Sunday, September 20, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Magnificent Hand

“Would you like to phone a friend?”
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Money makes the world go round. What if the world was actually flat? Would money then make the world go flat? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Magnificent Hand

         Adrenaline and wealth make for a powerful combination, and these two pleasures fed the The Magnificent Hand's soul. He didn't remember where he came up with the name, but The Magnificent Hand was the name he left signed in red ink on little paper cards at every robbery. When they could never stop his thought to be impossible break-ins they tried to identify the handwriting or trace the money and things stolen. The Magnificent Hand wrote differently for the signature on his calling card and hid everything well. In his mundane identity he put fake data in the system through job applications so evidence at the scene wouldn't be matched to him. He hacked cameras and did tricks that didn't even exist in the book. He was impossible to stop.
         Except for boredom. Eventually he became wealthy enough that the treasure didn't appeal to him so only the adrenaline of the chase. He joined security firms and began helping them develop advanced security systems he thought impossible to break. He then proved himself wrong and beat one after the other. He beat every impossibility he set out in front of him.
        Eventually though it wasn't one the fact that one of his systems was too clever for him or some brilliant detective tracked him down. One night on one of his attempts a janitor forgot to swipe his security card and tripped the alarms by accident. The Magnificent Hand heard the sounds and knew something didn't make sense. Knew he didn't make a mistake. Nonetheless the janitor did trip the alarms. At his trial The Magnificent Hand learned this.

        He never learned that he actually did make a mistake. Sometimes the universe just decides that you should fail. No plan is foolproof and something can always, always go wrong.

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