Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Announcer

“I feel empty inside.”
Casper* #quote

Today I read my own my own mind. I'd like a sequel someday. Or a prequel. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Announcer

       One man's fist slammed into the other's head. Hard. An intense blow that the crowd felt in their own mind's. I announced the strike in my usual rousing voice. I pulled the emotion of the moment further upward with my commentary on that moment and others. They paid me good money too for that match and others. People considered me a sage of boxing, the wrinkles on my olive skin and white hair showing the many, many years I'd been doing the job.
       But I didn't care for the game anymore. Even if someone managed to fell unconscious with a massive black eye I didn't care. I'd seen it enough. My experience allowed me to fake any of the emotions I needed to give the crowd. But while I shouted a declaration of the drama in ring my mind remained apathetic and usually wandered.
      The match continued and one man just stopped, fell, and started grabbing his chest. At my mouth worked on autopilot while I though about what I'd pack for the fishing trip during my upcoming vacation. I learned later more of the details, because while my co-host reacted with panic and a demand for medical assistance when the boxer had this heart attack, I just announced in event in my usual excited tone I did for all the events in the ring. The attack was treated like a decisive punch.
       I lost my job because of my reaction, but even when confronted by people about my commentary I still didn't feel empathy for the boxer. Still my bank accounts were full enough from my previous work to fund myself being fired so it didn't matter. However while on my fishing trips I realized this must have happened because I faked my emotions so much I must have distanced myself from them.         I remembered my co-commentator who still had emotions when the boxer fell to the ground as I reeled in the fish. A few emotions remained in me, like weariness, and I wondered if maybe I should have watched my life more closely and hung onto my feelings more tightly.
But at this point I didn't feel enough to decide either way.

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