Monday, August 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Sole Survivor

“Rules were meant to be broken.”
Isaac Asimov* #quote

Some say a meteor killed the dinosaur. I say they could have eaten too much junk food. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Sole Survivor

          Around a thousand bodies filled the castle, each belonging to a powerful knight. One knight sat on a throne in the castle holding a sword. He knew he would never willingly let go of the sword. It was his ticket to immortality. A sword left behind by the gods he could feel stamina flowing through veins. He felt high on the eternal adrenaline it granted. Gray hairs he had vanished.
            Another knight came in and fought with him for that sword. He killed the knight. He wouldn't let the knight take his sword. He fought another knight that came in and killed that one. But the third one to arrive killed him and took the sword.
             A fair transaction. Originally he took the sword from another. All the thousand rotting bodies in the castle belonged to knights that fought over the blade and slew others to take it. The unfortunate conditions for eternal youth is that the holder may not leave the castle, share it, and it can only be taken by physical death. The sword transferred youth, but not true immortality. The bodies of all the previous holders being proof.

            The only real immortal, ageless, and invincible one in the castle was the sword. The average lifespan of someone holding the sword was just another year.  

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