Monday, August 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Bearilocks And The Three Campers

“Everyone is different.”
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Some telemarketers can be real phonies. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Bearilocks And The Three Campers

         Bearilocks strolled through the forest. She was a happy, hungry grizzly bear. And during her tromping around she found a camp. The family it belonged to was out fishing so she helped herself to it.
          She rummaged through the food.
          The chips were too salty.
          The chocolate was too sweet.
          The bacon was jussssttt right.
           And she saw the three tents belonging to the family. They looked much more comfy then a cave. The daughter's tent was too tiny. The father's tent was too large. The mother's tent was jusssttt right and Bearilocks went to sleep.
          The family came back from their fishing trip.
          “Mom, Dad, I think someone stole our food!”
           The father looked at the missing food and then his tent. “I think somebody went into my tent!”
           The daughter added, “Mine too!”
           The mother looked into hers and saw Bearilocks, “Grizzly bear! Get back in the car!”

And they drove off and never went camping again.

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