Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Seed Gallery

“Violence is never the answer.”
Genghis Khan* #quote

Today I invited Jessica to come over this weekend, and Cj should be coming over this weekend too so hurrahs all around. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Seed Gallery

        “I bet twenty seed on the Gallop High Goats,” said Talon Southernfeathers with confidence.
        “You must have not watched any of their past games. I'm putting fifty seed on the Timber High Deers. I plan to eat good to tonight,” Beak Sharpeyed scratched his name-sign and bet number in the language of the pigeons on the top of the bleachers where the humans couldn't reach and all the pigeons stood. Other pigeons followed with their bets.
         The birds watched the game closely, gripping their footing tightly in fear or excitement as the human children played their game of football. Birds love to gamble and since no bird could rig human games they used them as a means for it. The rich birds bet thousands of seed on games.
         The Gallop High Goats pulled into the lead. The birds who bet on the strong Timber High Deers wondered how. But then they noticed the new player. They'd been stupid. They didn't fly around and research any changes in the teams. One of the most tactical parts of gambling of betting on human sports involved flying around humans to study them and find out who was the best.
         Beak Sharpeyed became worried, far more worried than any of the other birds. Even the birds that bet far more than him on the Timber High Deers. The game ended and it came time for him to pay his seed to the winners of the bet. However when asked he simply didn't have the seed, unlike the other ones who bet.
        Talon Southernfeathers along with the other pigeons glared at him. Southernfeathers then said, “You know what happens to crook birds who try to bet with no seed right?” Beak Sharpeyed tried to run but the other pigeons ran him down. They pecked and pecked at him until he could barely move. “Now let's see if you can crawl back to your nest without a cat finding you.” The birds went back to the bleachers to split up the bet seed to the winners then scattered to their nests, leaving Beak to fend for himself.

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