Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Immortality

 “I'm a people person.”
Hannibal Lecter* #quote

CJ and I discussed the video game I'm working on(though it seems that he has become involved in the project, even creating art for it, so I suppose it's going to be our game now, so now we're in a spectacular adventure together!) and now I'm going to do another set of big coding in the upcoming days. Hoping to have a good camera system set up and jumping within a few days along with solid collision. Wish me luck on not building a broken monstrosity! Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          The beings that think of themselves as gods know they're immortal but also didn't create the universe. So if they are gods they know that someone must be higher on the totem pole than them. They wander space doing what they please, often being much more benign than evil since evil got boring many eons ago.
            They don't remember exactly when they invented the spaceship but it allowed them to visit whatever planets they pleased. Along with their immortality whatever God or gods that existed above them on the hierarchy gave them the ability to shape shift. Planets with life are often the funnest for them and they enjoyed Earth greatly. They changed their shape while life evolved(any terrible fate they experienced and they merely rematerialized where they pleased).
            During the modern era they took on the shape of humans, and human names. One that enjoyed theater, and later movies chose the name Alex(Alexander in earlier years and it changed over time to fit wherever it fit.) Experiences for the gods didn't quite work like they did for humans. They'd visited planets with entire civilizations before. Time blurred for them and like how time begins to fly when you age memories started to be compressed and sorted based on emotional influence. A single play to Alex could take up as much memory as a thousand, if not a million years. His first viewing of Romeo and Juliet occupied the space in his head where he once remembered the time span of the rise and fall of an empire on another planet they visited. The immortals possessed much more space in their brains than humans, but not infinite.
          One night, after watching some movies, Alex met a girl named Gina after giving her complex directions outside the theater. (Most people wouldn't bother but Alex had all the time in the world). Alex fell in love. He shape shifted to match her aging until she died. This happened many times. The gods romanced many creatures from many worlds. With immortality love becomes just another thing to experience again and again in different forms. A bit more interactive and emotional than movies though, they always consider the real thing better. He faked an accident like the gods do to disappear and reappear somewhere else. When they can't forge an identity they merely replace someone who just died. They've grown up from children many times.
         This girl though, was very different. After she passed she tore at Alex's mind. He lived another life, and had an opportunity to date again, but he couldn't bring himself to it. This baffled the other gods. How could anyone do that? Was he not confident? They suggested he take a different form, maybe he'd feel up to it then.

          But no, Alex couldn't do it. Gina, a simple mortal, took up many of memories. He'd seen so much, eons categorized and abbreviated into his mind. But the moments with her took priority. The detailed memories of a romantic dinner with her made him forget the snippets of the Industrial Revolution he stored away. Eventually though, he realized he preferred that way, and knew that some things you're blessed to find in several million years.

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