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Today's #flashfiction The Fork In The Concrete

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Sometimes it's hammertime. When is it nailtime? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Fork In The Concrete

         At Coalhill Elementary there existed the legendary Fork In The Concrete. When the school was being constructed one of the workers dropped his fork into the concrete before it dried. The fork stood up from the concrete ever since the inception of the school, right on a little block of concrete between the classrooms and playground. Nobody tripped over the Fork since everyone knew where it was. It didn't rust, the construction worker brought his stainless silverware from home to eat his lunch but if he found out about his mistake he preferred to leave the fork there than tell his boss he made a mistake.
        Some people loved the Fork In the Concrete, and some hated it. The Principal, among many others considered the little thing a part of school history. The Vice Principal, hater of odd little blemishes and dirtiness thought of it like some kind of grime that never went away. A dent in the car that couldn't be buffed out.
        The Principal told the Vice Principal, “Sarah, if you touch that Fork you're never working in education again.”
        The Vice Principal set out to get rid of that Fork. The school had cameras outside where the Fork mocked her from ground. She'd be caught if she did it herself. She couldn't tell which teachers were on her side considering the Fork. If she asked the wrong one they'd tell the Principal. She'd be able to tell who liked the Fork but not who hated it. Same thing with the parents, and they'd be even less likely to want the Fork gone. That gave her one option. Sarah needed a student to pull a Fork from the Concrete.
       She'd need a big kid to take metal cutters to cut off the majority of the fork then take a electric sander to sand the rest. The Vice Principal considered the biggest deliquents at Coalhill Elementary for the job. They'd care about the Fork the least. Give them the equipment and a bribe and they'd do it. She pulled Kevin, the biggest lug over one day under the pretense of checking his bag. He'd been suspected of bringing contraband for his delinquent friends so often he considered it habit. (Mostly because they'd found it once before he got clever.) Sarah gave Kevin the tools and one hundred dollars one Thursday said to finish it by Monday.
Monday morning the Principal called her in.
       “Sarah, today a student gave me the tools you gave him and the fifty dollar bribe you gave him to get rid of the Fork over the weekend. I'd possibly forgive you going after the fork, I thought about what I said to you before and that the Fork might not be as important as someone's job. But involving a student when I told you no? What is wrong with you?” The Principal removed the doubts he had from his mind of firing her and making sure she didn't work again. Sarah first felt shock, then regret and shame for not figuring the delinquent would betray her. Then she realized that the delinquent kept half of the money she gave him. She knew trying to get a bribe back would make her sound ridiculous.

        The delinquent did really like the Fork too. It'd been there ever since he entered the school. He also liked money and disliked the Vice Principal so that's why he betrayed her as well. And so the legendary Fork In The Concrete continued to watch over the school for many years to come.  

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