Monday, August 31, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Anti-Genie

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
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I searched “bulldozer” on the Internet but there was nothing about sleeping animals anywhere! How strange. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Anti-Genie

        “Wait what?” Barry thought he stumbled on good fortune, but something didn't quite fit right when the mythical being in front of him said its first words after emerging from the lamp.
        “Yes, you have one of someone else's wishes. I am an anti-genie. You can fulfill someone else's desires.”
        Barry thought for a second then pointed his finger in the air like a genius proclaiming “Eureka!” He spoke to a genie with a smile. “Then I'll just grant the wish of someone who desires something I want. My wife wishes for both of us to be happy. We'll live a wonderful life.”
        The genie shrugged. He found the fact that the man jumped so quickly to conclusions must have been why he jumped so quickly to finish his wardrobe. Surely not all mortals wore wrinkled clothes like he did when shopping for antiques like his lamp in this era. He was summoned a year ago and that master chose to dress well. “Master, you desire those things. You cannot grant that person's wish.”
        Barry's plans to get anything from the genie fell apart. After thinking of getting his wife and himself a wonderful he thought of maybe getting something like world peace but apparently that didn't work either. How could he get anything done?
       “How does anyone even wish on you?” Barry asked. “Even if they're trying to get rid of you, picking a wish to get rid of you makes that a wish they want.”
        The genie responded, “No, if getting rid of me is what you want than that is the desire, not granting whatever it is.”
       “I assume you're invisible to other people and will follow me around until I get rid of you?”
        Barry felt pressured. He tended to look at people around him and he knew he'd look crazy if he watched over his shoulder at the floating genie. He needed to come up with something fast. He thought of things he didn't want that other people would. People wouldn't wish minor inconveniences on him. Like he wouldn't want his coffee to be cold but neither would anyone else. He had to think of something fast. His wife was coming home. Why did his hobby have to be collecting antiques?
         Barry came up with something. It'd probably bring pain to many people, and joy to several others. But it'd be something he didn't desire. He wished an indie band his daughter liked(that most people, including himself, found extremely dreadful) into extreme popularity and success. It was the only thing he could think of in such short notice.

         So if you ever wonder why something is popular that by all reason shouldn't be, it's the result of someone offloading their anti-genie wish. It's the most “harmless” way to do it.

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