Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Ghost Hounds

 “Stop being so touchy.”
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Tomorrow I'm heading out to see Antman with my bro so that'll be fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ghost Hounds

         On the Ghost Hounds TV show they investigated the paranormal, going from place to place gathering evidence. One particular gimmick separated them from other shows, they had someone who didn't believe in ghosts on their team. “Sam the Skeptic” they called him. The troop of ghost hunters started as high school buddies and they roped him in because he was media guy who loved cameras and needed to test out the thermal equipment he got. They did it again and again until it became a TV show. On the show he analyzed the evidence and served as a voice doubting it all, but all the others in the group went for the evidence. Overall the ghost lovers preferred having a skeptic since he validated the evidence, but they also liked how everyone else believed so that Sam the Skeptic didn't rule the room.
       Sam enjoyed spending time with his friends hunting ghosts, even though the viewers thought otherwise since he was the minority in opinion. But traveling and making good money doing it while working with the camera equipment he loved(assistants mostly carried the stuff while he did all the tinkering and analysis) made for a TV job that paid well. When the network suggested to boost views by faking evidence shocking Sam's friends Sam laughed and said, “Let's just get more sensitive equipment and find spookier places.” After that one closely guarded secret was that “Sam the Skeptic” chose where to hunt for ghosts. His friends trusted him to keep digging for them.
One time they set up cameras deep in the wilderness in an elaborate web in the trees like the trap of a spider. Every angle was covered with massive amounts of sensory equipment. They waited while footage poured in and walked on foot calling for ghosts since that helped make a good show and the troop wouldn't miss a tour through those spooky woods. Sam didn't go through those woods he watched the tapes then slept so he had energy to look over the tapes by himself.
        While his friends rested he viewed the tapes and a figure appeared on the tapes. Ethereal and clear. It looked straight at the camera. It looked like a ghost of the hiker.
      “Can you see me?” The hiker asked, a clear voice filling the audio of the recording.

        Sam thought about the discovery he made. He then thought about the ramifications. He then removed the footage and replaced it with a loop of footage that didn't show anything. His evidence was solid though and he had a chance of convincing the world he didn't fake it. But he preferred keeping his old life of being Sam the Skeptic. A life with good paying job where he traveled with his friends. He decided for the rest of his life he'd pretend it'd been a dream.

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