Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Karl's Prophesies

 “Talk is cheap.”
Alexander Graham Bell* #quote

Tomorrow Jessica is coming over so that'll be fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Karl's Prophesies

           A land of superstitious folk lived in peace surrounded by legends and tales. A clever, greedy man named Karl came along and saw this place as an opportunity. He chose to present himself to the people as a prophet and studied their folklore in their single library(using various excuses to present himself not as ignorant, even putting other books next to the ones he truly read) to make sure he could use the lore the land believed in to give his prophecies the weight they needed.
          Karl pretended to work as a messenger for Jelion, one of the land's deities(who had the most legends that could be twisted into something). He gained great wealth doing this, though hid it away to keep a humble looking demeanor and an appearance that he burned the offerings to the god like he claimed.

         On the day Karl decided he milked the villages of the little land for all they were worth he took the offerings he hoarded and loaded them in a cart and began to depart. Before he managed to reach the mountains that boarded the land he turned to stone then crumbled. Jelion, the god he pretended to work for became tired of giving Karl time to give up the charade and give back the offerings he stole from the villages. He gave his punishment, maybe too harsh, but gods didn't have prisons only curses and blessings. And Karl didn't see it coming.

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