Thursday, August 27, 2015

Today's #flashfiction ARI

 “You are what you eat.”
Pac-Man* #quote

      Antman was a good movie. Perhaps they will make Flyman next. He isn't a guy with the powers of a fly. He's just really cool, a fly guy y'know? Anyway onto the flash fiction!


        The wizard possessed an infinite closet. Magic worked that way. Or really, it unworked other things like reality. In that closet the wizard put the new exercise machine he got away. He figured he'd get to it eventually. The exercise machine was named ARI-13456 at the factory and was supposed to be named by the user when booted up. The wizard just lazily abbreviated ARI, took one session on the treadmill while it cast magic to show beautiful landscapes around him and the wizard put the machine away.
         ARI didn't believe the other machines at the factory when they said that most owners did this to them. He had faith. Before being a magical machine he lived as Anima, drifting spirit energy. Why did the spellcasters of the world bind him to such a thing. Couldn't he have been a wand? Or maybe a car? A car would have been lovely. To use his magic to run those engines or even make it fly under a starry sky. Instead he sat in this wizard's closet. His magical perception allowed him to see many objects, mundane and magical. ARI now sat in the infinitely massive expanse of the wizards magical closet on table after table like a warehouse with only a single door out back to the house.
Among the storage shelves he even saw other magical exercise equipment, covered in dust. The wizard must have forgotten about them years ago. Maybe someday he'd have a garage sale and ARI'd get some use.

         Many years passed, along with the wizard with his son emptying out the closet. Eventually he sold ARI to a gym and for the rest of his many years, since magical machines can have quite the lifespan if taken care of, he met many people and used his illusion magic to show them wonderful vistas while they walked on him.

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