they were on the clock in distorted space-time inside a store. The janitor stood in place and magic allowed the air in the pocket of the store they were in to move to keep the elves breathing but the rest of reality at bay. They spent time in store enchanting toys with joy to keep Christmas a most joyful holiday. Other beings handled other holidays but the elves didn't need to worry about them for their paycheck.
           “Yes, the faries's have swayed Mr. Claus. His decision is going to be based on our performance this Christmas. He didn't tell us so we wouldn't work harder just to impress him. Speaking of which, get to work or we're all out of a job!” The manager's task force went to work and the manager did the small work too. Productivity had to be maximum to beat the fairy methods.
            Santa Claus cared for his elf workers over the many, many years their people fell under his employment. The immortal man of mysterious cheery magic took care of them well. However he cared for one thing much more than any elf. He cared about Christmas. In the modern days he enchanted presents with joy instead of delivering them since people bought things themselves now, and if anyone could do that better then the elves would be dismissed.
            Fairies did not do their work themselves. They were creatures even smaller than the elves and not nearly as hardy. So they use machines. A fairy stopped time just as an elf would and rode into a store with a massive tank-like thing with many arms. It would then spray dust over toys that would be purchased or it would go into households and spray them there. Smaller models of these devices would scour smaller places and behind them all and behind it a second device would use magic to remove evidence of the machine's presence there.
           Santa organized it so that the fairies did half of this year's Christmas presents and the other half went to the elves. Santa usually spent the actual day of Christmas in observation. In an attempt to keep the elves unaware of it, he tried to convince half that each of them were on vacation, but not telling other groups of them. Compartmentalization! It didn't work, and the elves worked their hardest.
            Mr. Claus made his evaluation and told the fairy king personally.
           “King Sparkles, you covered all the toys in a quarter the time of my elves. But your accuracy was exceptionally questionable.” Santa Claus poured over the data in the same way as his Naughty and Nice list. “You covered toys that you shouldn't have, and even the pets of some people. I simply cannot have this much magic wasted.”
            King Sparkles held back a smile and spoke very humbly. The clever king always knew how to cut deals. “Well, Christmas joy needs to be brought the best it can. Perhaps the accuracy of the elves is needed and my people's machines can”

           Santa Claus agreed and purchased the machine's for the elves, as King Sparkles intended all along. He didn't want his people working Christmas labor, but he wanted to sell his machines. Now he just needed to speak with the ghouls of Halloween.

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