Saturday, June 27, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Aching

“Let me slip into something more comfortable.”
Tony Stark* #quote

Unfortunately CJ had to cancel his hanging out today. It may or may not have been because he had to save the world from an alien invasion that the government is covering up to avoid global panic.


       I ache from my insides out. Each owner took care of my bones more sloppily than the last. My paneling stretched, my cement cracked, my bricks are shifted out of place. When cars drive by its hard to face them with broken windows and a door with peeling paint. The flowers in grounds on the property I live look beautiful and grow with wonderful youth. But after one hundred and fifty years of wear people refuse to even live inside of me. Just in case I collapse on their heads.
      On a hot summer day a large yellow creature moved onto the property. It held a massive ball in its hand and a human rode on its back. Several other yellow creatures came. I saw my current owner talking with a man in a suit.
     “It'll be nice to be rid of that ugly old house and weed infested field,” he said with a smile. “And I'll be sure to visit your store when it's done.”
      The yellow creatures started to attack me, tearing down my walls. Since the humans rode them they must be like the horses an old owner of mine had one hundred years ago, but used for getting rid of relics like me. The pain continued as they broke me apart room by room, my whole body folding inwards. At least, I think, after all this ends I'll no longer ache.

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