Friday, June 19, 2015

Today's #flashfictions Ghost In The Mind

“Make love, not war.”
Sun Tzu* #quote

People have different ways of doing things, some people say tomato while other people say tomato. Wait, that tomato thing doesn't come across in text very well. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ghost In The Mind

         The human I haunted passed on so I'm stuck as a homeless ghost. Despite popular belief we ghosts don't occupy places, but people themselves. To be completely specific their minds. We come out during the blank moments of the mind. The split-second moments, or long trailing drones of time between trains of thought. Whenever someone doesn't occupy their mind with thoughts we occupy it with our control. We get our little moments of pouring through the echoes of emotions from the previous moment and worm our way through whatever memories or sensory experiences we can.
Unfortunately though whenever the person hits their next thought we get sealed back away. Always a bummer I say.
       Oh! Looks like nobody is haunting you! It's my lucky day...think small thoughts for me will ya?

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