Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Elf And The Scientists

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Today I coded the game some more. I've got our stand-in(before a final character design is decided) moving with momentum! Yay! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Elf And The Scientists

        “And this artifact, when the proper magical words are uttered in the Lost Tongue, will give the holder dreams of where they live the life of a wolf.” Belun the Elf said while giving the lead scientist of the International Magic Research team an incredibly old wolf's tooth.
       “Another excellent item, we'll take this to the lab. Hopefully we'll get as much data as we did from the last one.” The lead scientist smiled and left. Belun protected his people for another week. When the humans breached realities and came upon Belun's world they believed that the world had magic when Belun learned their language within an week. In fact he was merely born with that incredible ability and his people selected him to be a diplomat between the races of his own world and Earth because of it.
          Belun saw the military might of the humans, and knew that it would take years, if not decades for his people to be able to fight against them. Especially since the elves waged war occasionally with other intelligent species on their world. The humans demanded to know how he learned their language so quickly, and demanded the technology and methods or his brain.
          Belun then lied. He claimed it was magic. And that his whole world was magic. After reading a single human fantasy book that mentioned “elves”(he was curious why they kept calling him that) he saw an opportunity. He gave them a random rock that an artist he hired painted with “magical runes”.         He claimed it was expensive, rare and only worked with the person it was attuned with and that the wizard who made it for him died years ago. After explaining away why it wouldn't work for anything else the humans still took it for analysis to “unlock its secrets”.
        They found "results", unprovable results, but hypothesis after hypothesis came from what they discovered from shadows or white noise in the output of their machines. Their excitement for discovery and perhaps desire to be famous made them find results. Belun struck a deal. He'd keep giving the humans magical artifacts, and they'd keep out of his world.

        And so he's been giving them fake items ever since, making up elaborate tale after elaborate tale with strange justifications and mysteries for the scientists to dig into for months or even years. Humanity's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, even for what isn't there, saved the elves.  

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