Sunday, November 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Lesson In Value

 “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
The Energizer Bunny* #quote

Do you know why computers always eat a lot at buffets? Because they have so many bytes! That one's a Langdon original. No need for applause. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Lesson In Value

          “Daddy, why is gold so expensive?” A child asked his father with that curious expression that children are both famous and infamous for.
           The father looked at his son, and after a brief moment of thought, and gave him the simplest answer he could think of. “Gold is rare. Things that are rarer are more valuable because there is less of it around.”
          “Okay, I think I get it.”
          A few hours later the child held up to his father a sock that he glued various objects onto, including paper clips, and those little silly, wiggly, plastic eyes. Staples along with tape was also on the sock. Various items covered the messy thing.
         “I'll take one million dollars for my Dodadthingie!” the child told his father with a smile.
           “What?” His father asked, perplexed.
           “You told me that things are more expensive the rarer they are. There is only one Dodadthingie in the world. So it should be worth lots of money!”

            The father sighed. “Okay, maybe I didn't explain it properly...”

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