Friday, August 7, 2015

Today's #flashfiction George's Apartment

“I'm just singing in the rain.”
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Tomorrow I'm heading to a family gathering, and I bet it will be much fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

George's Apartment

        George lived in an interesting apartment. It was in a large, upper class complex and possessed large square footage. The place did come with a few inconveniences however When you entered the apartment it went straight to the balcony and when you came back from the balcony inside you ended up in the kitchen which had moody, living appliances. From the kitchen going back the way you came simply led to the kitchen from one of the other three doors in a loop, but the other two doors could lead outside the apartment or into a hallway that had doors leading to the bedroom, bathroom, a closet and an extra bedroom occupied by a dragon roommate that refused to leave.
        Cameras refused to work in the strange apartment making it impossible to photograph the phenomenon, but George didn't care about proving the oddity. When his friends and family asked the story behind the place and why he stays there he tells them.

          “The landlord tells me that a wizard used to live in the place and ruined the apartment by casting spells and bringing in a dragon that refuses to leave.” He would then shrug and say, “because it's so terrible in there she kept lowering the rent. And that's why I'm here. It's a bargain.”  

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