Saturday, August 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Wizard's Virus

“Clothes make the man.”
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If the world was flat do you think some people would be made fun of for thinking it was round? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Wizard's Virus

         “Aw, crud no.” The wizard banged his hand on his keyboard and then frantically clicked around with his mouse checking all his spell files. Text documents of magic words, pictures of runes, spreadsheets of magical creature species. He looked through his entire computer and almost all his data was ruined and hacked. Files missing and damaged. “What happened?”
         His Internet browser was still open from the night before. Looking at that he realized what happened. He downloaded pirated enchantment data for school. When he downloaded it he thought “What's one stolen spell gonna cost me?”. But apparently whoever uploaded the data for the enchantment file, hid a virus inside. All the magically formed programs and files loaded into the mystic gems in his hard drive(wizards favored gems over disks and other data storage means). All ruined. And maybe even stolen from him.
      A creepy voice then filled the room, “Youuuuu...I'veeeee comeee tooo tormmeennnttt youuuu forrr the ressssttt of yourrrr dayyyssss...” The wizard put his hand to head and moaned. He knew that was a ghost. The illegal enchantment he downloaded was not only a virus, but a curse, that gave him a new ghost haunting his computer. Maybe he should have just downloaded the enchantment legally.

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