Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Dark Fairy's Employment

The Dark Fairy's Employment

          My wings flicker as I sit in my cubicle writing. I look to the wall of my cubicle to see my name: Jerry Deathtwinkle, on my employee of the month award. I want to win it again. Next time it'll come with a pay raise and maybe I can afford a suitable wedding ring for my love Sally Doomglitter. Plus a good wedding in due time for the perfect dark fairy couple like us.
         The boss issued me to write a script for a six-year-old human girl. Seems he wanted me to really bring her fear of spiders up and gave me an order for a level 8 script. This left me ecstatic. Level 8 would let me unleash my imagination on the girl and I could really impress the boss.
         My script would begin with the girl playing normally in her house. But after a few moments of calm, just enough to keep her secure, the giant spiders would appear. They would chase her through her house and no matter how hard she ran she could never escape them. And she would keep running and I would change her home just a bit so it would loop forever and she would be too terrified to notice.
         Especially since the walls and ceiling would eventually turn into spiders. They wouldn't collapse so she would still be chased throughout the now spider house. Eventually she will find her parents and jump into their arms...but her parents will turn into spiders. The parents will collapse on top of her along with the entire building and all the other spiders. That's when the nightmare ends.

        Yes, my perfect nightmare script. I'll get a promotion for sure! And my future wife and I will have the most beautiful wedding. I can already imagine her magnificent ring and dress and the smile she'll get from having it all.  

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