Saturday, November 26, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Penny For Your Thoughts

 “Treasure every moment.”
Captain Blackbeard* #quote

Hope all of you who went shopping on Black Friday survived with minimal line lag. (The name I devised for the jet lag like sensation experience created by waiting in line for absurd amounts of time.) Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Penny For Your Thoughts

           Robots, when they obtained artificial intelligence, became a massive economic force. However their minds lacked several things humans had. Robots could follow deductive reasoning and project results of events. But imagination and things like dreams were beyond them. At least inventing these things on their own. They could absorb this data into their brains. And besides power and repairs experiences from the human imagination and experience were what robots desired.
          Since robots worked harder and faster than humans many humans sold their thoughts for money. If they couldn't invent things they watched television so that robots could download their experiences from humans. When a robot watches TV with just its cameras it just sees the images. But if it downloads the human experience it gets it. They envy humans for being able to create emotions on such a more complex scale than them. If someone's thoughts are particularly engaging their wages could be high. A penny for a complete train of thought was standard. But an epiphany, an emotional burst, or something similar could fetch even more. Each person experiences things differently and in order to keep the economy running the powers that be made sure that thoughts couldn't be shared back and forth so easily. Copyright for experiences and thoughts. Particularly powerful experiences were auctioned. People with reputations for interesting lives charged more, though in general people at tried to set their own prices and work their way to establishing a reputation to how engaging their thoughts are to the robot public.

         What price would you put on your thoughts?

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