Friday, August 26, 2016

Today's #flashfiction All For Fairness

 “Eat right and exercise.”
The Cookie Monster* #quote

Some advice people keep giving is to “get off your computer and read something”. Maybe it is good advice. Reading is good for ya. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

All For Fairness

          I'm finally satisfied with my chess games. My opponent is neither too easy or too hard. I play in my dad's laboratory while the assistant robot watches. I move the black pieces and a white pieces. I take both turns but still have no idea what my opponent will do.
          The assistant robot glared at me with his robot eyes. Dad always liked to make his robots able to express some sort of emotion, even superficially. “Your father would not approve of you using his equipment like this.”
           I smiled and said in unison with my opponent, “That's why I ordered you to never tell him.”
The opponent that sat across from me was myself from a month in the future. Enough time to forget the specifics of the game and which one of us won. I never liked how games had unequal opponents. And yourself from a short distance in the future was as equal as you could get. The art of chess was certainly a just cause for the use of my father's time machine.

          Oh, and if you're curious as to the outcome of that game, black won.

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