Saturday, August 22, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Soda Wars

 “Why is it always in the last place you look?”
Waldo* #quote

          I've seen documentaries that tell me of animals that can see colors we can't. I wonder what those colors must be like and what it would be like to be able to see more colors. How would rainbows change, how would art? I won't know though unless some scientist makes a device that hooks into my brain to let me colors. Maybe some year I'll get more colors in my world for Christmas. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Soda Wars

           Dark Vendor walked through the soda-ship after the rebels in the front corridor had been subdued. He boarded the soda-ship easily since it floated through space with 7.5 ounce Diet engines. He wondered if they moved so slowly just to appear like a civilian ship instead of a warship. Either way his six-pack armada captured them.
           The rebels looked at Dark Vendor's long dark brown cape and aluminum-alloy armor and cowered. Some uncanny aura came from him, especially from the large tin can that covered his head with small eye holes. The can caused a deep echo when he spoke.
          “Rebels, you have opposed us for too long. Surrender now and I will spare your lives.” Dark Vendor raised his voice so that any rebels remaining in the ship would reveal themselves. Clearing the ship hall by hall would be difficult.
            In a quick moment several gunshots took out the guards around Dark Vendor and a young woman came out in combat gear. “Never! I am Princess Zuke Sulo”
            Dark Vendor laughed while he pulled out a small can of root-beer and opened it. From it exploded pressurized carbonation that then stayed in place spinning in the air like a blade, never falling to the ground. “You wasted your shots on those guards? I wield the power of the root beer side of The Beverage. Princess, such weapons pose no threat to me.”
           She shot a few more shots and with the powers of The Beverage Dark Vendor slowed down time and deflected the bullets while they flew through the air so that they bounced all around the walls and into the bodies of the rebels cowering on the ground.
           Dark Vendor then said to her, “Want to try again Princess?”
           The Princess almost dropped her weapons in disbelief. “I never believed in The Beverage before. But”
         Dark Vendor then told her, “I can teach you. You can join me and bring your royal family to glory and your entire lineage will follow the ways and learn obtain the power of root beer side of The Beverage.”
         “If The Beverage is real,” the Princess pointed her gun at Dark Vendor's helmet while speaking,          “Then the old bed time stories my tutor Sodi One told me could be true. Help me Sodi One.”
          She remembered the story her tutor told her about The Beverage where a hunter killed a monster made of carbonation by thinking of hope, happy memories, and focusing on a pure motive to shoot the monster.
         She did just as the tale commanded and shot the bullet. Out came a bullet that transformed into “mountain spring water” and it traveled through the air. The carbonation blade of Dark Vendor couldn't stop it and it changed course to go straight into his helmet and went straight into his lungs.

         While he began to drown from The Beverage bullet Dark Vendor gurgled, “I'm going flat...”

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