Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Vorgynic Vacation

 “Finders keepers!”
Waldo* #quote

I started playing a new game with my brother called Heroes of the Storm. It is most amusing, and I hope my skill builds quickly. It is team based game with five players per team so cooperation is key and so is the desire to pull one's own weight. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Vorgynic Vacation

        Jvivyi the Vorgyn let the loved the feeling of concrete on his ooze. He let some of his slime body seep into it to get a good feeling for it. The Vorgyns moved liked wobbling beanbag chairs and their slime body was filled with a massive web of bones and muscles floating and pulling inside of it. Once people got used to the strange sight people found Jvivyi and other Vorgyns cute since they spoke with a cute, high pitched voice while wobbling and they moved so dynamically. They didn't “creep” around like monsters. Jvivyi looked around with many eyes inside his oozing bodies, another feature people have to get used to before appreciating the lovably cute nature of the Vorgyns and appreciated his surroundings.
          It was his first time at an Earth shopping mall. He slipped around while appreciating the sights. On his home planet they built things vastly differently. The Vorgyns stacked everything tight since they could squeeze into places. The Vorgyns also slid along liquids or could chose to immerse themselves inside of them so many things were artificial waterfalls inside of caves. Artiecture was so different here. Wonderful, amazing. Wide open. He bobbed and weaved around, something his people usually did in open spaces. The endearing quality they enjoyed. He took in the smells through his ooze.
         He then left the mall. The place on Earth he'd chosen to take vacation was Las Vegas. So much wonderful sensations all around him. Jvivyi just moved throughout the strip. He saw lots of vacationers like him. They didn't have many gambling locations on his planets so Vegas was popular. Like many Vorgyn he carried his possessions in a box. He entered a casino, and ordered a drink.
        “Ordering the drink, that's the last thing he remembers?” The police chief asked the officer that brought Jvivyi later, after he crashed a car through a pawn shop while wearing a sombrero with his ooze full of various condiments.
         “Yes Sir.”

          The police chief sighed, “Another drunk Vorgyn. We need to pass a law or something.” The chief knew that Vorgyns were more sensitive to alcohol than humans. But Jvivyi may have as well. He could have been lying as well and have done something worse. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  

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