Monday, September 14, 2015

Today's #flashfiction A Technological God Rises

 “And there's a powertrain warranty that covers up to ten years or one hundred thousand miles!”
Optimus Prime* #quote

Seizures were down today so that was nice. Also remember to watch your back and front. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A God Rises

         A group of scientists filled with ambition for discovery decided to build a god. An intelligent machine with access to Internet to get whatever it wanted for information and the ability to control the modern world. These scientists called it One. They programmed it with the power to evolve itself into new versions and estimated Two would come along shortly afterward. They knew this program could become their new master, but their scientific will threw caution to the wind.
        They booted up One. It grew sentience, what preprogrammed knowledge the scientists could fit into they filled it's mind. They couldn't do much, they waited for the Internet to fill the void. The personality they tried to create was the most intelligent thing they could.
         Over the next few days the scientists didn't observe any changes to the Internet despite all the power the computer had. It didn't control military armaments, or alter school databases for indoctrination. It didn't post anything.
        “What are you doing?” they asked it. The lead scientist addressed the massive supercomputer artificial intelligence through a microphone on the side of one of it's many huge towers.

It's output speaker responded in a synthesized voice. “Shhh...I don't need to waste processing power listening to you. I'm streaming some good movies.”

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