Sunday, September 13, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Fancy Food

 “They're okay.”
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Today I challenged the system. Currently the system and I stand 12-10 on our chess matches with me in the lead. Looks like I'm beating the system. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Fancy Food

         Mr. Snootyson, an extremely wealthy man belonging to a family of high prestige demanded the chef surprise them with his greatest dish. Chef Von Increediblu would certainly oblige. He would reveal his surprise meal to Snootyson and a single taste would show that every gray hair on Von Increediblu's head meant a year of experience.
         Then the oven busted and burnt everything about ten minutes before reveal time. A hundred different curse words went through Increedibu's head. He'd worked in countries all around the world and in the workplace the first thing you picked up was curse words whenever someone drops something important in the kitchen.
         And this situation deserved every curse. Snootyson represented the highest of the high class diners and could spoil his whole years of reputation. If he told the man he burnt his food, that'd make him lose respect from him and soon everyone when the story spread. He needed something. Fast. Chef Von Increediblu frantically dashed around the kitchen. Nothing can be made quick into a full meal. Would he be forced to make a salad?
        Then when he opened the fridge he saw his own dinner. A large microwavable meal. The Chef didn't care, he heated the thing up as fast as he could and scooped it all up onto the fanciest plate he could. He placed all the decorative foods that fancy foods accompanied with normally. He dashed the plate with what spices he could.
        Nervously he walked out to Mr. Snootyson and presented the meal to him, placing the meal delicately while he revealed it. He left, going back to the kitchen afraid. He sweat the entire time while Snootyson ate. When Snootyson finished and called him out Chef Von Increediblu wiped the sweat from his head and approached with a nervous step in his walk.

        “This is the best meal I've ever had,” Snootyson told him.   

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