Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today's #flashfiction #Clowns

 “To be or not to be, that is the question.”
Alex Trebek* #quote

Krakkauaj jakkaj hooiiii! As you can see I'm fluent in Gibberish. Isn't it great to be bilingual?


         Some people hold the image of us clowns using our makeup to cover some distorted visage of ourselves. We do that in a way. We walk among the creatures of the night and use our makeup to disguise ourselves. I'd say while being a clown my soul has been tainted into a shell of its former self from my acts of violence. However it is not because we clowns are the undead, hiding sharp teeth and claws to mangle the living. No, it is because we are the ones that hunt and punish the undead. To wear the red nose is to protect our loved ones so that the monsters of evil do not hurt them.

        So do not be afraid of clowns, be afraid of what we protect you from. Now if you'll excuse me I must send Dracula back to his coffin once again.  

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