Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Of Fiction And Self

 “Watch out!”
Big Ben* #quote

        I wonder why tinfoil hats work against alien influence. Maybe it's because they think it's such a dreadful fashion statement that anyone wearing them must have a demented mind that shouldn't be read? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Of Fiction And Self

        It's rough being a fictional character, maddening really. I know that my name, James, is a lie. To know that my dark amber skin is a lie, my nice black hair is a lie. Every time I've been called attractive or complimented for anything I've done is a lie. My whole life was, is and will always be hollow as a protagonist since everything is just manufactured meaning in a sham of an existence called a story.

      Then again maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you're the protagonist and your the one living in a story.

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