Sunday, November 6, 2016

Today's #flashfiction All Those Who Profit

“Words are meaningless”
Noah Webster* #quote

Sometimes people ask if you're ready to rumble. But personally I think most people are just ready to fumble. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

All Those Who Profit

         Thousands were fed because of that one moment. They all gathered around for the feast, feeding in different places, feeding themselves and their children. So many profited from that moment. But one did not profit by feeding, but caused the feast for the others.

         The provider of the feast was a human and he dumped a corpse in the woods for the thousands of bugs and plants to eat. The provider benefited from the death of the man, his own father. Profited from inheritance of his vast fortune. That's what the bugs profited from the inheritance of his body. Both profiting parities were consumers, but one much more disgusting than all the others.

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