Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Rise Of The Rabbits

“Right over left, left over right makes a knot both tidy and tight.”
Alexander the Great* #quote

If there's an eclipse on a Sunday, is it only partially a Sunday? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Rise Of The Rabbits

         “What has science done!?” The mayor screamed while the rabbits took him from his home. Overlord Fastfoot wore a crown of cardboard the rabbits crafted. The military wanted to engineer super intelligent animals for war, but the only animals it worked on were rabbits, though they started with rats as they usually do. The rabbits bit and tortured the mayor to show their power and began making demands. Police managed to stop the rabbits but more attacks continued since multiple Overlords existed. The rabbit government advanced and became more militarized to keep demanding land and food from humans. The virus that gave rabbits intelligence spread among their populations around the world and it became massively expensive and difficult to fight the rabbits on all fronts.
         A new team of scientists, made partly from the team that created the rabbit intelligence virus, and also made from more scientists around the world started working on a solution. They created a new intelligence virus to spread to wolves, the predator of rabbits. They figured that creating advanced wolves could easily hunt the rabbit menace.

        “What could possibly go wrong?” The leader of the team of scientists said to the United Nations as the agreed to release the new virus.

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