Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Paint The Canvas

 “Springtime is in the air.”
Eddard Stark, Game Of Thrones* #quote

        Remember to eat your food and vegetables and other food too. I hear eating is good for you. At least most doctors tell you that eating food is better than not eating food. Oh, I heard water is good for you too. But water could be one of those fad diet things. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Paint the Canvas

         Take a blank canvas. Paint a picture showing happiness. Then love, sadness then war. All with smiles and tears all over. Color in the inevitably of death. Represent wealth, put gold and money in piles all over. Paint books surrounded by gods, deities and spirits of all kinds. Then create an image of a demon for every kind of fear behind them. And further behind them put a small white dot like a distant star for each kind of hope against them. Surround it all with the backdrop of a planet filled with some wondrous nature. Title the painting humanity put your brush down.    

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