Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Immortality Privileges

 “Treat women with respect.”
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        You should always do what's right, right? The opposite of right is wrong, which you shouldn't do. Ergo you really should avoid going left since obviously that isn't the right path in life. If you go the left way, you're not going the right way so shame on you. Though go thrice left in total and you can find redemption and be on the right path again. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Immortality Privileges

          Immortality granted me many, many privileges. I learned to game the system and change my identity in the first few hundred years. Through thousands, upon thousands of years I've been many, many different people in all levels of society. So I've had all the privileges I've wanted. If you want to give me a name call me Quinn. It's the one I have right now. All the years to gather the information I need to get what I want. All the time I need to learn what I want. A new science pops up I've got the time to learn it. A few times I've learned from the famous scientists and other thinkers in the history books, and other times I've been them.
        Eternal life gave me the ability to commit crimes as I see fit, death doesn't bother me and I outlive whoever imprisons me. Whenever I die I appear else where in a new adult body. I often do that whenever my makeup can no longer make believable aging to those around me or I don't want to change myself normally. I'll admit I've done many bad things, and many people I've befriended and loved passed before me. But overtime immortality gave me the privilege of becoming immune to regret and missing people, like how someone gets used to any kind of pain and become desensitized.
       One privilege that immortality bestowed upon me that people should be most envious of is a true belief in humanity. People may say they have faith in humanity, but their feeling can only be drawn from speculation. I've seen humanity keep improving slowly over time, clawing it's way towards a better world. It stumbles backwards and lurches forwards again, but overall, through the lifetime I've experienced I have the privilege of knowing for a fact, from personal experience, that there is progress.

       The only difference in the matter becomes who's part of it.

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