Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Fairy's Mischief

 “Be a good neighbor.”
Dick Dastardly* #quote

There are times in life that you should stand your ground and fight. And there are times when you should get to the chopper. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Fairy's Mischief

       “Okay, you know what you have to do, break into the Smith's house, take Mr. Smith's keys and tuck them away into the couch.” Jessica the fairy said while her wings sparkled.
        “B-but, they're nice people, and their cat sleeps on the couch. And the cat's really mean. I don't like cats.” Sapphire responded. She was another fairy but with much prettier wings and a cuter face. Though she would never admit it Jessica envied Sapphire.
         “One 'kitten incident' and you won't get near a cat huh?” Samantha, another fairy, and the tallest out of the three(towering at an inch) said, “Remember what our guardian fairy said, every fairy has to deal with animals while accomplishing their duties. Kitten incidents are not uncommon, especially with kids like us. Get over it. I had a kitten incident too remember. Little fuzzkins down over at the Fugersons, but you don't see me whining about it.”
          “Get over it? You wet your bed last night!” Jessica laughed.
          “Shut up!” Samantha snarled. “Point is me and Jessica have both done our Mischief to show we aren't just wimpy goody goody fairies and are willing to get bad. Jessica here spilled a recyclable garbage can all over someones driveway and I mixed up someones colored and white clothes. See, we showed we could be bad faeries. We don't always have to help sick people or bring good fortune to the unfortunate, we can also live on the edge, be rebels. Or are you too chicken?”
           “I'm not chicken! I can be a rebel! I can be a bad fairy! I can hide some keys in a couch whether or not there's some stupid cat!” Sapphire said while her wings and legs trembled.
          “Then what are you waiting for?” Jessica smiled.
Sapphire flew to the house away from her longtime friends. They had been friends since their wings had sprouted, which is as far back as they could remember. Faeries attempting Mischief was expected. Truly the question was what and when.
           The Smith's house was very plain, with a simple design. Almost like something out of a 1950s advertisement, though its paint was fresh and new. Sapphire passed through the window's glass. If you could see through it, a fairy could pass through it. Same rules apply to thinks like liquids. However this is why faeries fear the dark above all else, they could get trapped somewhere very easily.
           She also needed to be extraordinarily careful not to be seen. She would have a tough time explaining to her guardian fairy the reason she had used up some fairy dust. She couldn't tell her that she had been out doing Mischief and needed to use the fairy dust for that. Sapphire immediately ducked to the floor. Mr. Smith was watching television in his favorite chair. He like any other civilized human had clocked out from the rest of the world. Sapphire bolted to the kitchen counter and grabbed the keys then flew to the couch. The cat was fast asleep.
         But as she was crawling along the couch she caught the smell of it. The smell of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. She turned her head around to see Mrs. Smith pulling them out of the oven. No, no, no, no, no, she though over and over again. She was almost there. In moments she could put in the keys in between the cushions. But the smell. Mrs. Smith had baked her favorite kind of cookies. It was almost like she had known. Like Mrs. Smith had baked the cookies just to make sure that she couldn't hide the keys. Sapphire started to fly away from the couch, keys still in hand towards the cookies. She had to have just a taste. She figured if she was careful, she could slip in and grab a bite. But they were still hot. She debate if her fairy mouth could handle it. Then she realized that no matter how stealthy she was she was still holding the keys. Ah! The original mission! How to steal the cookies distracted her. Stealing? She shuddered. Hiding keys was one thing but now she was thinking of stealing? She was going to do Mischief to show she could be a tough, rebellious fairy but stealing cookies was way too hardcore for her. She had get out of there before she became some sort of super criminal delinquent fairy! Sapphire flew faster than she ever had before, returning the keys to their original place, then passing through the window rushing into her friend's arms crying.
         “What happened!?” Jessica yelled.
          “I couldn't do it! I tried to do it, but Mrs. Smith, and the smell tempted me, then I thought of stealing, I mean doing one bad thing, but, but, if I stayed,” Sapphire cried harder and harder, “I could have become a terrible person, maybe even one of those crazy serial killers you see on television that cuts people's wings off. I don't want to become evil and cut people's wings off!”
          “I'm sorry, but did their cat hit you on the head or something?” Samantha was concerned for her friend. “You know what, we'll find you an easier Mischief next time.”
           “Next time?” a stern voice bellowed from behind.
           “G-guardian fairy Annabelle! What a pleasure!” Samantha smiled with fear.
           “Y-yes, what a lovely surprise.” Jessica added.
           “Now do you understand what Mischief can do to you?” the guardian fairy glared at them. Some guardian faeries would yell at the fairy children they watched over. She just glared.
           “Yes.” they all said together.
           “Good. But still you must be punished for doing Mischief. As soon as we get home you are all grounded for a month.”

           “What!? No flying? For an entire MONTH!?” all three of the fairy children yelled together.  

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