Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Two Kennys

 “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.”
Captain Kirk* #quote

It'd never be a pirate's life for me. I'm not very fond of scurvy. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Two Kennys

        Kenny Nookly suffered from and was blessed by a strange, improbable happening. Nookly shared a name with and looked very much like another man named Kenny. They weren't twins, but the resemblance was so close it may as well have been. These two Kennys shared the same ragged black hair, angry looking green eyes and happy smile. But for Nookly the angry look was unintentional, but with the other it was very real. With Nookly the smile was genuine but with the other it served to show the moments when he schemed something psychopathic.
         One unfortunate night walk Nookly got mixed up with this Kenny and the police arrested him, mistaking him for the other. Without fingerprints on record and them eager to get the criminal Kenny put away they shoved him into prison hoping that his enemies would take care of him.
         But the criminal's reputation protected Nookly. Everyone in the prison feared him. The criminal Kenny killed for multiple criminal families and left a trail of blood wherever he went. The fear of him didn't make Nookly feel like a king of some underworld, but like a monster where everyone moved away from him because they feared he would kill him with some swift move for a laugh.

         However, Nookly suffered and was blessed by the improbably happening of being mistaken for the crook. The odd circumstance came about because the criminal Kenny was hit by a car miles away in a hit and run and the body stashed away. When the police discovered it and unearthed footage showing the hit and run on a lonely, hardly checked street-cam Nookly was released. He wrote a book about his experiences and made oodles of money. He still has recurring dreams of those days of when he was considered a psychopathic criminal in jail and the scum of the Earth feared him. The dreams scare him the most if after he wakes up they didn't feel like a nightmare.

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