Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Technological Age

“Let's go out for a bite.”
Mike Tyson* #quote

I'm well enough to write something in my blog. My teeth are still recovering, but at least I am not currently on fire. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Technological Age

         “Grampa, I found something funny in your closet!”
         “What is it?”
         “It's a box.”
         “Yes. There are boxes in my closet.”
         “But it's a really tiny box.”
         “There are tiny boxes in my closet.”
         “But this one started glowing.”
         “Glowing wha-. Oh, my the thing still has juice in it? Well I don't believe it.”
         “What has juice. I don't see any juice in this box. I can't open up this glowing box.”
         “Oh! That's my cellphone from when I was your age. I thought I lost it for good and it's a miracle it still has power.”
         “What's a cellphone?”

          “A cellphone is what people used to talk to each other before we invented mind-phones. They're kind of similar. That's why the name is alike.”
          The Grandpa didn't want to admit it, but explaining what a cellphone was to his grandchild made him feel really, really old.

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