Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Open And Close

 “Brevity is the soul of wit.”
George R. R. Martin* #quote

Did lots and lots more coding on my game today. When hanging with CJ I discussed the game, and went through many concepts and I'm going from my first basic boot code and code planning to the full on programming. Programming is crazy I tell ya, it's like making reality except reality is made of bureaucracy, made up words, and math. So it's like a hardcore science fiction book where the author goes way too specific about their world and how it works.

Open And Close

        I'm a hard worker. Don't get much credit for it. Nobody says, “Hey Tim, good job today!” Tim's kinda a name I picked for myself. Nobody names doors. I think they should. I've heard so much about people I'd like to identify with them a little. It happens when you're a convenience store door. I keep opening and closing, doing my job whenever someone steps on the pad, and my reward is gossip, repairs and cleanings. I suppose a roof over my head too.
      I usually only get snippets of conversations. I don't really get anything complete. Even if there are frequent visitors I only get parts of completely different conversations for each time they go through me. So I make my stories by stringing bits and pieces I get from all the people into something complete. They usually go something like this:
    “James that wonderful, New York art appraiser, is coming over for Thanksgiving, if the next fiscal year gets any worse, it will be just sunshine and rainbows.”

     Maybe someday you should stand by a door and talk with someone, or just say a few words. I'd like a complete story and maybe seeing someone for less than an instant will make me feel less lonely.

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