Sunday, August 2, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Clever Dusty

 “Does this taste funny to you?”
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I came up with an idea today. If I wanted to save on airfare, I could learn to jump really high and let the rotation of the Earth move wherever I wanted to go underneath me. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Clever Dusty

            The owners of Dusty the kitten named her after the poofiness and gray color of her fur. She dashed around the house, bouncing and jumping, but hardly knocking things over since thought about every movement carefully even in the fractions of a second she took to make them. The owners bought Dusty from the pound and she was the furthest thing from a purebred despite the monotone color of her coat. The strange mixture of her D.N.A. however gave her quite the incredible intellect.
From the various places she perched herself with her great leaps and bounds she listened and watched her owners. Though sometimes she just decided to get up close and get a few scratches and pets when she felt in the mood. She thought about what her owners did, deeply. The family that came over, the friends they invited over, everything the did. What the adults did to what the children did. Watching TV, parties, surfing the net, sports, reading, board games, video games. Dusty slept much less than other kittens. The family and their friends found it odd, but not too interesting.
          A few years passed by this point and Dusty became a cat, but maintained the same habits. One day the father of the family heard some scratches at the wall in the other room while he read to his daughter. He knew something was up with the cat, it normally watched them read. He dashed in there still holding the book he read to his daughter over and over while his daughter looked at him confused as he left.
         Dusty's claws worked deeper into the walls at she finished the the “u” at the end of “I love you.” She would have expressed what she'd learn earlier, but she didn't come up with the idea and only heard the words spoken, which she could not do, and written. And she couldn't write. Dusty would have the idea to use a keyboard in a week and a half, but until then the entire house became scratched up with her messages to her family.

        The owners thought of revealing her to world, but decided that if they proved she could do this then the government or someone might take her away. They loved her too much and so the media never learned of the clever cat Dusty.

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