Friday, September 25, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Art Appreciation

“Safety first!”
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       I went to my game club at the school. Seeing the school makes me hope that I can get the doctor to fill out the paperwork to allow me to return to school with a lower credit amount to be a full-time student. Unfortunately that takes awhile, since, well anything dealing with any organization takes awhile since I'm dealing with the bureaucracies of the school and doctor's office combined. For now I still go to the school clubs as a student on medical leave. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Art Appreciation

         Young spider Stanley Stevenson took pride in his artwork. His extravagant webs that spanned between the trees. So wonderful in their form and pattern they glistened in the sunlight and bobbed in the wind. Each pair of twigs became a canvas and he spent his days making work after work.
          However critics of his art tended not to last long. When they tried to admire Stanley's webs they fell into them and Stanley took a bite or two or three out of everyone that landed on a canvas. Some though did manage to ruin Stanley's day when before he ate them they managed to point out a flaw in the work they fell in.

          “The pattern here is totally tacky and backwards.” Those were the defiant last words of a fly. Stanley cried for a week.

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