Friday, November 11, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Wizard's Morning Paper

“Rise to the occasion.”
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My tooth removal has been delayed a day. I had milk with breakfast and apparently I can't have anything like that before the operation so tomorrow must to have a minimalist breakfast(bread and water) along with skipping lunch so that there's nothing in my stomach for the anesthesia to work properly. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Morning Paper

          Danar the Wise opened up his newspaper. He was a wizard known for both his incredible magical powers. But also he was a wizard known for his incredibly poor eyesight so he had to wear massive glasses that pressed against cheeks. He read the paper the same he read his magic scrolls, carefully and slowly, with a sort of precision that fit surgery. He always skipped the front page article and went directly to the tiny little article tucked right under it. He couldn't remember where he picked up that habit. It had been ingrained in his dusty old brain for too long.

World Record: 14 Dragons Born in one Litter

          The wizard read the title of the article shocked at first. But as he read on he grew angry.
          “Those idiots!” he roared, “They didn't do their research. The world record is fifteen.” he remembered Xanna the Red Witch, just twenty years ago her dragon had fifteen dragons. He stormed around. He was furious at the sloppy research of this paper, not believing that a professional paper would goof up. He decided he would write them a letter scolding them. Then he thought of going there himself and saying it straight to their faces. He then decided that he would cast a curse on their editor, though Danar couldn't decide what kind of curse was justified for such a mistake.
        Then Danar remembered that Xanna's dragon didn't have fifteen dragons, it had thirteen dragons. They were right, fourteen was a world record. He laughed, sat down and continued reading.

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