Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Twice Upon A Time

“I like a room with a view.”
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If you ever feel like your life is becoming full of darkness, change the light bulb. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Twice Upon A Time

          Twice a upon a time a kingdom went to war. Each time the other kingdom they fought invaded to raid them for wealth. Each of these times the kingdom fought a the same enemy. Twice upon these times blood was shed.
          But once upon these times the kingdom won, while once upon these times the kingdom failed. The first war was waged by a father, the second by his son. The son learned from his father's mistakes, learned his foes weakness, and decided to make a treaty for peace instead of leaving the kingdoms in tension for his descendant to fight.
          So the kingdoms never waged war upon another time.

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