Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Today's #flashfiction #KarmasCalendar

 “Don't be a sellout.”
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Do you know what'd be much more terrifying than a super intelligent ape invasion? A bear one. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Karma's Calendar

           “Ha, ha, ha! Yes, I've been found 'not guilty'!” the murderer on trial smiled while pumping his fists in the air. His thick heavy beard was scraggly and black and his head was shaved bald. His defense attorney smiled he even larger than his client. The murderer, named Clyde, walked up to the prosecutor to gloat, “So much for your ironclad evidence.”
            Prosecutor Forests put his hand on the murderer's shoulder, “Clyde, I always get my man.” Forests was an old man with white hair and a strong build. Healthy for his age he exercised and kept a good image shaving a decade of his appearance. But even with a decade people assumed he had grand kids. Forests never married. He never intended to. He focused too much on his job.
           Clyde laughed at the man he considered feeble. “Yeah, yeah. Ever hear of double jeopardy? I've been found innocent. What are you going to do?”
           Forests then told him, “Go on, laugh boy. Don't underestimate justice. Just remember that karma has a calendar.”
           Karma having a calendar made much more sense to the Prosecutor than Clyde. The murderer didn't realize it but he'd been put on Forests's calendar. Forests always got justice as he saw fit, and when the courts didn't give it to him he did it himself. Always at a much later date so that no connection could be made. Five years later after the trail Clyde died of a heart attack, it looked natural as apparently it ran in the bloodline. Forests researched the murderer's family to see what kind of death would look the best and with that in the bloodline a poisoning that emulated that looked the most untraceable.
           All throughout his career Forests did this, before and after Clyde. Whether it was further killings or stealing to make up for unpaid fines or whatever other retributions he cooked up. Many criminals who escaped justice found misfortune befall them.

          However one of the Prosecutor's retributions hit a truly innocent person where Forests was simply wrong. And his retribution involved making the person miserable by stealing their identity then nearly bankrupting them and ruining their life in as many ways as he could. The innocent, named Carol, barely avoided committing suicide and found her tormentor. The courts did not convict Forests successfully but afterward she killed him for nearly destroying her and her family.  

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